What do British people associate with the United States?How will people share the Taiwanese view in his eyes?

Most people are written or written, but the English son-in-law Tim Budden is different, and this time in a special exhibition at the Museum of Fire Memorial Paper- "Cut-Paper Eye Bay" , as the name implies, the artist's paper is used to present the face of the island.

Perhaps the general person might be on display for this exhibition, perhaps only with the art of cutting paper.At best, it's just a lot of unbelievable, artistic, and unbelievable totem, and if you look at this exhibition like this, then it's completely wrong!He was once a cartoonist who knew how to convey his creative ideas in a way that was easy to understand. He did not take an artistic style more entertaining than entertainment, but was based on the children's books and lines. He had his Kao-chiu paper cutting technique, which allowed the people to know that the British were the island's son-in-law in the United Kingdom.It's not just music without borders, but paper-cut art can also be borderless.

This exhibit is located on the second floor of a tree-fire memorial paper, which is a storage space for paper art. Because of the proximity of the Chinese New Year, the first floor is filled with mixed products such as the Spring Festival and the red envelope. The transparent gate will never miss this Chinese-style space.

Because it was known beforehand that this exhibition artist was British, it would have been a very different, European sense of the first floor, and we couldn't react when we were there.On the other end of the ocean, the red tone of the ocean, the British son-in-law and the paper-cut-paper, have also been greeted by a large banner paper-cut, like a firecracker.

There is no need to worry about the hollowed-out cut because each of the suspended papercutting is hung in the white wall, and the rest is a refined frame, with a halogen lamp, and each piece of art is going to curry favor with each visitor, and every detail is unreserved to the crowd.

Although it can be viewed at close range, there are many small details to be ignored.Just like this corner, can you find out that this is actually Tim's signature?

Our arrival at the show is 1/13 of the afternoon, and Tim is also busy with the opening ceremony, and Tim is also busy with the media reporters. We are serious people, and perhaps because of the relationship between the people and the people.

But we were able to leave it to the end with perseverance. We found that Tim was a funny guy, and he wasn't mean to share his inner thoughts.

Although most of his work is monochromatic, red, white, or black, his favorite work is in fact the "World of Fall" - a variety of colors, brightly colored and vivid.He believes that this series of works is not only a brand new one, but also brings a lot of pleasure, and in Tim's words, " The newest exciting. ” He can clearly feel his pride in the work in his work.

There are 24 insects in it, and the photographs may not be very clear, and everyone will go to the scene to find it!

Tim is fond of this series of works as well as another main reason, that is, its shadow.He believes that the shadows of the color of the color projection are a very interesting contrast -- the shadows, like a new one, have almost completely changed the way that the original works were given to people.

Maybe it is also the helplessness behind the color of life!

Most of the banners are engraved with what Tim sees and feels in his life in Taiwan.For example, this "kiss" is forbidden!The inspiration came from an interesting picture of Tim at home watching television news at home: When the reporter was on the way to the wind and rain to announce the typhoon conditions, a motorcycle rider fell, and Tim first came to mind not the horseman of the locomotive, but why the Horseman didn't leave the door.Let us listen to laughter.

Work Name: Disallow Kiss!

He also suggests that the two locomotives were "kissed" as "Kiss", so that this painting was called "Kiss Kiss!"The aim is to remind you that you should be careful when you go out onThe two locomotives of the motorcyclists kissed were also like a Chinese opera face, and they had to say that Tim was always able to combine simple feelings into multiple levels of imagery.

This 3B impression is his earliest work and is most faithful to his first impressions of the island.

There are overcrowded traffic, countless locomotives, unfinished cockroaches, and soils, which are much more advanced in Taiwan today, and Tim is sure of it if they are to bring the world to the outside world.

Although Tim likes to carve cockroaches in their work, his favourite insects are actually butterflies.

Tim appreciates the beauty and vitality of butterflies, but their lives are also fleeting-both a softer and strong trait, which is a deep attraction for Tim, and Tim's butterfly's butterflies have been drawn to us as well.

In the end, after all of the work was explained, we also talked to Tim on the adaptation of cultural shocks.He believes that if he was not the one he settled in Taiwan today, his work would be completely complete. For an artist, the environmental impact would have a crucial impact on the imagination of the people.

Do you still find it difficult to adapt to the Taiwanese culture?He says that he is still having a cultural impact every day, and that he is also having an impact on his work, making his work more and more abundant.

the exhibition period, Tim is also close to sharing creative experiences with citizens and leading the public experience with paper editing!The two events are 2012/2/11 (6), 2012/2/25 (6) at 2:00 p.m., and the cost of the event is 350 yuan. Please contact host.

or red, or black, or color, what do you want to see for the winter break?

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