Can homosexual imaginations, if followed by heterosexual gender roles, lead to more gender oppression? Look forward to a day, no handsome T, lesbian love narrative can also get applause.

Following the mainland gay network drama "addiction" after the " wrong sex, good love " in the "warm male handsome t" aroused concern. " Many netizens call "after watching the moment was broken bend, good want to be the rice to avoid the thump." Same-sex issues are closer to the crowd with more friendly packaging.

The relationship between gay and lesbian in the story follows the Peep, to reject the, Accept, resistance to public opinion posture, in which each gender role is portrayed as the most traditional role: Want Overlord the bow straight men, handsome inside exquisite T, did not talk about love shy passive P.

"Be broken Bend" in the mood of the shadow, it seems that there is always something strange place. The hidden gender stereotype in the drama-style narrative, I wouldn't say that the director-Writer's imagination on homosexuality still focuses on heterosexual relationships, but this narrative Deduce the majority gender expectations for "t and p". Then, let us use the gender perspective of the play through, and further look forward to more than the handsome T beauty of the script appeared.

1.T and P stereotypes: let the sex free

This script is a flip sex version of the "hero Save the United States." In the play, Miller is portrayed as a masculine "tomboy" (a female comrade with a tomboy dubbed masculine character), with short hair and plastic chest, love to play basketball, ride heavy machine, protect girls and other characteristics than the social gender expectations of men. the title "Wrong Sex, good love" refers to the Miller standing in the "physiological gender" of the opposite, the whole play to T is portrayed as a "more understanding of women's minds of different men" as a template.

So we see Miller constantly appear to save the heroine Xiao Rou, with Shinako fall into the "women need to be protected" heterosexual relationship imagined. As well as Miller in the play is very certain of their own gender identity, Xiao soft compared to spend more time groping and fuzzy, but also generally our "homosexual gender role" of the established recognition. (Recommended reading: do your own double difficulty!) "Because I love you" I met you, I must love you )

So how are we supposed to imagine gay relationships? To be understood in the existing terminology to explain the explanation, you can quote Zhang "love of Freedom" in a passage: "The woman and T are mutual enlightenment, in the meet the woman that moment, t understand oneself is t." 」

We love each other because they are summoned by the inner qualities of each other, unrelated to the sexual behavior, the signals they emit are used to identify and test, the "relationship behavior pattern", so that same-sex couples do not live by heterosexual intimacy, and each person's gender temperament may include yin/yang traits.

Jump off two yuan opposite imagination, see gender spectrum: Physiological gender (sex), Gender identity (gender), gender temperament (gender qualities), sexual orientation (sexual orientation) a variety of flows. Otherwise not easy to get out of the deep ark of the gay group, accidentally, will fall into the simulation two Yuan Love mode.

2. is straight male an enemy of "gender equality"?

Play like Xiao Soft Nanche asked: "You did not try how to know?" The good way you do not go, you must go devious. "This may be a word that many people who have been vague about gender identity have experienced.

Straight men in the play is a very typical "patriarchal role", the slightest reluctance to understand the heroine Xiao soft heart real meaning, always feel that she fell in love with the same sex is "normal living" incomprehensible behavior. Straight man unreasonable slander, dare not believe women will daughter, this regardless of gender identity, temperament is classified in the "not Chiropractor oversteps moment" image role, his pursuit and rumor right, but became the crime root of the play.

The term "straight male cancer" has been popular in China, especially for heterosexual boys, with discriminatory means of judging this group of people with male chauvinism, arrogant dictatorship, men of inferiority, fear of the same ... Although this makes the group of non "straight men" feel a momentary alacrity, divides oneself is the gender consciousness more advantageous group? Why is this "alienation" dangerous? Think of the "witch-hunt" act, it is really like thousands of years of patriarchal approach to gender.

This script is precisely this description of the straight male role, easy to establish a "feminist" or "gender fuzzy" group of enemies. But I believe that not only lesbian, transgender, or thoughtful women can understand each other. Understanding is that no matter who has the ability to do, straight men should not become the target of gender equality, straight men will not always stop in the "man tart valve of the sand pig" image. Regardless of straight male straight female, with male and female, cross sex bisexual, we should all go forward the world that does not attack each other with difference. (Do you think: a transsexual can become a "real woman"?) Caitlyn Jenner slip of the tongue: "A man wears a dress, will make the society very uncomfortable")

3. The spoils of love: women who are competing

Heterosexual and homosexual competition on the court, through fighting, bullfighting, show the individual "power" for the protection of women's qualifications. Finally, the "she is my person", the screen before applauded, after the play, we intuitively "subordinate to the partner" ideology, indicating that women this "object" dependent on love growth.

Xiao Rou as if must belong to who, heterosexual and homosexual field is fiercely opposite, either you die or I live. "I live, I can redeem my love," the plot malcontent the woman who is regarded as an object come and go.

The dependent rights of women in a patriarchal society are reflected in the special protection of women, the promotion of women as mothers or wives, the idealization of women as romantic objects, and the fact that men are regarded as power and resource providers, so they are accustomed to competing to obtain "ideal wives" in the male world. Such a set of rules is contrary to the open society claiming to be pluralistic. I believe that all genders are socialized, not just Simompova: "Women are formed the day after tomorrow." "So it is with men.

So when Miller through the "socialization of sex" to choose their own to move closer to the social image of men, he must learn the way men succeed, express themselves, must pass the "man's means" to compete for love. This is the most regrettable place I think the play. Because the heroine Xiao Rou is what kind of person, it doesn't seem important. As long as the rice music is handsome enough and gentle enough, the audience can be reasonably happy to see them together. (Extended reading:"say good old together" Why love again, we are only strangers before the law )

Relatively speaking, if the life of the countless Miller, Xiao Rou, are not so beautiful and handsome? The majority of us, are not so. With what, we can get the world such applause and blessings? Comrade's intimate relationship has no script, does not create two yuan opposite the Love nurturance game.

We do not need men more than men to "become" lesbians, and we do not have to be in the "right" sex order (genderorders) to deserve love.

Having such "close to the public" gay films first is a good thing, just as the Danish Girl makes it easier to understand how to bring others closer to the narrative of life across the gender. Just don't forget, this is still try to figure out heterosexual relationship simulation of the story, please remember our life, the real existence of gay fate.