Female fans of the sex interview run, the first time invited the feminist big shot Professor simply wish, in January published a new book "Fashion Modernity" simply wish, from crepe theory to write spectrum, and then from the creative behavior of fashion, talk back to the spiritual meaning of feminism. She juchongruoqing with the patriarchal society, the chivalrous Woman's sword eye, direct touch patriarchal system most fragile core, she said the existence of feminism, is for one day we can proudly proclaim, feminism no longer need. (same field Gayon: feminist bad daughter: Ketilofi's teenage rebellion )

Simply wish, like a chivalrous woman.

In the women's paradise first sight of her, remember her chest with a piece of green jade, refreshing, she shook her face said not to drink tea, caffeine, I quickly put a glass of water to her. Simply wish than emei more gentle, more lightsome than Hengshan, she has become a negative martial arts faction, to the pen as a needle, to paper for the fiber, to soft crepe thinking instead of strong and rigid, her smiling face full surplus, to with softness.

Simply wish is a big shot in feminist scholarship, and her figure is in many places. Bookcase, "Postmodern Women: power, desire and gender performance", "Gender across the border: Feminist literary Theory and criticism" new desire Map: gender. Gay studies, sex/Other research reading, absolute clothing love ..., she can write, write and love to write.

Outside the bookcase, she letters sharply in the media. She talks about Ma Ying-jeou's suit in Ma Ying is really a big problem, and not with the times, she talked about Tsai election, the president of the pronoun from "he" into "her" creative fission; she talked about Zhou Ziyu's flag-raising incident, and peered at the stoop of the capitalist market bowing to political power.

The academic theory of the packing wrong knot is simply wish playing the weapon, must with the life dependence, the chivalrous woman's sword affirmation Eye, has the words to speak plainly, the goal is clear. Simply wish's feminist practice, has always been to join the WTO, with a bit of a graceful gesture of sword, with ease. (Recommended reading: thousand female passions: academic circles, social movements and feminine passions in popular culture )

From wound fulfillment to crepe theory! 10 years of fashion modernity

I always have a few books on the bookcase simply wish Teacher's book, "A new map of desire", "body folding", "Capitalism with Monsters" to the recent publication of the "fashion Modernity", which is my criterion and reference system, must be carefully understood, repeated reading.

Unlike previous creations, "fashion modernity " simply wish for ten years, "I have never written so long." I asked myself whether I could not finish it, or did not want to finish it? "Fashion is simply wish's favorite theme, 10 years, she also experienced the flip of thought."

"I was dealing with fashion modernity, and I was talking about men's theory of trauma and women's fulfillment." For male intellectuals, guoqiuguhen hate all wear on the body, for men that is traumatic, and for women, that must be a survival strategy. The little feet have been entangled, unable to reciprocate, but I still have to live, I will follow my little feet into the modern. 」

Writing to the half, Banjamin and Deleuze's crepe theory deftly crept into her discourse, different from the teleological line of rough, crepe movement for the latitude and longitude to imagine history, the unexpected strength of the initiation, back again to crawl the trauma and practice structure, before and after marvelous string, "For me, is a very interesting creative process." 」

Look at the world with a crease/fold perspective, imagine if the world's constituent laws are not "points" that can be divided, but "crepe folds" that cannot be divided; if it is not the "structure" of the rigid grains (structure), it is soft as a garment. Texture, how will it shake our single evaluation of history?

Simply wish flexible to reveal the possibility of soft theory, history is not necessarily black or white, the final decision, there are more clues hidden between the weaving, in the time to emit a glimmer. And from Lin Zexu's trousers to ponder the Opium War thing's fittest, from Lu Xun's "The Little Foot" to look at the Chinese modernity/shame generation sex.

Simply wish talk about crepe fold, crepe must return to the clothing imagination, with 纟 word side of crepe. Crepe folds have many levels, the first clothing structure is folded out, once dressed, is the body and clothing with crepe movement, implied form of creation and time change two meaning. "People are also folded out of the AH, you see embryos, you see the development of life, are crepe folding process." "Simply wish with his finger strokes, is very dynamic."

The second wrinkle is the dynamic process of creation, Deleuze with crepe to imagine the dynamic change of the universe, all things glued together, and opened, creating new possibilities. "To think is to go to crepe, with the common extension of the inner, to the layer of overlapping to fold the extraterritorial." "Deleuze said so.

