Selina and a divorce, why for their "not enough virtuous wife " apology? This apology, hidden behind countless women shoulder the weight of the body in the contemporary you have to independent, to have their own career, but also to take into account the family gives you the function of looking forward to. Why is there always two opposites in the family and in the workplace? As women, we have no space to live more naturally. (Recommended reading: Xu Qiao core beauty brand, Cai English mother restaurant girl?) Is Taiwan politics friendly to women?

At night to see Selina and a divorce news, it is surprising that Selina's apology: "I did not play a good wife's role, after the marriage, I still enjoy my work, focus on my career, so I neglected to run a marriage and maintain a home, the need for relative time and pay, I became a wife, But he did not become a true wife. 」

(Photo source:Selina fan Page )

Selina Frankly love work more than love, in the traditional value of marriage, this can not be attached to the family life of women, the community called them "incompetent wife."

A competent wife, not too much love of work, to be a husband and teach children. Relative to the recent Legislative Council as a child, a competent "female legislator", the timely cutting of the family.

Oddly enough, the imagination of male politicians is "housekeeping" to "rule the world", so when we watch campaign ads, it's not hard to see male politicians coming around their wives. However, people's imagination of women, if women in the political field of "love, marriage" related news, it will be regarded as "unprofessional", not to mention taking the children to Parliament, but also contrary to the ethics of the workplace. (Same field Gayon: (same field Gayon: gender observation: from more like "bring the child into Congress" proposal was sour, see the workplace Parents difficult ))

Whether it is Selina to his wife's apology, or the day before the day Hong with travel by the media hunting, or more like work with children, summed up a problem: the Society both women's professional image, and women's sancongside, but the two can be compared?

From the "virtuous Wife", this is for "children" and "husband" and the word. The ancients have clouds, intelligent and virtuous woman naturally can cultivate excellent and excellent children, can also shape honest integrity of the husband. In the contemporary time when women's ability is gradually recognized, it is difficult to pursue self practice and bear the responsibility of "family is really cute". It also makes people wonder why women always cling to marriage and disarm themselves. (Recommended reading: after Hillary, Tsai, why do we fear women are good?) )

In addition to family-oriented censure, the other is social fear that married women are "not enough to give power".

Female fans have collected 739 questionnaires in last year's workplace survey, which showed that 69% per cent of women think that the current workplace is more problematic than that of men, with 42% of single women struggling with life and work imbalances, and 41% of married people having difficulty getting a raise. The average wage for unmarried women is 10% higher than those married. Show that some employers think that married people need to spend more time with their families and work less than single people.

It seems that career women face not only the "mother" of the blame, but also the society of "married women" stereotypes. Women are forced to choose one: you want to be a good professional, you want to be a good wife.

I sincerely hope that no one will ever be a good wife, and that women do not have to abandon their families in order to advance to the workplace. I really hope that one day we don't have to apologize for what we want to be, we don't have to apologize for what we are doing, we don't need to apologize for being a woman.

Selina divorced, no one should be heartbroken fantasy This is a true love of the shattered. "Divorce" Two words, can have other meaning of life, it is a setback and pain; it may become a label and an emotional liability; it admits that love is not the only answer; it shows that it is always easy to fall into the rhetoric of love. At the same time, it also speaks of the experience of growth, it talks about love in addition to marriage there are other answers, it overturned the marriage teaching rules to train women to obey the meaning.

Sincere blessing Selina for each other made a kindest choice.