single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Good night, always left to the most important people . He is to let you get into the habit of saying good night, you will always be in the phone toss for a long time, just willing to hang on. This day, if can and long time no see him say goodnight, you will still wish him to have a soft dream . (Extended reading: Single Diary: We are important to each other, but do not prevent our own love )

Goodnight 」

You have never given this word to a close person. Good night, is to sink into the last trace of sleep strength, is today full of gratitude to the conclusion, is with peace and blessings of two words. Good night, it is you start to project goodwill signal, you have been dragged for a long time not bear to hang on the phone said, you have in his sound sleep still adhere to gently kiss forehead after the way out.

You miss, the street lamp through the Shen Yu window to light his long eyelashes, and the quilt warm, his smell. Remember in the dark with five fingers to identify his facial features, palms used to embed the shape of the neck, ring finger to touch the sideburns, forefinger memory his cheekbones shape.

You didn't miss a thing, you just missed a good night.

Say good night, you do not have to be lonely in the dream, you will slowly put down the sad fact, slowly fade the tired senses, your vision blurred, put up a song, listen to the tears will flow down. The city is so big, there is a hub of memory everywhere, calling you through the road.

Good night, the soft tone between the lips is more reassuring than I love you.

Our sadness, good night goodnight, our gentleness, good night goodnight. In fact, whether you hear or not, I have to say, good night.

"Good night, read a poem."

"If you are hurt to be gentle, then why should we bear this tenderness?" 」

I know there's something
It's hard to do.
Like sad and sad.
So happiness seems to be
Can't do it, I know.
Some songs to listen to
The tears are streaming down.
Seems like there's someone behind the melody
To cry with myself.

--Excerpt to Song Shangqi. Sleep, sleep--to the wounded.