I listen, also think, write the book should be so, never coherent straight line, but the repeated modification of the crease movement. (same field Gayon: can women's literature write straight?) Chenxue, Chiuxin, Zhang Yixian, women's literature landscape

Why do women wear cheongsam? That's the gender equality of the 20 's.

Simply wish then exulted about the cheongsam.

The language of Cheongsam originates from the 1949 Kuomintang to move Taiwan, but did you say there was a cheongsam in the past? Yes. The most fashionable element of the 30 's is cheongsam, Taiwan and Japan are all fire, when Cheongsam has another name, called Make a gown.

"So if you went to visit some older people and they went to Japan, what would they wear on behalf of Taiwan?" Wear a gown, a gown on behalf of Taiwan, does not represent China. "1949, Cheongsam and the provincial imagination together, the province of women always said the gown, do not say cheongsam." The memory and imagination of culture is quite interesting.

"In China, since ancient times, the pronoun of a woman is" three strands of hair combing, two cut to wear clothes "a section of clothing and two to wear is very subtle difference, there seems to be no injustice, but 1920 years of women are very easy to many hearts. --Zhang ailing's "dressing notes"

You must have seen Zhang ailing's old photos, Cheongsam upper body, hands on her hips, head raised high, the mouth slightly with a smile. Zhang ailing said, why do women wear cheongsam? That is the concept of gender, women also like men like a section of clothing, Cheongsam is the Oriental one piece dress. "Today with the sexy imagination of the cheongsam, the original is actually women can wear men's clothes, the concept of gender equality Anchao."

The memory and imagination of culture determines how we watch, how to dress the upper body. "When Lu was designing a Taiwanese shirt, everybody said," Isn't that the tang costume? There is no difference in shape, but the role of culture makes them unable to link together. "(same field Gayon: The Classic, outdated dark green long cheongsam?" )

Simply wish climb comb history, talking about the contemporary, very story-telling situation, I see her with a slender hand, poke the tender texture of cultural history, that is the time, a shot to know whether there is.

Writing is the spectrum of continuous change: writing requires great silence.

Simply wish to talk about theory and to twist it, flowing freely, the hierarchy is clear, quite professor demeanor, talking about writing and thinking after moving, unwilling to neglect, as a good writer and can write, she said very plain, "Writing for me, is non-stop dialogue with themselves, the need for great quiet." 」

"The pen is, in a way, a weapon of war for the person who writes." Writing to me, one is autistic, the sound of the mind into words, I often feel that the happiest thing in life is that you have a lot of cranky time. "Simply wish stopped," the other is the chivalrous woman heart, road see uneven, I have something to say, I expect the society can be different. 」

Seemingly extreme, but both are also the concept of sliding, to think as a cultural critique of intervention in society. Simply wish smiled and said that he did not use terminology to look at creation, and did not attempt to classify it. Academic writing, prose creation and cultural commentary are all the continuous and varied spectra of writing, which should not exist in Chu Franco boundaries.

"Writing is sometimes a phased arrangement for thinking, writing allows you to think, more lively, sometimes the process of grinding the sword, the process of writing back to stimulate your thinking, while writing is sometimes to create a new interface, you will publish, you will look forward to the follow-up dialogue, the creation of the interface, also important for thinking. 」

What about feminine creations? Many years ago simply wish had translated Woolf classic "own room", talked about "own room" let "feminine writing" The change is "the negative writing", we continue to talk about negative writing two meaning, simply wish first for negative writing "rectification". (same field Gayon: writing "evil Female Force": reverse romance, every woman can write BJ single diary )

Two, one is to return to the contemporary philosophy of France, "fission" of the existing form of literature, and the mainstream of the positive vein contend, with subversive and fission writing methods. Secondly, the feminine writing is connected with the female writing, hoping to go to the patriarchal, the woman's writing way. In Taiwan, negative writing, as a slide in female writing, is a pleasure to see. 」

I chatted with simply wish to like the book, she is familiar with, Simompova, Woolf, Zhang ailing, Zhu Tianwen Ah, she said, in the sense of perception, everyone is very fair inequality, "I often wonder why we can nerves so large, and they can feel so delicate." These women who write, they are all molecular women. Molecules that are changing and transforming at all times. 」

Use "play" to subvert capitalism! Make dressing up to be a creative activity

"Whenever I bought a new dress, I can rejoice in the room before the floor of the mirror, and play together to the middle of the night without rest, I know, their identity as a sex lover, is still very tenacious." 」

