single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Once we all want to grow up quickly, to know the so-called a mature love . Then we stumbled through the embers of love, knowing that sometimes love requires more clumsiness and irrationality. Why love the same as adults? Just do it the way we know it. (Extended reading: The healing of love is to be inserted in the Book of paintings: The life is clumsy with you. )

Love like an adult, turns out to be the most childish thing.

Like adults love, to calculate, to the right and left to curry, to step by step alarming. On the table, we can not focus on the taste of each other, to know the other party's etiquette to not in place, to see his point of red wine is what year, pay attention to his behavior. Out of the restaurant, to evade himself want to see the idea of comedy movie, happened to walk into a bookstore, let him see you focus on the knowledge of the book side face.

All the way, he drove your boss to take you home, close the door that moment, to play.

Love like adults, to be enough to understand the overall situation, to believe that a stable man will not have bad relationship with his predecessor, to know that the workplace flirting is only his last resort.
Love like adults, to accept that we no longer naïve talk forever, to become a woman not easily weak, to quarrel after a handsome turn, staggered back home with high heels.

Being an adult is a real disadvantage.

In fact, we also just want to walk home slowly, cold days someone warm, sad someone understand, in time quietly, love. Love like that, the most mundane, boring and sophisticated version.

How miss, solemnly folded the stationery of the hands, crooked handwriting, that like, sincere over 99 useless roses.
How miss, a "good" can end the Cold War, no matter who pay how much, no one owes who.

In love, deliberately create the romantic and superior good luxury. We all love too sensibly, and this reason, in fact, is not called love.

Love to arrogant, to make public dance claws, to be a fool, fearless to say: Pain, will bruise, that is youth AH.