A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. You still live well when you are single, but occasionally you think of those who have loved. Tomorrow is the polling day, you can not help but remember that you loved the land in Taiwan for the efforts of the men, until after the breakup you found that politics and love are always alike, in the time to vindicate, do not be afraid to say their own heart. (Recommended reading: Gender equity is not your collection tool!) 2016 presidential election absence of gender policy )

Tomorrow is the Taiwan election, and suddenly you think of a political fanatic boyfriend in college. Your impression of him, is that he often to the street for home, with his throat talking, a face dignified watch TV news, words do not say rushed out of the door, the next morning black eye bag appeared, carrying breakfast to you said to get up to eat together.

At that time, you naturally do not understand what he is arguing about, why to fight for the lives of others? Why is someone else's life more important than his own? You blame him for ignoring you, still think he says politics is like love, it's a lie.

Politics where love is like, you whisper, at that time you think the political chaos is very distant, in short, it is none of your business. You have to be alone and think you are wise.

Then you broke up because you didn't think he knew what love was.

After a few years of breaking up with him, you gradually understand that you do not understand love.

You know what he's excited about, because the student movement starts trying to get on the street, humming "The Island skylight" with your feet, and you can't stop tearing. Politics and love really like, we are the guardian of a relationship, with time clumsy to gamble better possible. You know he loved you as much as he loved the land without disguise.

All those days when you were treated as "someone else", now you're hurting. Politics and love are like, people can not stop tears, let a person from the bottom of the heart gentle, political and love is very similar, each statement is very precious.

"Sitting in the crowd, you and I are not afraid, will be afraid of how to do this, but the life to this night, more afraid of not vindicate the inner cry"

Tomorrow, what you say will go to the polls.