After watching the last 2012 Golden Globe Award for Best Dresses , did you find out how many of the fashion genies of a female star have you?

You may remember something that is very, very black, and Jolie's red is very attractive, and her fingernail is very tempting. But none of this is a point of generalization. Now, you found that the clothing of the stars was already dead in the brain. Is the fashion really a monopoly of designers or geniuses?No, the fashionable taste is the work of the sun, and the steps of a little weaving, let's join us on the red carpet to watch!

Elegant Pink

It is clear that the pink system is the main beating of the Golden Globe Awards.Although the tone is similar, it can highlight the different advantages of each female star in different ways. Each dress is tailor-made for each of the stars, carefully, and carefully.

Revival of Hairstrip

I believe that for many women, you must have been wearing a hair band or a hair band as a child, but on the Golden Globe for the Golden Globes, it is predicted that the fashion trend in 2012 will be the same.

foot-tail skirt

The fish-tail skirt that makes the four women out of the sea have their charming posture.

Rundress tux

There must be considerable confidence and maintenance in order to show the beauty of the beauty of the American back, and see how beautiful they are.

classic long-sleeved

Although the shoulder dress is a trend, there are females who insist on being themselves, even if they are long-sleeved dresses (left two); long sleeves are more capable of underlining the length of their limbs (right two).


Four women's stars have taken bold attempts to bright yellow tuxedo and are well received, like the brightest lights in the Huanhua series, taking the viewer's eye on the first time.

Don't worry about your own style of fashion, we will be constantly supplying the fashion lazy pack, and let you take the latest fashion.

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