The single diary , written on the day of the International Women, wrote a letter to those who walked on the singles road-Charlotte Bronte (Charlotte Brontë), Charlotte Bronte, a "Jane Eyre", redeemed countless women imprisoned souls, so we began to free from our own attic, We want to be able to retain the good spirit of being manipulated, regardless of single body. Written on a woman 's Day, the single diary remembers her together. (Extended reading:3/8, is women's Day, maternity or child festival, or women's Day?) )

To the dear Summer Green Bronte (Charlotte Brontë),

A generation of women reading you in 1847 published "Jane Eyre" on the Spiritual equality of love: "Our spirit is equal, as you and I walk through the grave, equal standing in front of God." 」

At that time you had to write anonymously to be a writer. They all say that literature is not a woman's business, your feminine identity exposes the arrogance and ignorance of patriarchy, and the wisdom of the society's longing for the female "Home Angel" (TheAngelin the House), and now we don't have to be the crazy woman hiding in the attic [Note 1].

Speaking of single miss, I always think of you first, 19th century British woman who is like you love deviant? Have you ever been in love with a teacher, and have categorically rejected the proposal of four men, this letter is like writing to us more than 200 years later: "If she had gone too far, she would have believed that her husband's will was her law, that she had developed the habit of keeping the wind and pandering to her husband, and that she would soon be a neglected fool." 」

(Photo source: Women's famous wall )

Because to retain temperament, you miserable exile in love, you depressed and lonely, crazy desire a more than the etiquette of love.

So far single women still yearn for the kind of love you said, reading at night: " get along with him, never tired, he and I get along with the same, as we are beating in their own chest of the heartbeat will not be tired of the same." As a result, we always stay together. For us, we are as free as we are when we are alone , and as happy as when we are together. "

you try not to allow the system to live in your skin, and then use Bertha to burn down the patriarchal manor, and finally you have no right to stare at the window, your crawling staircase does not concern the class, your bed will not hear the cry of freedom. The attic belongs to you at last, and day and night it's your thoughts.

Single or in love, People's journey is their own room, this thing I was from the summer green Bronte that fire know .

[Note 1] "Crazy Woman in the Attic": Sandra m. Gilbert and Susan Gubar the female writing in 19th century, including the image of Bertha's Mad Woman in Jane Eyre, behind the image of the lunatic women is the symbol of inhibiting women's creativity, with the desire of anger and destruction of paternity to inspire the awakening of female consciousness.