From Taiwan to New York,Romana gradually out of their own make-up dream. She is firm, soft, not afraid of setbacks, enjoy failure. As Romana belief in the make-up value-no perfect makeup, only to find the most suitable for their own color, will be happy . (You see: from Tibet to New York's make-up artist romana:"when everyone laughs at your dreams, but also to work")

From Taiwan to New York, make-up industry will always call her a teacher. Romana has a New York State cosmetology license and a teacher's license, no connections, no backstage, she made her own in New York, but to this day, Romana is still fighting, not only to strive for personal achievements, but also want to take in New York absorption of the details back to Taiwan.

Romana is my favorite author, Karma invited her in a woman fan writing column, follow her brush strokes leap to New York, Tibet, her journey is like life, the road is difficult, can be stubborn to go down. She often shares makeup, is the kind of staring at the photos for a long time, I always see her model exudes beauty, not beautiful.

Romana body has self-confidence but not arrogant, hair warm light but not dazzling. I flipped through her new York Style, which was a great way to write make-up and read between the lines. Behind each make-up technique, there is a sentence that can take away. (same field Gayon: girl's dream work: Uncover makeup artist's mysterious veil!) )

"The most common thing New York women do is look straight at you, firm and confident." 」
"Because of the richness inside, makeup does not have to be exaggerated, dedicated to every one who has the knowledge of the soul." 」

I wish to share with you the story of Romana, see each of us ordinary but brave miniature, and then continue to firmly forward.

1. As a make-up artist, also as a writer, what do you think of these two identities?

Times change, modern women are given more responsibilities and life roles, it may also be the daughter of a parent, the wife of a husband, the mother of a child, and the woman who pursues a successful career, and there are many challenges in these multiple identities, but there is no need to be afraid of such challenges, we learn and grow in the responsibility, setbacks increase the endurance of life, If you escape, you will lose the precious opportunity that God has given him.

To become a make-up teacher of this road, is a love and courage to explore the road, the realization of the dream, to become an author, is the transfer and expansion of this dream, through the identity of the author to convey ideas, to bring more people to inspire, to listen to the inner voice. (Recommended you see: The inner strong, external beauty more moving )

Of course in the process of making this book, also encountered many doubts and not optimistic about the noise, sometimes they will also doubt why they insist on publishing this book, in addition to a lot of people told me, because my story encouraged them, although I do not quite understand what it is, but I think, If there are readers who really change their lives because of this book, it would be very meaningful to be brave enough to be yourself.

2.Romana the new book returned to Taiwan, the most hope to bring to Taiwan readers what kind of fashion vision?

Taiwan has many excellent make-up and hairdressing talent, often in the international award, but Taiwan make-up hairdressing staff lack of communication and communication, because the government and enterprises do not attach great importance to make-up hairdressing professional, nor it developed into can go out of the international mature industry, can only rely on the ability to fight alone.

In recent years, Japanese and Korean beauty makeup, Taiwan media and mainstream culture have been chasing Japanese and Korean beauty makeup, and did not spend time to develop with the international standards of Taiwan fashion, really very regrettable, how to develop Taiwan fashion with international standards, Taiwan's designers to the international arena to let the world see our aesthetic strength.

We should continue to follow the Japanese and Korean beauty makeup, Japan and South Korea fashion? Or are you going out of your own way? Is that this is the book that hopes to bring the Taiwanese readers a space for thought, what's more special is that the book uses a large number of African and South American models, usually in the Asian makeup book rarely use dark skin models, only white models, I think this is a single aesthetic thought.

So when I was shooting this makeup book, I use a large number of models of various nationalities, on the one hand, in addition to thanking New York from all countries in the world have given me the opportunity of the people, but also want to challenge the Asian concept of beauty, these years more and more feel that their experience in the United States these years to become a bridge, as The bridge of the Aesthetic Exchange "brings different perspectives to the Asian readers." (You will like: who says only the White Swan?) Ballet Misty Copeland Dance to break your stereotype )

3. In many Japanese and Korean cosmetics book market, why Romana choose to publish "New York style", to share the make-up style of the New Yorker women? What do you think of these years Japanese and Korean make-up and the trend of cosmetics in Europe and the United States changes?

