A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Eason Chan's song, there is always a song is your Love . "Elimination", "Because of Love", "Love Transfer", "Ten years", every one, have to be injured people understand. (Recommended reading:2015 Popular song list: Life does not have to do, live to their own life )

That year, we listened to Eason Chan concert together. His "grandiose" is as good as a lie, so gorgeous, perfect, and even flawed, it feels natural. Is it also very much like the last days that we went to. (Extended reading: Living and learning is survival!) Exclusive interview with Eason Chan: I want my life to have a sense of frustration.

You have a play, just accompany me to finish the last few notes.

"You think I am pompous, exaggerated only because I am afraid." 」

Listen to Eason's song, can not avoid thinking of a person. He's rough and delicate, like you.

Exaggeration in Cantonese is the meaning of bragging. Like a bluff in love, like a man who is hysterical in love. We pretended to be intimate, lost our trust in the strangest tones, and ironed the wrinkled sheets. I am crazy crying not like myself, as naïve as possible requirements, please keep your footsteps, that appearance now want to still unbearable.

"Why can't we Be together?" "I threw away the last bit of useless dignity and wanted to know the answer when I was walking out of your door with a carton." You're not talking, just don't cross the bed. Now I know that the individual body, perhaps the greatest kindness. You do not love me, those answers, how to say is not complete.

It's not good to ask for it. After the breakup of the fifth Christmas, I sent a text message, a lifetime late to thank you. Your face book on demand Eason Chan "lonely Patient", I know in the emotion, you still so cussed. Maybe you think of me, maybe still alone. However, it is not important, we are the best time to stay in those songs.

Thank you, let me be a person who does not talk about pompous love.

This February, Eason Chan is coming to Taipei, I will meet Taipei on that night, but I will not meet you.