"There must be injustice and sadness in the world, but through verse, grievance and sadness can be converted." "Chiang Hsun once said so. Reading poetry is like a process of digesting sadness, leaving a monologue for life, every week this time, I long for you to leave a time for yourself, the absence of the reality of the turmoil, women fans only read poems for you.

(Photo source: Air human)

World or perhaps
The sum of all his people
We each other
For this important scarcity of self
No consciousness.
And never been told
It turns out we're the seeds of this spread
Always a cold distance
However sometimes
A relationship that can still be sustained.
That's it
The world is cleverly constructed.
The flowers are in full bloom
Look close to the body
and found the presence of a man like a horse fly.
Dancing in the winding of the light
Once upon a time, I
Who's The fly?
Once upon a time you were
To perfect my breeze?

--Excerpt to life は〉 Khino

Good love this poem, share to Dear you. The essence of life is lack. Thank you for the breeze you've met.

Still everyday, life
Take off a few pieces of emotion
Let the days bloom and Bloom
Or meditation, cutting out the branches of shadows
At that time, we sat, across the
Will it be rain, equitably
Fahi full?

And fate often walks with us.
On arrival and
The place that has not arrived
Step by step, nature
You're going to be heading home.

--Daily, Sinkinshon

The sky continues to discharge
The Silent Flower Fire
We paused
Holding hands
In the Big ze
And a deer to look at

There are deer
There are deer sadness
Lily of the Wild food

--There are deer, Xu Yu

Trying to find a big pupil.
Through the depths of the forest The morning light
I'm like a snake in the arrow
Thorough, enlightened, no regrets.
No moment in my life like now
A lot of life and death Love hate
How to write in the everlasting
And can't fill it up
Only to lay down and forgive
To the capacity of the sea
To carry the whole forest:
The weight of my destiny

--excerpts to walk through Norwegian forests/Murphy

All I want to say to you is honey.
Is every hard bee.
It's on the track.
From the Solar system
From everyday life.
Your pockets.
You open and close the heart
The job you just stopped.
Handy stickers, yellow sunflowers
I'm close to you,
I'm your real pollen.
I love you.
You are the veins on the petals
The color passes through you

I heard everything you wanted to say.
You can't guess, I've got it all figured out for you
It's all in the good sunshine.
I told you the yolk.
and the yellow lemon and the yellow mustard, I told you.
At that moment, you are the piano
Bees from the solar system, or sunflowers.
You are such a note, a flower
Another flower in my ear
That's what you told me, everything you wanted to say.
Let those who belong to the warm yellow all know
The moon, of course, knows what you're saying.
It's all in the sun.
All in the afternoon, all in the yellow summer
We all heard what they wanted to say.
It's all honey from the solar system out there.
Bees gather honey in the Milky Way
We eat the boiled yolk.
The yellow afternoon and the yellow backyard
Yellow jump rope, yellow swing.
Yellow hair, little girl.
We look at the sun through the glass jars of honey
Your eyes are the sun-like honey
We're bees, we're wearing yellow and black stripes.
We're plush, like a yellow duckling.

--He Zhuang Dong Bridge let those who belong to the warm yellow all know