Women who are obsessed with the " Gender Watch " notes, with their motivational and environmental implications, will be sharing their gender-related current affairs observations from short stories. On the 6th week of Wu Chilong and Liu Shi's Bali wedding , you seem to have been involved in the whole face book. What do you think of the "wrong past" when the wedding has a gossiping name-Mayachu, a defector who portrays her as a marriage on the news? (Extended reading: marriage to join the success club?) Single or married, I never belonged to anyone.

If the four-ye-Xi exultation, face book was once washed version, as if all the people of Taiwan flew to Bali to participate in the "True Love Wedding."

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When everyone is looking at the picture of Happiness, a continental network media article "Wu Chilong Liu Shi The most sad woman is she" said: "Fans are crazy to shout Liu Shi poetry is the happiest, marry four ye Wu Chilong is absolutely the happiest woman in the world, but once married woman?" Is she going to have this feeling? There will be no! Perhaps this sad woman you know, she is Wu Chilong's ex-wife Mayachu! 」

On the day of the wedding, she was a former wife on the microblog hot search keyword, Mayachu this name followed the scandal was thrown Wu Chilong and Liu Shi poem wedding on the red carpet.

Wu Chilong speech "Once complained that God is not good to himself, but I now know that the best for God to leave me." "A sentence also let a person to Mayachu head." Media to liquidate the "ex-wife" of the crime. The first counts, Hyun Fu: Refers to Mayachu has on the show to show off 5.31 carat diamond ring; the second counts, the money for money: Grumble divorce after the woman to large alimony; the third counts, the heart: refers to Mayachu split leg foreign boyfriend.

I can't help thinking that in a real love wedding, whether we need "wrong person" to corroboration, to highlight this relationship "correct and Absolute", and accidentally dragged into the wedding outside of the media to sell the "Mayachu", this symbol of "wrong relationship" name, behind the framework of the relationship between marriage flow. (You see: men propose, women forced marriage?) Flip a diamond ring under the gender culture )

The dilemma of the Canon Wife: to be a woman worthy of being taken seriously?

What makes me curious is not the truth, but the "true love" imagination that the media and netizens operate together.

"The wrong, finally met the right"
"Thank Mayachu for Liu Shi poems." 」
"If the divorce, many dream wedding is an empty, wedding is a day, life is a lifetime ...." Think about your ex-wife! 」

We congratulate Wu Chilong at the same time, blame the mistake on the woman who deserved it. at this time become the target of the ex-wife, hidden behind the idea is still a not ideal wife, not marriage expectations under the misunderstanding woman image, and divorce equals failure of life.

Marriage is not for divorce, but it is never for misfortune. Feelings of outsiders can not see the complexity of the complex, how to classify clear right and wrong.

who's keeping women in marriage? countless ex-wives in the world, drag more heavy baggage than men. Like the news with the "great man" to praise the Alyssa, like the media in vain, cheating on the love of the accusations will be Mayachu to "a woman who is not so worthy of serious treatment." (same field Gayon: written in huangxiaoming and Angelababy century after the wedding: marriage, what exactly to protect? )

In contrast, these traits are rarely used to point to physical males, and we do not say that a woman marries a divorced man is great, and that a male split is easier to forgive than a female (perhaps to Choufso). Social lash We do a " Canon wife ", once the woman's desire flow overflow boudoir, once she chiropractor oversteps moment Winliang, will be compiled into limbo.

The absolute contract of true love: The people who are struggling in marriage

The so-called true love, in this elegant and white wedding in contrast to the former "split leg" Mayachu. Everyone, congratulations, Wu Chilong finally getting true love. At the same time, Mayachu is like an evil but necessary existence. Like a play always have bad people, only to appear "protagonist" to the happy ending more difficult. (Recommended: Do not be "Spring Festival Elders Group": Why do we like to other people's emotional life under the guidance of chess? )

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We are looking at someone else's wedding, like watching a eight-point file, applauded, set the protagonist at the moment. The parties are unwilling to mention the past, we easily summed up that it is a "wrong" relationship.

What is the right marriage? Maybe we all look forward to betting on the first bet and we can bet on the whole game. But we are all likely to get married for the first time, learn to love the life of others for the first time, live this life, mistake, mistake, regret, should be able to be forgiven, even be blessed. I have not been married, it is difficult to imagine the daily necessities of marriage, but it is very like "non-interference" in a sentence, "marriage How to choose all is wrong, long-term marriage is mistake." 」

We aspire to a relationship, perhaps not really island wedding , 5.31 carat diamond ring, but the most tacky, a person understand you, quietly walk.

Look at this true love wedding, I have a bit more fear of marriage, marriage is like a subordinate contract, once we exchange the ring, we are willing to abandon free will. We marry as a single path to look forward to "become the happiest Woman", to remind themselves to become a good husband, wife, to be a pleasing son-in-law daughter-in-law, we will cut off the uneven past, stitched a section called True love Wedding. (Extended reading: We don't get married until we're not sure of happiness, okay?) )

Because marriage in people's eyes must be perfect, so the people in marriage, it is difficult.

Rivers and lakes, a smile can not be a hatred. The difficulty is not the passing of the hand, but the lake.