Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

In Friday, I was honored to share my thoughts on life and the workplace with my classmates at the invitation of the Chiayi University. That rainy day, but the students ' eyes always let me feel very warm. I remember a classmate raised his hand and asked me what to do if there was a conflict between "longing for life" and "Work Choice". What is the balance between work and life?

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This is probably a lot of people's psychological problems, in school is, out of the community is also.

I thought for a moment, so to speak, "work and life can never be balanced, or even need to be balanced." Work and life is not the 55 waves of life, work and life are involved in each other, can not be divided. What kind of work you choose represents the kind of life you are willing to accept. Your work will determine the shape of your life. 」

How do you handle work and life? This problem has been very disturbing to me for a while. Still at school at that time, big around that year, the campus is full of uneasy breath, everyone frown to write resume, tie wear suit, ready to play adults. At that time, I was often intimidated, as if out of the campus to start work, happy life is bound to be followed by the end.

You can hardly talk about dreams or imagine freedom.

The long term "work" is a way to earn a living, you have to swallow your mouth, you have to work hard, the job is to feed you, not to let you believe. (Recommended reading:"Ding Juan Column" The world, do not need more "swallow")

But our generation is no longer like this, we are very greedy, work closer to a search of value, a reluctance to compromise the practice, a life-dependent norms, work with you as the center of the world, outward expansion of the wider universe, every step in the work, finally let you back to yourself.

For me, this is a real, alive job. Wake you every day is not a dream, not an alarm clock, but you have a solid desire for their own life, you know there is always a hard way to go, you know that the work is never completely happy, but you so do not regret, want to live for themselves. (Recommended to you:"uncomfortable, it is the beginning of growth" to write a letter to the work of your hesitation )

In a woman obsessed with two years, I believe, eager, growing, but also to work harder, and always lucky this is my first job, it makes me greedy imagine the work of the shape, let me decide for themselves the living shapes.