When the cold weather only want to Lu at home, the bully cold just go, this winter there are many need to Fashi nest home holiday. Lazy People 's knowledge, our childhood idol Winnie the Pooh early know, together to see his life truth, unhurriedly, slowly walk, always arrive. (Recommended reading: to hope the world slows you down!) No plug-in version of the 45 song moving more than the original music)

You like his round full belly, like him close to the Pyle of the silly, like his chicken always confirm others "good recently?" He is Winnie the Pooh, as long as he looked at his heart as if he was hugging the flesh of his body.

There is also a reason is that we want to live like him, satisfied with eating honey, fell asleep, and occasionally walk in the forest, meet the dear friends, some lovely story happened. Lotte, simple, considerate, greedy, let us from a small Xiangwei said, to create a happy Lulu life science.

Piggy: Hey, do you know how to do the word "love"? 」
Winnie the Pooh: "You don't need to put together love, just feel it." 」
How does you spell ' love '? ”
"You don ' t spell it...you feel it."

Promise me that you will always remember that you are braver than you know, that you are stronger than others see you, and that you are more intelligent than you know.
"Promise me ' ll always remember:you ' re braver than you believe,and stronger to than you seem,and smarter to you."

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The hardest is often to leave, let's learn to let go.
"The hardest part are what to leave behind, ... Its go! ”

Sometimes the smallest things make the most of the space in your heart.
"Sometimes,the smallest things take up the most room in your."

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If you live to be 100 years old, then I will live to 100 minus one day, so I don't have to lose you!
"If you are, I hope I live to is minus 1 day and so I never have to live without for you."

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If the person you are talking to is not listening, you have to be more patient because there may be fluff falling into his ear.
"If the person you are are talking to doesnt appear to is listening, be patient." It may simply is that the he has a small piece of the fluff in his ear. "

I am very short and fat, but I love myself very much!
"I ' m short and fat and proud of"! ”

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Have you ever stopped thinking too long and forgot to start again?
"Did you ever stop to, and forget to start again?" ”

The river knows the truth: Don't worry, we'll be there one day.
"Rivers know This:there is no hurry. We shall get there someday. "

Hey, don't worry, let's live a little bit more lazy. If you are not sure of your days, what are you arguing about? Learn Winnie the Pooh, and sometimes you should remember to soak in the honey jar and feel the sweetness of life.