Your cassettes are filled with old letters that have accumulated for weeks or even months?If one of your new New Year's hopes (or targets) is to keep the mailbox tidy, it's time to start working on it, deleting those letters that are never used again.

If you don't have time to read the letters that have been accumulated over the years, it's time you get rid of them, because you can't respond to a letter a few months ago, even if you have a response, especially some commercial letters, or other people asking for your help, but if you still have a job, you can still reply.

It's important to take the right first step at the start of the new year, and it's important to effectively manage your Inbox because your Inbox doesn't make you feel too much pressure.It takes a small amount of time to analyze and improve your cassettes, which can have a big impact on life.Do you want to start a new year in the new year?Let's take a look at the following experts' suggestions:

If haven't read them ......

What are you hesitating?If you have 3,000 letters unread in the mailbox, you can't look at them again.Do yourself a favor, spend a little time setting up the letter filtering function, eliminating the spam letter, and then setting the rest of the letter to read.

You may be wondering, " What if you have taken a notification?or other similar important letters, honestly, if you didn't respond within a week, they couldn't have hired you again, either with correspondence or business cooperation letters or invitations.

Most people need a little bit of pressure to whip themselves, and that's the problem of the world, right?How many times have you heard people complain about him in the cassettes?There must be a lot of things, but your response could not be just consoling them, and then asked them to mark all their letters as read.The more piles of letters, the more pressure will be put.

When you find that the list of letters is growing longer, try to communicate with others in other ways.If you are a colleague, you open a meeting; if you are a friend, you make a phone call.

Eliminability of unnecessary letters prevents them from piling up like mountains, and the less pressure it represents, the better.Focus on things that really need you to focus on.

Don't spend time reading large group mail

No matter which mailbox you use, there is a junk mail filtering mechanism that can shift letters from a company or from a certain title.Create a letter filtering mechanism, the solution is that the junk mail exploits your Inbox, and then marks them as spam.

When you are done, the next steps are: Process the new mail now.If you see a message from a music channel that was logged in a year ago, you immediately put it in the filter list.You will not miss any important information, and you will not be able to win the grand prize because you have a lot of unread mail in your mailbox.

We should use the Internet instead of letting the network dictate us.From now on, you can help yourself to reduce your stress index.There is no reason to bring the burden of the past to the New Year. So send yourself a big gift-a clean and sneak casket!

trick makes your job even better!

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