"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digesting sadness, leaving a monologue for life, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, the absence of the reality of the turmoil, women fans only read poems for you.

If life is very tiring
Moral is very light,
Unload everything.
Put it in the dark!

The dark Bottom.
I was waiting,
To lure your arrival.
I rub the air __
Into the dry air of the autumn forest,
Suitable for combustion
We have a very low body.

Let you learn from my moist!
Even if it's so much more tired
Will be in the dark hot springs,
Wash and fade.

--Yai Lin Dark Hot Springs

Thank you for giving me the same gentle sea
Make Me Blue like sleep
The bottom of the water fish slip
The sun is dangling and the eyes are shining
My peace is the shaking of the weeds
As reassuring as the everlasting

--Dentures, "drowning," my young bird.

The sky continues to discharge
The Silent Flower Fire
We paused
Holding hands
In the Big ze
And a deer to look at

There are deer
There are deer sadness
Lily of the Wild food

--There are deer, Xu Yu

For J.W.

Already left.
Keep your hands on me.
An automatic piano
No one's playing.

In a long stare that started
Cosmic beaches that are surging in the nebula

Those hugs are
How it's done
A smooth body like that.
Two dolphins hug like two icebergs
and slide into the flames.

How those conversations started.
So it seems that the fundamental
The city of selves here is so rightly
Perfectly to the plantar
Past those who pass by

The conversation is to suddenly feel the best or hug
Hugging so that we could walk downstairs together.
Just go through a movie theater and buy tickets.
Go in and see a movie to know that hugs are stronger than movies

In order to repeatedly affirm
At the same time in many times
One would appear more than the other time
More clearly

--Unmanned piano Xiayu

A spider zhen ri weaving among the branches
I envy him his concentration.
It doesn't need my admiration to envy him.
Suddenly a heavy rain saw
To interrupt our progress today.
He took the rain in an instant.
and continue to weave it selflessly.

--more tenacious than happiness/whales to the sea