The 88th Academy Awards!: Great Sale, Spy Bridge, Love in Other Country, Danish Girl , Crazy Max: Anger Road , Jedi Rescue, Ghost Hunter, Not Exist Room , Explosion Spotlight.(Sibling: is the battle!Oscar for the film: Doing the right thing, never wrong )

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[Best Video] "Spotlight"

"This movie is a victim's voice, and Oscar has been making noise."We will be the choir and we will sing the song to the Vatican.Thank you for the Boston Globe journalists, and thank you for those who have done so."

This is a movie that leads to disappointment, angry, attempted change in a movie that is full of disappointment to the world.The film has exposed the scandal of the sexual abuse of children by Catholic priests in Boston, the world's most recent and authentic news."We spend a lot of time beating around in the dark, when the spotlight is on, all wrong stands are before us, we're going to blame each other, and this report will have an immediate impact on the lives of our people, and that's what we mean for the news."Justice is on its way to the best of the Academy Award for Best Film.

[Best Actor] Leonado Dikapio

The Alianza Zareinalito is a very talented director, thank you for completing the movie team.Thank you, the first one who asked me to make a film. Thank you, my parents, for your friends.Last year was the hottest year in history. We went to the south of the world to find snow, climate change was real, and it was happening, and it was the most urgent threat to all species, and we had to work together, and not to procrastinate any further.We should pay attention to those neglected voices: nature's sounds, children's voices, and we should work for our next generation , and I hope that all voices can be heard.Let us not take this planet for granted, just as I do not take it for granted tonight."

This year, the 41-year-old Li Oonador has won an Academy Award.He was on the platform and accepted everyone's applause.This award, he was given a reasonable care.

[Best Actress] Brierdson

"Thank you, Oscar, this film is all done for everyone, and I'm honored to be a part of this role and to dedica film to the world.""

bu Lerasen is an extremely persuasive actor, watching her play, pain and love are internalized, and are not unintentional.She did not choose to have the characters in a few types of shows, but she was a part of her body. She was not a woman who had chosen to be a part of her performance.

[Best Director] Alianza Garezarenalito

Alianza, Zareinalito won the best director again, and he shared the award with all the actors: " Thank you, Leonedo, thank you for sharing my life with me, I want to thank you all.I was very lucky. The son of Leonador in the film was mixed, and nobody would see who you were, but only to see your skin. We would like to thank them for being born in a fortunate age.

[Best Supporting Actor] Mark Rylance/Spy Bridge (Bridge of Spies)

" I love stories, and I'm happy to be able to film with so many directors.I am particularly grateful to Tom Hanks, who is playing with him, and will enhance his strength.This award is dedicated to all the cast members."

[Best Supporting Actress] Alicia Vikander (The Danish Girl)

"Thank you, Eddie Reedman, thank my mother for letting me believe anything you want and what you can do.""

[Best Foreign Language Film] "Son of Saul" (Hungary)

Director L á szl ó Nemes: " Thank you, Oscar, thank you for my lead actor, I'd like to share this award with you.In the darkest of life, there was a voice that kept me in the hope of moving forward, and that was the film."

[Best Anime] "Inside Out"

Director says Peter Duckett: " grow, we have a lot of different emotions, but you can always create a new one, just like we make new movies!

[Best Original Screenplay] "Spotlight"

The thrill focus was directed by Tom McCarthy · co-written with Josh · Singer, who thanked friends and relatives during the ceremony, as well as all victims of sexual assault, as examples of the investigation, and the stories to be told: "We have to make sure that these issues of sexual abuse by priests will never happen again."We have the courage and the will to make this film for all journalists who have a strong sense of responsibility and who have been victims of sexual assault."That's the only thing they do."

[Best Original Song] "Writing's On The Wall"/"007: Devil 4V" (Spectre)

Sam Smith: "I've seen a story in which no actor has ever won an award for an open gay identity, and now I'm taking the prize in my closet.""

Sam Smith, the winner of the award, will not forget to bring the comrades on the table, and the future Oscar will be able to have a long period of time!

[Best Clip] Crazy Max Max: Fury Road

" Our industry has a stereotype that a woman cannot cut, I think it's time to change, everything is changing, I am confident that in the next decade, there will be equality that we expect.

[Best Visual Effect] Artifical Awareness (Ex Machina)

visual effects team of artificial consciousness, Sara Bennett, asked how women can make a breakthrough in the visual effect, and Sara Bennett says you have to have self-confidence, self-confidence.But basically, it's a very difficult thing to do.In the post-natal team, the girls need to make a difficult, no longer congenital restraint, but rather the acquired culture of women's views. Sara Bennett points out that women need more fairness in the set, and look forward to more Hollywood movies.

[Best Sound Clip] "Mad Max: Fury Road"

" We've spent years in the dark to tell stories, and crazy Max is a movie that uses sound to tell stories."

Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy: " This is the product of a group of women with perseverance, thanks to all courageous people.We are trying to pursue a world of equality between men and women, and I have heard that the Prime Minister of Pakistan has read the film and said that we have to change the local system. We look forward to it"

[Best cosmetic hair] "Mad Max: Fury Road"

Jenny · Bifan: "If we don't treat each other properly, stop polluting the environment, the scene in madness will become a reality."

[Best Adapted Screenplay] "The Big Short"

[Best Original Score] The Hateful Eight

[Best Record Long], Amy Wins

[Best Cinematography] "The Revenant"

[Best Animated Short Film] Bear Story

[Best Clothing Design] Mad Max: Fury Road

[Best Art Guidance] Mad Max: Fury Road

[Best mixes] "Mad Max: Fury Road"

[Top Record] A Girl in the River: The Price of Forgivenes

[Top short video clip] Stutterer

The 88th Academy Awards Presentation Ceremony

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