Many people often ask me Japanese and Korean beauty makeup and the difference between the European and American make-up, I think that in addition to representing the personal taste and beauty, there is nothing good or bad, but the concept of different, Japan and Korea make-up of an important perfect concealer, rigorous and complex maintenance procedures, fair skin, step-by-step make-up techniques.

When traveling in Japan, it is often seen that all people are dressed in a similar fashion, European and American make-up, and no cumbersome maintenance steps, also do not pay attention to the perfect foundation, even freckles are not covered, the European and American make-up, emphasizing the modification of the skeleton contour, the luster of the skin, eyebrow transmission of the charm of the emphasis on personal style of presentation, Europe and the United States are the concept of make-up the important idea is: natural without artificial, women independent and do their own, simplifying make-up maintenance steps.

4.Romana What do you think of the beautiful way of "Taiwanese girl"? Do you think there is a great or better place in Taiwan's fashion environment?

Asian women have too much baggage, we are not too bold to try to find their own style, or limited to a particular style, such a beautiful, very safe card, but also lost personal characteristics. (Recommended reading: Why can't I Be the "Taiwanese girl" in the eyes of others? )

In Europe and the United States of observation, women emphasize personal style, women can even have personality, independent, not dependent on others, another point of interesting observation, Asian women more perfectionism, generally more than the European and American women care about the age of this matter, dedicated to the pursuit of " Young "This matter, the European and American make-up book in fact very stressed a concept: the beauty of all ages, such as in the American drama" Sex City "album these independent, regardless of age, also enjoy the love of the charming Manhattan woman.

5. Would you please Romana to talk to us about what you think "makeup" means to girls? Can you find us a good suggestion for our own makeup?

The meaning of makeup for girls is not to make you feel anxious about yourself. Often see many young girls, hope that by making up their original facial features change into another look, too much modification, I really feel that they do not love themselves, makeup this thing should be natural, simple use of color adjustment and color matching for their own self-confidence.

People can not be perfect, working with many beautiful models, many models have some shortcomings, hard to apply a certain sense of beauty in their own attempt to change, will only make themselves more and more insecure.

Appreciate yourself, love yourself, find the most beautiful features, emphasize this advantage, perhaps the eyebrows deep, perhaps sexy lips or healthy wheat complexion, only to accept the imperfect oneself, will really through the makeup of this thing to bring self-confidence.

6. Please Romana to share with us the impressive makeup work experience.

The makeup artist's energy field is an important thing, because when the makeup artist herself is not confident, really can not also bring self-confidence to others this thing is my experience in the past few years, but in the inner peace and relax feel happy moment, it may be with the object of make-up integration, use make-up for others to bring self-confidence and happiness.

7. Please Romana to share with us as a makeup artist's sense of achievement!

Being a makeup artist is really a pleasure to see when others are confident, and to work with a group of talented artists in a working environment full of aesthetic feelings.

8.Romana is never easy in make-up, share your challenge and study from Taiwan to New York.

In my life, it can be roughly divided into three stages: working in Taiwan, working in mainland China, and finally coming to New York.

Would begin to want to work with the United States is actually starting from the age of nine, I remember my parents often quarrel, I began to become not like to talk, hiding in the world of drawing. In a very casual browsing to the life of the first fashion magazine, I always remember this fashion world is so beautiful, all of a sudden burning my small universe.

When I grew up, I really became a makeup artist, I still remember working in Taiwan, I often told my side of the people: one day my work to board foreign fashion magazines, then all the people laugh at me, think that how possible? (Extended reading: a shocking education for transnational speeches: a Dream without action, not a dream )

The first time in my life to realize my dream is to go to Tibet, is actually encountering the ebb of life, then I became a single mother, there is a saying: "God closes a door, will open a window for you." At that time there was a job in mainland China, I thought only three months to tidy up the mood is also very good, I in Lhasa Maghiami teahouse and photographer Glass meet, then he has been the mainland's small famous photographer, I think so good can do their favorite work, He mentioned that he was also doing a job he did not like to become a photographer, he talked to me about the pursuit of the dream of the process he told me: what is so afraid to see the right on.

