single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Have you ever loved yeqing? We have loved such an untimely poet, she is convinced that sober is not the only way of life, her two poems, "The Next generation more decision", "rain directly into the eyes" with us to walk long and rugged road, she gently let the heart broken, let people think of the young lovers. (The same field Gayon: "Read Poems for You" rain directly into the eyes )

"It's raining hard.
You're supposed to be in the house.
But I'm afraid you'll get soaked by something else.
Years and the like
A crowd or something.

You often lose your umbrella.
Your umbrella looks good.
Little white clouds.
I'm carrying you.
Go to many places
In the midst of the rain

You still don't know what I'm worried about for you.
It's not going to stop raining.
Sometimes it doesn't stop raining.
and whether or not you have an umbrella "--〈 rain, yeqing

You told me, I remind you of yeqing.

She used such a rebellious and gentle posture against the world, her poems are densely locked in love, like me, with anger packaging soft heart. Yeqing picked us up, she was our key to identify each other, she tied us together, then no matter.

How can I not understand, yeqing is also our end. I looked back, only to find yeqing poems, write much of the missing after parting, just love us, read it sweet.

The day we left each other, it was a very old-fashioned rain. Why do they always have to be in the rainy season? Our emotions moist wrinkles, every rain curled up in the memory of the delay can not dry.

I do not understand, very love two people, what reason must separate? It is absolutely true that love should prevail over all cosmic truths over all moral doctrines. Youth gave me a lot of excess love, I gave the uncontrolled, my world did not suddenly do not love the option, suddenly do not love, too inexplicable.

Later so absolutely I, 1.1 points in the rain slowly lost. I go forward, but some rain will not stop, rain I will miss some people, can not be suppressed.

Later, I miss you for the poem I read yeqing.

"It's not the end of the day without you.
So, in turn, you have your day.
I'm just a fool when I think of you.
You're drunk, and there's no way to proceed. "───〈 calculation, yeqing