The gender mobility of transgender ethnic groups shows that the organizers have removed the crown of champion Jai Dara Latto with "no complete female life appearance". A gender-correct discussion, with a gentle loosening of sex.

The day before yesterday, the United Kingdom every year after the National Transsexual beauty contest, champion Jai Dara Latto was dismantled after the crown.

The 22-year-old Jai Dara latto last September to win the British Transsexual beauty contest (Miss Transgender UK). Six months later, Rachael Bailey, the host of the tournament, claimed to have seen Jai Dara Latto wearing boxers, arguing that Jai Dara Latto was not a transsexual, but a "gay man". The reason is that his mode of life is not "always living Like a Woman" (living full-time as a woman.).

The organizer cancels her qualification on the grounds that it is not a complete transgender person (nottransgender enough).

When transgender groups become exclusive clubs

"I firmly believe that I am a transsexual," Jai Dara Latto in response to the organizer. "jai also presented a doctor's verdict of" sexual unrest "[Note 1] proving that the Jia refers to the female psychological role in interacting with others. the organizer still Jai the mode of life of women, refused her to embark on the threshold of the transsexual queen.

"Transgender groups should not be exclusive clubs, and in transgender communities we are all posturing ." --Jai Dara latto
Being transgender is not some exclusive club. There are many of us in it and we are all different from one another.

Jai Dara Latto in the Telegraph asked: "Why do the organizers ask me to" live like a Woman "? Why would they force transgender people to live in women's stereotypes? "

Not only did Jai throw out the doubt, the publication of the former Caitlyn Jenner "for transgender women or transgender men, it would be better if they could play their gender roles more realistically," says the debate, which also causes "when transgender people become famous and who qualify as transgender people."

To live more like a woman is a woman, is Jai to the world's call, perhaps you can try to answer him: Woman, what is the appearance? (Extended reading: as a woman, we don't need to prove anything to the world. )

Jai Dara Latto

1."boxing" means not enough like a woman? "

Host Person Rachael Bailey that Jai's lifestyle violates the "one woman should have" and is more ironic in organising a "transsexual beauty contest" intended to correct the traditional gender imagination. This stereotype of women is governed by patriarchal "feminine" and "masculine" traits. Freud early confirmed that it is impossible for men and women to stay in the "safe zone" of gender traits, and psychology shows that people's feelings and behaviors follow the social situation, as is the nature of emotions.

It's not that we can't have these two-dollar statements, masculine and feminine traits are a reliable set of social tools that allow people to invest in the sex they aspire to. We need to maintain a stable sense of self to be able to settle down, but too dependent on the shape of the characteristics of the "gender evidence", nothing more than tease men and women of the two-yuan war, ignoring the spectral ends of the gender identity. (Extended reading: the real world beyond sex two yuan: embrace the difference to make the world more beautiful )

Escaping the entanglement of gender role, breaking the combination of "male-masculine trait-heterosexual" and "female-feminine trait-heterosexual", the remaining arrangement should not fall into the condemnation of "sissy, disgusting, abnormal, abnormal". So we can all be closer to the rich and diverse sex and erotic flow.

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2. What should transgender people look like?

Our world once scorned the phrase "like a woman", and now the discussion that is about to be opened is: when the word "like a woman" is well known, does not belong to the absolute gender identity block, does it belong to one's own position?

The third gender concept was presented by Walter Van Beirendonck in the autumn and winter fashion show in 1996. His design was "gender-neutral", and both men and women were allowed to wear sex-free costumes. This was the first time the fashion industry discussed the possibility of "two-dollar sex". We do not need to imitate men/women, all gender roles, can be stuffed into the same suit. Is there a third possibility that there is no black or white in the world? What we should create together is this thing. (Recommended reading: cross-sex women's Festival confession: We cross the gender, but not into the door of our in-laws )

When sex ambiguous "excessively chiropractor oversteps moment" body causes social anxiety, people inevitably try to confirm: "Are you a man or a woman?" Such assertions annihilate the ego of transgender people.

Third gender representation A person who is not considered to be a "male" or "female", either voluntarily or by social consensus . In 2014, the Supreme Court of India granted transgender people and the right to determine their gender across gender. Asian countries, including Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh, have also introduced policies to recognize the third sex in recent years. So for transgender people, they can live a more dignified life.

Don't try to define what a transsexual should look like, as we do not want to be held in a masculine/feminine scale and play with ourselves.

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3. Who is the most politically correct?

We're going to fight the system, not the difference between you and me.

Most of the time, we want to find a comfortable position for any "person", so we are anxious to find a way to "be identified" and expect them to embed the academic name under the definition. The dialectic that falls into the political correctness is the biggest resistance of affirmative action.

The object of our fight is not the difference, not the transgender, the man or the woman, but the system. What we need is not a society that only has a patriarchal gaze, nor is it the only mother-Power vision. the road that we face is not is the living thread of single thinking , but let all people not arbitrarily by some kind of innate superiority dominated and dwarf.

Feminism belongs to all people, it is not a woman's perspective on what we need the world, it is not a subversive conspiracy, is an attempt to examine the patriarchal inertia of thinking culture, with the physical collision, with the history of the hole, out of the way who can walk safely. (same field Gayon: who is the feminist of the big question: look forward to a flowering of gender studies )

Famous transsexual model Andrej Pejic (Photo source: Source )

From the Jai Dara Latto Not Enough "transgender" debate began to discuss, we yearn for a more friendly world of life, the desire to be able to own the comfort of the face. It is a kind of human-based, respect for various groups.

I hope that one day, grotesque anomalies become singular , all people can live by the essence, rather than follow the ideal myth of sex.

[Note 1] gender disorder: Gender Dysphoria, formerly known as Gender Identity disorder (Gender identity disorder,gid), is a psychiatric term defined by psychologists and physicians. A person is psychologically unable to identify with his or her innate gender (generally refers to the physical gender and the extension of the various labels), believe that they should belong to another gender.