More than 200 people were killed and wounded in a bombing attack in Ankara, Turkey, 3/14, 3/22 in Brussels. Both bombings have made people fearful and socially unstable. At this time, we need to calm down, even if the environment is dark , we must strive to do that an immortal light . (Same Gayon: a healing song for War casualties: How far is world peace from Lebanon to Paris?) )

Tuesday (local time March 22 morning) a series of bombings in Brussels have killed at least 31 people and injured more than 200 people, the Belgian federal prosecutors said in a statement that it was a "suicide terrorist attack." The terrorist organization ISIS subsequently claimed responsibility for the matter, but all remains to be confirmed by the prosecution's evidence investigation.

Panic at the same time, the network media Mic allows readers to upload their own views on Twitter, since the media from its own pattern, with more authentic and not bloodthirsty reports to share the situation on the scene.

The Twitter account @Plantu draws a hug from the flag of Paris and Brussels, cheering the wounded survivors.

This time they replaced #prayforbruxelles with #ikwihelpen (I want to help). Directly in the social media to explain their assistance, someone released the home sofa, so that people living in the streets have a place to stay, someone donated food, to the rescue site the most adequate resources.

On the streets of Brussels, many people pick up chalk to write prayers and pray for the victims.

At the same time, many countries, the heads of State, affirmative-action advocates have also been published.

(Photo source: Reuters)

"We condemn these violent attacks against innocent people and our hearts are with the Belgian people to pray for them," Obama responded. The United States will take all necessary measures to support our friend, Belgium, and bring the perpetrators to justice. The terrorist attacks in Brussels once again remind us that the global human race must remain united, regardless of nationality, race or creed, and we will fight terrorism together, and we can and will defeat their security threats to the global population. 」

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Gay equality campaigners (with Japanese- American actors ) Wughigiogi in Facebook: "Today, my mood is very heavy." The first is Paris, then Ankara, and today is Brussels. Terrorist groups try to stir up emotions and rule us in the dark, and they provoke mass panic to tear us apart and fear each other. Today, terrorists take away many innocent lives, but we must not let them take away the soul of the country. I am deeply grieved, but there is no hatred, because hatred is the pursuit of terrorists, and we must not let them succeed. 」

We are full of sadness, but do not hate. In the dark, love can illuminate the road ahead, warm hearts.

BRUSSELS European Union headquarters, Berlingbrand Gate, luo Matlevy fountain, Paris Tower, for the pain of the day, lit up a symbol of national unity flag shadow. To believe that there are lights on someone.

The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

The Trevi fountain in Rome

The courthouse in Lyon, France

Paris Eiffel Tower

"For the pain of a lamp,"#womanywish .

#womanywish we hope to make the people who carry the pain have more light, lightly light candles, and pray in prayer. You can also point a lamp for the pain.