gender perspective is a new attempt by women. Let's talk about gender, talk softly, talk about ourselves, talk about yourself, talk about opening up, and talk about better lives.Last week, he had an extramarital affair with a five-part exposition, and his wife Jen-mei apologized, and the Taiwan issue was a hot one.Some people say that the "five bodies are not satisfied and the downside is very satisfied". Some people say that it is simply an alternative story. Some people say that "I don't understand what girls who are willing to meet with ." From these discussions, we can see that the violence in the Yanggang order is still regarded by women as "equivalent goods".(Sibling: snitch for the physically and mentally disabled: Thank you for your praise, but I don't want to be an inspirer )

The author of his autobiography, Wuxuan, has been openly confessed to having met five times in the past 15 years, when he was exposed by the Japanese media magazine, "The New Tide," which was revealed last week.After his wife Jen-mei apologized, the Japanese issued a statement of "Japanese style", stating that the husband and wife relationship will continue. "I have a responsibility, too," he said."

news of the "EB" is like a series of television dramas that everyone considers eligible to comment. The dual identity of the barrier and the person who has the right to comment makes his erotic tainted name a layer of tainted name.

The self-exploding of the "EB" approach has given him the "inspiration growth story" from the "Five-body Dissatisfied" type of sunshine, and "the person who has been renovated to a newer version."

I want to talk about three things through the Reversible "Respirational Epics".

Why is it that angels are given positive attention, but are we still looking at the "sex" of the "EB" in a hunch?And when the foreign policy of the "EB" is a self-inspiring story, do we also assume that "the body of the cataract is not likely to have human desires"?Finally, why are women repeatedly bowing and apologized for the appearance of men, as a burial and advocate under the marital home system?(Sibling: Why don't you suppose the cataract has no sexual desire?Discuss the true story of the Angels before )

Weakness of Aimed Disorder

In Japan, he was exposed outside of Japan, and the battlefield was far away from the battlefield.

PTT is not satisfied with the five bodies, the five bodies are satisfied, the five bodies are not satisfied, the five women are satisfied, and Chu Hsueh-heng feels a sense of humor. "Without the legs, you can split your legs and let people rethink what men need to make women fall in love with them. I really don't understand.""

A lot of people post messages that feel particularly encouraging. Who reads the hidden message? " Today a man is more vulnerable than me. A man who doesn't have a hand can cheat his sister. Why do I not?"

When it became a motivational story, the sex and sexual desire of the cataract were once again tainted.We are able to accept the nature of the service, the healthy angel of the Hand, and the Angel of mouth, but we cannot imagine the initiative of a person with a sexual nature.

We assume that the physical barrier and his unsound body are not likely to have the desire to have his "mutilated", and that there is no possibility of anyone willing to have a relationship with him.As a result, it became an "unanticipated" story of inspiration.Even the way he has sex is unimaginable.(Recommended reading: love of the cataract: Will someone really love me for my flaws?)

Unimaginable sex is very panicky.

This is a schematic diagram of the "no limbs" in the PTT, and the girls kneeling before and after shaking with the pendulum in a hanging pendulum. The sex of the barrier has been fexed, but I don't think it's funny, either way.

The sexual and sexual desire of the cataract may seem to be only two options, not an institutionalized "angel of hand," which is a joke, and there is no obfuscate zone.

The same diagram shows the pale of the plotters' image-making relationships.A woman can only be an "accepted" party, and she cannot have the desire and tease. The "sex drive" of a man in a pendulum has been used to save men's castration anxiety.

But, can you not cut into a story of the motivational ambition of a man as a community?

The Woman with List Price: The Rush Cushie, the Yang Gang order.

is another metaphorical evidence of the fact that a woman is treated as a "proof of his ability" to be a man.The more successful men are able to "get" the more women, and women have been marked "price-to-price" goods and services for men.

As a result, he was more enterprised than a wealthy man who had the power to do so, because he was not successful in his physical disability, and even if he didn't succeed, even if he seemed to be a snake, he would still be able to make five.In the back of the call of the "EB", the "desire to conquer women" is the same as the desire to try and conquer women.

"If he can, I can be more robust than he is."" Behind the scenes is a down-to-earth series of competitions, and women are the rewards of competition.

So, Chu Hsueh-heng has the feeling that "what a man needs is for a woman to fall in love with her. I really don't understand this.""I believe he really doesn't understand. He doesn't just believe that those who have no legs don't deserve to be loved, and that women will only be attracted by certain men, perhaps young men, and perhaps the most handsome, but not a mutilated, negative, and weakened, Vo-martial," he said.

In this series of hypotheses, women's faces are always blurry, women have no appearances, no speeches, they are only "chased", they are "owned" rewards, because they are labeled as "EV", and they will be labeled "Don't Know", and they project a grudge against a woman who is full of hatred.(Think: The Unvegable Love of Unvee Singles Singles: It's not everyone's love is a love affair )

Burial Woman: Are there any unforgivable options for women?

The only woman who shows up is the wife of Ya Wu, the wife of the woman. " The reason why her husband would cheat on her marriage and her husband's wife, I am a part of my wife's responsibility, and I am reflecting on it."

the past few days, news reports have also been reported in the news of the obstetrics and obstetrics department familiar with the Othai. In the end, Yan Mei refused to go to her husband's house after production, so it was only when he had "not satisfied" that he had "not satisfied" with his wife.

But have we ever thought about why men are responsible for women (even couples and wives who absolutely have the right to refuse to go to their husbands' houses)?From Jackie Chan to Peng Yung-shun to Yiwu Yang, why must the woman be accompanied by the apology and the forgiveness of "happiness and good" in the name of forgiveness?Why should a woman be a burial and advocate for the marriage system and become a whole married relationship?(Sibling: A regulated woman's happiness?The Five-Bursting-of-the-Paintess Book Honour )

I'd like to ask, can women have to bow their bow and have the option of "I'm not forgiven"?When the relationship is moved to the surface, can women not be the guardians of the family and become the whole of men?

What do I look forward to? One day, the sex and sexual desire of the disabled are no longer subject to hunting, and women are no longer regarded as competing goods, but they are no longer regarded as contestants. They can love to hate and accept unforgiveness, not to be full of people, nor to be accountable to anyone.

From the words of Zhu Xueheng and the crowds, I know that we are far away from that day.I hope, in the face of love, we are finally free.