Shishun , author of the feminist and popular culture politics, and the sex Revolution Primary School church, which is hooked up with women, will start in the women's paradise! Previous Shishun had been in the column to crawl the Girls ' Revolution (review: Koemeng girl's birth , social girl's rebirth ) This time he wants to face you face-to-face from the 20 's "Modern Woman" (flapper) 's roaring legend about Cyborg's queer body! First, will start on March 6 ~ ~ (Latest update: 5/8 Day course deconstruction love : Love and gender theory will move to 6/5 classes)

This lecture takes 100 years of teenage girls ' revolutionary history to explore the roaring legends of the "Modern Woman" (flapper) in the 20 's bob, they cut their heads, put on their dresses, and flirt with men generously. In the 60, Helengrie Brown led the rebirth of "Cosmopolitan Dan" (Cosmopolitan) to create the first wave of single women.

In the 90 's, Jenny's generation of evil lust, rebellion to subvert the previous feminist doctrine of abstinence. Teenage girls look for the history of the body in the fashion of the fold, in the punk assembled in the young girl's identity, through the screen to create negative gaze through the romantic history to create negative fantasy. The girl Deconstruction The Love myth, seizes dares to expose the costume, initiates the failure esthetics.

In the end, young girls become cyborg (Cyborg), with human/machine-body of the sense of self, towards the future of queer body.

2014, Paris with "from the Desire city to the goddess card": 12 Lessons of pop culture and post-feminism "dismantling of gender politics in popular culture; this March, he will be" from modern women to cyborg: gender theory and cultural studies of 12 lessons ", to explore the history of the mass culture of the gender revolution.

Course Information

Date: 2016/3/6-5/29, every Sunday afternoon 14:00-16:00
Place: Women's Paradise Womany Wonderland (50th, two section, Daan District heping East Road, Taipei, near MRT Technology building station)
Lecturer: Shishun Paris Shih
Number: The minimum of 15 persons per class, the maximum number of 35 people. The person who has not reached 15 is cancelled.
Cost: Tan Dang 450 yuan, 12 Hall full report preferential price 4500 yuan.

Instructor Profile

Shishun Paris Shih

Taiwanese Taipei people. Graduated from the Institute of British Literature at the National Chengchi University. A year of exchange studies at William and Mary College in the United States, and a short study at the University of California, Berkeley, and Cambridge University. The research interests are Shakespeare, Jane Austen, gender theory, post feminism and popular culture. This paper is commonly used in the monthly report on cultural studies.

is now "woman fan womany" columnist , " pop culture College pop Culture Academy" editor-in-chief. "The evil female force: Post-feminist popular film Anatomy"/Baqi culture Gūsa, is now writing the second book, "Teenage Revolution."

Blog: post-female mirror sleepwalking

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"Weekly topic"

3/06 teenage girls ' evolutionary history: 100 Years of teenage revolution
3/13 Modern women: the first wave of less feminine revolution
3/20 the Dream girl: The second wave of less feminine revolution
3/27 Jenny Generation: The third wave of the less feminine revolution
4/03--Ching Ming even false--
4/10 putting on the revolution: fashion and gender revolution
4/17 Pink Noise: Punk and teen revolution
4/24 negative gaze: female gaze and viewing position
5/01 Lipstick Literature: Romance and female readers
5/08--Mother's Day suspension--
5/15 Dare to expose aesthetics: sex performance and dare to expose
5/22--Suspend class once--
5/29 Borg: Post-human feminism
6/5 Deconstruction of Love: Love and gender theory
6/12--Suspension of the Dragon Boat Festival-
6/19 Failure Aesthetics: Women and cool children fail