Simply wish as a postmodern sex lover, in the "absolute clothing sex love" and "dress and do not wear the city," a word to knock the confession, "then I feel from the body to talk about fashion aesthetics, then fashion for me is a world, I embrace a lot of curiosity." Later, my sense of fashion is no longer in the brand world play, I now very much love old clothes. (Recommended reading: They are brand names!) "Fashion" synonymous with five classic women )

These days, there are still those who believe that feminists are a malicious defection to feminism if they are obsessed with fashion. Fashion is accused of exploiting women's consciousness, magnifying female model; chasing fashion is seen as materialization and surrender to capitalism, as a postmodern clothing lover, Xiao Hong teacher shook his head, but feel pity, feminism, should not just uppercase Feminism.

"I often feel that the feminist method of duality is very rough, patriarchal beauty myth dominate, I even think that women for their own Yue is not enough to discuss, we have to look back, from when began, dress up" creativity "by capitalism and paternity took away? That creativity, we have to get back. 」

Simply wish asked if I'd heard of Iris Apfel? More than 80-year-old New York woman, wearing a pair of big signs of glasses, a lifetime to enjoy the dress, never dumped any fashion rules, like to improvise like jazz, and fashion dances. "I don't care what the banquets are, the most important thing is what I wear." "iris Apfel The old urchin like to say.

Simply wish smiling eyes, "fashion should be so, I have always felt that dressing is the most creative behavior in our lives." When we are dominated by the so-called brand, creativity is greatly reduced. I have always wanted to go back to dressing is a fun thing, this unique creativity is a kind of happiness. 」

What do you think fashion is? Fashion is not a fashion magazine, fashion is not in the brand Big Show, fashion is not in the hands of cutting-edge designers, fashion is the reorganization of the elements between the creation, should be fun, like the first time the girl to the mirror to wipe her mother's lipstick, into her mother's wardrobe to play, feel excited trembling. "Dress up to be happy creative behavior, to expand your playing range, not just a fashion magazine, but also to reduce the individual value of toys." 」

Simply wish pointed to the piece of ancient jade, said oneself more and more like old things, "This week I will go with this piece of jade, I want to create this jade more likely, good play Ah, this week I have a proposition composition feeling." 」

"Play" can subvert the current capitalist manipulation. From the play, your cultural capital can make up for your economic capital greatly. Economic capital does exist in the fashion system, but your cultural capital can transcend economic capital and open up a fashionable imagination for you. 」

As a feminist, I look forward to the death of feminism.

"We like to say, as a feminist, I look forward to the death of feminism." Will there be a time when there is no gender inequality in the social and cultural context that does not require feminism? Simply Wish said she was disappointed most of the current feminist discourse.

Feminism has just come out, deep subversive, absolutely new, strong initiative, 1949 "Second Sex" turned out, the 60 's began to shout personal is political, but now feminism can not be "just" so, can not always replicate the words of predecessors, feminism to keep pace with the times. "including feminist approach to fashion, plastic surgery, obesity issues, should be updated." "Simply wish is very sharp. (Same thinking: unfair obesity discrimination: Not even weight control, you also decide what )

"I often feel that feminism as a discourse and life practice, on the one hand, she seems more omnipresent than before, on the other hand, seems to have lost the" new words "of creativity and subversion. Any discussion to the later stage, will be weak, he can be with the current society and the movement of the era is very important. Simply wish hesitated, "I hope that the eventual demise of feminism is not the last death of his discourse." 」

Is feminism a big hurdle? "I don't think feminism is about learning a set of theories, feminism is going to open up your micro-perception, to think about what is really fundamental equality." Feminism is for you to make another way to understand the world, not so rigid, not so absolute, winding winding, straight to their own.

Simply wish always give people lightsome feeling, but does not mean that she does not hurt. She not only like the chivalrous woman, simply wish is the chivalrous female, own internal force, warm warm contain light, I suddenly feel with softness also not accurate, is to soft "kiss" just, not only masculine imagination "gram", but the flexible and strong dialogue, unhurriedly.

Simply wish sometimes like lazy scattered on the sofa cat, juchongruoqing, eye spirit is very, ugly status is seen in the eyes, choose gentleness to.

Her sentence is often a lesson. I know that when I go on the path of feminism, I keep remembering her, "feminist efforts are to make feminism die." 」