As if I had come from miles away to Tibet to meet him, just waiting for him to tell me the answer I was looking for in my life. He may not remember the words he once told me, but because his words are deeply imprinted on my mind, I did a more crazy thing: I came to New York on my own, and when I first came to New York, I was working three jobs at the same time, in addition to using the evening time to learn English, in the empty file also passed the New York State Cosmotology license, my parents are also very not understanding.

When people of the same age have a stable job to live a safe life, I have to leave everything running so far to pursue what dream, until one day suddenly before the photographer Remi Adetiba asked me: We want to do fashion magazine, do you want to come over to makeup?

And then I realized that even if what I was doing didn't seem to see the future, but as long as the down-to-earth step-by-step to do every thing, these things you have done, will be invisible in the formation of a kind of energy, when the energy of the karma will reach the so-called critical point, But now our social values or family education you are to quickly achieve one thing fast success. Some things less time brewing, is to lose the critical point of explosive force.

9. We know that there have been many lows in Romana life, and now we see you are always firm and courageous, full of positive influence. Would like to ask Romana to share with us how you walked through the life of separation and pain.

Life encounters these low ebb in fact at that time really very serious thinking: why me? Why did it happen to me? Because it's not good. I began to look for answers in books and religion, and of course I didn't find any answers, but I was accidentally influenced by the positive thinking of many writers, like the Australian writer Lectra Huzhe Nick Vujicic.

He was born without hands and feet, as if God had a big joke, in the gray childhood until the stage to share his positive attitude to face the process of life has moved thousands of readers in the world, as well as a century ago, the author of the book "Lost Treasure" And the story of a black judge in England who was abused but didn't give up. "Ugly children" all have a common-that is, by virtue of their own confidence and strength, reversing the seemingly miserable life, began to learn to thank the plight of the past, these adversity is bound to have a great blessing.

If you are also experiencing a low ebb in life, in addition to a lot of contact with positive friends, you can build their own positive reading list, reading these stories, you will find God closed a door, must open a window for you.

10.Romana If you send a sentence to yourself ten years ago and ten years later, what would you say, and why.

Ten years ago, desperate against the pursuit of my dream, on the make-up of the road, all the way stumbled, but do not regret, hope that ten years later, can combine this dream of business, to become a stage with greater energy, to help others can also complete the dream. Only through these difficulties, we will be more aware that all success in life is not accidental, in addition to not give up, but also accept a lot of help and opportunities, would like to send this power of thanks to pass out. (You will like: Taiwanese girls in the New York Fashion circle: Learn to turn for Dreams )

11. Girls who are obsessed with readers also dream that many external circumstances may prevent them from moving forward, Romana have similar experiences to share with readers?

There are, of course, many difficulties in the way of pursuing our dreams, because it is so difficult to show the value of success.

The average person is unwilling to take the challenge bravely, this is the dividing line between success and ordinary people, success is not a secular definition of money so simple, the pursuit of success is a body and mind are rich challenges, money is also energy, money is to enable you to complete more dreams of an important tool, but there are many intangible assets, contacts, The people who guide you, the friends who grow with you, the friends who encourage you to cheer, these are important intangible assets, listen to your inner voice and let your talents be free.

12. What would you say if you could give some advice to a girl who wants to work in a fashion circle?

The fashion industry is a very fascinating job, because it's so beautiful, everything is so unreal, but it's absolutely not as shiny as it seems, it's a lot of detail woven into the industry, details will always be the most important part of the industry, in addition, Do not lose their own values is a very important test of this industry, always maintain the attitude of humility to learn, in order to let you stand higher.

13. Finally please Romana send a sentence to your heart, inspire their own words to the reader of the female fans:)

When you want something with all your heart, the universe will unite to help you.

When one's heart asks for something, it is the time when one is closest to the heart of Heaven and earth. It is a positive force, this is the so-called destiny, when you wholeheartedly want to do something, the whole universe will unite to help you: