The 88th annual Oscar red blanket hits, together to see Leonardo , Kate Winslet, goddess Kaka, Brillarsen, Addiry de Man , Salome, Kate Blanche ... Take a look at this year's red carpet bright-eyed picture. (Recommended:"Live Update" Oscar 88 full winning list: Ghost Hunter, Danish Girl, breaking Focus )

"Titanic" After the marriage, Kate Winslet and Leonardo is Hollywood recognized super good friend, red carpet two photos also for each other cheer, the last time Kate Winslet in the Golden Globes for Leonardo cheer, this time also expect this pair of friends can be a prize

Lady Gaga made a neat appearance with her faux-dress trousers. Today He will take the shortlisted MV as the appeal issue, this work is female students are sexually abused the issue, in the United States five girls, there will be a sexual assault. (Figure two goddess Kaka is in the meeting room and the husband flashes unmistakable.) )

"Nonexistent room" the heroine Brillarsen.

On the red carpet the most eye-sucking child actor Mo Samut Jackson room, this morning because of his smile and bloom Ah! (Samut Jackson in Instagram PO and mom and dad's photo is playful).

"Danish Girl" finalists Eddie and his wife Hannaberg Shaw (Hannah Bagshawe) appeared on the red carpet, the two shy debut, and low-key quick access to the venue. Eddie then showed up for an interview, laughing that this year the red carpet wearing too much to feel a bit hot, perhaps also because the second finalists make him particularly nervous ah!

(Image source: Dazhi/AP)

(Image source: Dazhi/AP)

Olivia Weild a white dress to appear gracefully.

(screenshot to Oscar website )

Na ou mi watts a little Mermaid dress, colorful like the stars Ah!

(Photo source: Dazhi Video/AP)

"Because love You" supporting actress Runimara

(Photo source: Dazhi Video/AP)

"Love in the foreign land," The Sally of the silk Ronan a deep green sequins dress.

(Screenshots to Oscar's official website)

To "Danish girls" shortlisted for the best supporting actress Alicia Vikander a yellow dress, and the princess!

Kate Blanche a snow dress, noble temperament eye-catching!

(圖片來源: 達志影像/美聯社)