A single diary is a new unit for women, with 500 words written tempting's single mind. Cancer-like love, is falling in love with the other side of the breath want to stick together simple life. Write a song for cancer, Kiss your wayward, singing love you, we continue. Cancer, a constellation born for Love. (Recommended reading: cancer, Pisces, Scorpio with lazy comfort!) The annual Pantone color of the water sign )

Everything about you makes me maternal, I love you, you are my attachment home.

Friends say I only talk about feelings like cancer, "you put the most gentle moment, all stay in love." "In front of the person that likes is veiled shame shyness, looking at each other's eyebrow and brow is hidden gentleness, that is necessary." How else would you like to talk about it?

Cancer people are not keen to confess, love is not used to say the export, but it is to let each other in life feel. We secretly adhered to each other, and maintain the last bit of self-defense distance. For cancer, love is not easy, is the heart of the careful decision to struggle.

We always think far and far ahead, at least a year or two later. If it is just too short a game of love, then we would rather be strangers to each other.

Like a person, we will put ourselves in each other's palms, gently close our eyes, like a person, we more than usual to enjoy the care of each other, holding hands, to rub his palms, to cook for him, to invade his life more.

Like for cancer is very simple, I want to live with you for a long time together.

When you're lovelorn, it's like the end of the world for cancer. Cancer love, from the beginning has not considered the end. We will be in the heart sad for a long time, surface life function continue to operate, late to bed and early to work, go to school, weight silently dropped five kg. Walking on the road, will inexplicably suddenly want to cry, they think of all feel hysterical.

End a love relationship, for us, too close to death.

Cancer is the constellation of love, I would like to throw time for you, you are my time. This is in my mind, the most cancer-type love.

"A Song for cancer."

"Kiss your wayward, silly beautiful, eat your memories, suck your unhappiness."
It's My fantasy sings love you, we go on. 」