Harper Lee, who wrote the story of Megan, died in 2/19, and her writings have brought about a major change in the world and a re-examination of justice and fairness. "Megan story" has become the criterion of later generations of social movement , always remember that integrity and goodness , to Harper lee! (Recommended reading: Marx, Leonardo da Vinci, Jane Austen!) Nine famous words to bring you closer to life.

Harper Lee, author of the Megan Story (and "Kill a Mockingbird"), left the world at 2/19, aged 89. The Pulitzer Prize, Library Magazine (Journal), which was awarded the book, was the best novel of the 20th century.

The role of fame has always weighed on her, never trying to take the eye of the limelight. Harper just quietly waiting for the butterfly's wings to vibrate, raising the world to discuss race and equality of the wind. She is considered one of the most mysterious writers in American literature and has almost refused to interview all the media since the publication of the book.

Harper may not be humble, but too afraid of the world's applause, so she would rather focus on the topic of the novel discussion. The Megan story deals with racial, caste and gender discrimination in the southern United States during the Great Depression of the 1930. In " Megan story " We resist innate superiority, not to class, identity, differences easily hurt people.

When it comes to understanding, we have to consult Haper first. Haper once said: You never know a person's situation thoroughly, unless you live in his perspective, unless you live in his body and see his life. (Younever really understand a person until you consider things form he point of view until to you climb to his Skin and walk around in it. )

"Megan Story" is the Enlightenment of many social movements, because the embrace of justice and goodness, we netizens the road of the novel, sacrifice a little private, abandon a little power, the world will be closer to the better. Race, class, sex cannot assert a person, so we must be in the information of the mixed tomb clear thinking, in the dark into the light. Haper in the affirmative movement to light a lamp, we also have to protect a spark in the rain. (Recommended reading: tough and gentle challenges sex Label: Babe Didrikson to write the history of women's sports with the body )

A book that collides with the system of the whole world. The family asked her why she stopped publishing her new book.

She said: "There was such a time, what else can be written?" 」

In this life, I can not help but think of Haper in the " Megan story " wrote: "Courage is, when you have not begun to know that you will lose, but you still have to do, and in any case to keep it to the end." 」