We all want to have a bright start in 2012, which means that we have to progress from inside to outside.

Is there any way to replace all the clothes in the wardrobe to replace the old?Let's have a few dressing techniques that make one of the eyes lit up!These techniques will not only allow you to have a good heart, but also give you a new look outside, and you will not mess with your usual make-up habits.

Let's look at these five simple small recipes to make you change in a moment!

bright white teeth

A bright smile that makes you look younger and you can bring confidence to you.Now there are many products that can whitey teeth at home, so there is no reason not to have a perfect pearl-like smile.If you don't have a habit of developing dental floss, quickly become a partner with the dental floss!

New cosmetics

Did you start working on the face when you learned it, but the makeup was in the same place?A little deeper!Put the color of color on the other part of your face and see what's different.The color brush of the cheeks will give you the illusion of a long sea longer. However, if you have learned this, then you can change the way, focus on the middle and lower sides of the cheekbone, and make your face look smoother.


It's been a long time since the nails were fixed, and some crazy designs, detailed design, and theme color painting are the main roads!If you were afraid to follow the epidemic last year, you can try and play with your fingernails on a pair of fingernails. It not only highlights your personal character, but also enables you to find out the unknown side of your fingernail.It turns out you can have artistic talent too!

Fresh fragrance

fragrance of incense can affect your mind and open a new bottle of incense as the easiest way to wash your mind. Moreover, because the fragrance affects a person's memory, the seasons change different seasons, so that you can feel more deeply about the seasons.


If you don't want to keep the same hairstyle (or hair color) for a long time, then do it yourself.If you have a natural roll, then you make smooth and smooth effects by using the ion clip; if you have long and straight hair, then you have a curly hair, and if you want to make roll endurance, then you spray the sea salts every morning, or you burn it again.

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