10/22, except for the birthday of Melanfang, Suzuki, and Sui Tong, is also the day of the rebirth of the Selina Ren family. Five years ago today, an accident took place in the shooting of the "I and Spring's dating scenes", which changed selina's life and also allowed us to see a woman's resilience and strength .(The fire tattoo is strong: May be safe for everyone!)The Eight Immortally Dust Explosion Accidents: Swimming Circle, Trolley Is Save Saving Hope )

You may be very impressed by a film that has gone viral on the previous days: The girl in the film is covered with a towel and wears a running outfit, and says, " But I still want to cry.She is a family member who has just run out of San Francisco. Perhaps you are more familiar with her other name: Selina.

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As a member of Taiwan's strongest women's group S.H.E, Selina's sweet image is deeply rooted in 14 years.I often think, the little princess is probably like that!A beautiful long hair, a pair of smiling eyes, and a gentle voice like a sweet, soft, sweet voice like a sweet, sweet voice.Five years ago, the Kiss accident changed Selina's life and enriched our established impressions of the little princess, so that she could have more adjectives than just adorable, sweet, and sweet.Let's share it with you, Selina gives adults the love of her magic!

People at the bottom of the lens feel comfortable

"Don't think about what I lost and what I have.""

Whether it's a concert of three people, participating in or hosting a variety show, laughing in front of the camera and laughing at a time of laughing, crying, and crying out loud, doesn't mean that the program effects are so cute. Selina never avoided being praised for being "beautiful", and never taboos about jokes.

With her personality and feelings, she is not only a fan of the fan, but also a lot of friends in the entertainment circle.The personal album, <3.1415>, introduced earlier this year, has a circular rate of 3.1415. In addition to the round personality of Selina, she also ridiculingly ridicule herself in the face of the show business.It's like writing the lyrics of the song: "Rather than trying to lose weight, you might as well be yourself."We love her sincerely.(Recommended to you: Non-Standard Beauty who likes your own )

"Don't be afraid of the moon, as long as I can illuminate my/every friend's atrium"

There is a friendship called S.H.E

" The friendship is arbitrary!"

Just started to know Selina, definitely because of S.H.E women's groups.In 2001, at the time of the passage of the girls, there are now two other stages of life.On the way, they are all aware of each other and accompany each other through the stage of life.Some people say that the friendship between the entertainment circles is based on the interests of the people and is very unreliable.But S.H.E has convinced us that "our friend is more than a lover".(Forever: More than Girl Power: SHE to see the new look of a Shero )

At first, the company asked the three small girls to develop their affection and group tacit agreement, and asked the three men to live in the girls' dormitory.This one lives in a good sense of the whole life.In 2011, Selina and Ella co-wrote the song "The First Song, White dialect," and "Sister", a song that has sung the voice of the sisters.

Friend is not enough to describe/our Mitch proudly support and inclusion/wife/wife/we take a hook/please remember the agreed journey to permanent

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In 2010, the Selina and Shanghai film dramas < I dated a date with the spring ", suffered a major accident, and nearly half of the skin was burned.In addition to Selina's injuries, S.H.E also faces a major decision on whether to dissolve, but the good feelings of the three men chanted "Undisperse".The 2011 press conference was also the strongest backing for her for her first appearance at the Selina full press conference, which was made public by the two sisters Hebe and Ella.(Recommended to you: More truer than the movie plot )

They make us believe that the friendship in the girls' dormitory is actually indestructible; there is a friendship called "S.H.E".

confess that vulnerability is the strongest performance

In 2010, the Kiss unexpectedly changed Selina's life.Although we are seeing positive, positive, positive, she admits that during the period of rehabilitation, there was a very negative time.Selina described herself as being trapped in the "skin" cage, but never recovered from the start of the day, allowing her to start suspecting that she was "exactly what she wanted to do."The pressure on the healing road, she even began to hate everyone around her, starting to think, "Why is it so unfair?"Why didn't they hurt others?"

family, friends, and boyfriends at the time, the likes of which they never abandoned, let her wake up.Although she feels guilty, she doesn't hate herself when she loses her temper during her life, and understands that this is a normal response to a person's low tide, and thus makes her feel the value of love.

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Selina now is a role model for burns and scalds.She began to speak on the campus, and treated herself as well as she had treated herself.She was not afraid of revealing her scars, because she accepted them as part of her own.She started running and enjoyed a feeling of "living," although it was a very difficult task for her, but every time she ran away from her heart, she felt satisfied and well satisfied.(Enjoy every breath: Every start is a rebirth!Ouyang Jing: Running has made me realize that I was stronger than I .)

Light to the new skin lotion

The transformed Selina shows a lot more of it, even if it is extremely painful.You don't think she's brave, you don't think she's strong, but now you see a picture of her running marathon, you're going to cry with her, and she's going to applaud her.You don't think she's warm in the past, and now you look at the film that she's sharing with someone else, and you think her smile and tears are as hot as it is.You used to think that she was beautiful, and now you see her embracing scars, wearing a pressure coat, and you think she's really beautiful.

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Selina says 10/22 is the day of her rebirth, five years ago, and today, a blast was a different life.She often jokes on her skin, " I have a 30-year-old skin, and one part of it is a 5-year-old skin.She has just begun a sailing life, making her like a flower in a greenhouse, not very brave, very unindependent, but after the accident, although she says that she doesn't feel brave, this is a problem that everyone is facing.

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"I find that I can give you the value beyond the beauty of the United States, that is to be brave in facing reality and being comfortable with reality.""

Today, let's celebrate with this brave little princess, thank her for being brave, and thank her for bringing hope to us with her story.

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