Former first lady Nancy Reagan Vapid died on March 6, 2016. In his condolences, Obama praised Nancy for laying the image of America's first lady and recalling her 鹣 with President Ronald Reagan. Nancy Reagan vapid, not only is the president next to the first Lady , but also a self-determined, means soft , gentle woman. (Extended reading: after Hillary, Tsai, why do we fear women are good?) )

Nancy Reagan , the former first lady of the United States, died in the United States March 6, and she will be buried next to President Reagan's tomb, Nancy Reagan vapid. Two people from movie stars, all the way from the red carpet to the White House, to mention the political best, people always say the Reagan couple.

She was a hot movie star, Nancy Davis, who married Ronald Reagan in 1952 this year, became South Reagan (NancyReagon), Hill Davis. Again from the governor the Lady became the first Lady of America. She was always orange, in the Shen Yigang cold political field, rendering the unique lively and sunny.

Nancy Reagan Vapid's political identity is controversial, and when Nancy accompanies Ronald Reagan in his political career and when Ronald Reagan is suffering from Alzheimer's, people praise her as a good woman and a wife who is the strongest woman behind a man. When she began to take an active part in politics and private life was exposed to the media, people said she was strong intervention.

South Reagan has launched a campaign to dissuade school-aged teenagers from using illegal drugs; She participated in the examination of her husband's appointments to ensure that his staff remained loyal to his policies; Nancy also encouraged Ronald Reagan to forge a friendship with the then Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev, to bring about an arms reduction treaty.

Nancy used to talk about feminism: "Feminism is the ability to choose what you want to be." "(Feminism is the ability to choose what you want to do.)

In the late years of President Reagan's Alzheimer's, Nancy never stopped to carry out the campaign. "Our former first lady redefined the role of the White House hostess of her time," the Obamas said in a speech to Nancy. Since the death of President Ronald Reagan, she has been the voice of millions of of Alzheimer's patients and has taken on a new role in advocating research and development to find cures for Alzheimer's disease. 」

People remember Nancy as a woman of great political finesse and a woman who is active in the world.

As a woman, she has the backbone and the clout. Once asked why Nancy was involved in her husband's politics, should she apologize to someone who had supported her good Wife's image? Nancy replied, "I love my husband and will not apologize for taking care of his personal and political well-being." "She is not a docile sheep hiding behind, more like a generous wing, watching President Reagan." Nancy herself knows best what kind of woman to do.

Nanciclac, the White House Gardening chief designer who served six as the first Lady of the United States, wrote her eyes to Mrs. Reagan: "In retrospect, Nancy Reagan was always elegant and romantic, and I always remember the lady and President Reagan kissing under the holly tree in the mansion." 」

She was a Nancy Reagan vapid, devoted to the identity of the first Lady of the United States, and always a Nanchy Davis, intimate and naïve embrace of the world.