3/26~3/27 two days of the Port music Festival , many people still need time to recover the calf muscles, many people fell below the knee broken glasses. Whether you go or not, listen to this seven great Port wonderful songs, awaken the soul of music in your heart. (same field Gayon: modern maiden song!) Five noteworthy Malaysia independent musicians )

The two-day Da Gang music Festival, came to the scene not only Dagang man, although the DA Gang music Festival has always been known, the scene in addition to Chao men and women also have otaku curtilage female, such a beautiful scene, music has never been exclusive.

What is more hopeful, however, is that one day, not only Dagang man, the words of Dagang daughter can also appear in the surrounding selling T-shirt printing, feminine temperament and the existence of the big port music sacrifice such a masculine space, small fresh also can out the day before, rock and roll never belong to the man, the girl can Sing Island skylight, The boy Can hum the love song to Cry.

Seven wonderful harbor review, memory scene that moment, a lot of collision, a bit of bloodshed, mixed with tears, perhaps, this is closer to life. to do a model of life is too difficult to win, Welcome to listen to the music of life, to become a happy life of the LU Snake.

(Image source:megaport port open to sing )

Love Me, you will die.

"The Candle in the wind, holding the hand of what." Accustomed to this smell, it is necessary to laugh from Iraq, after the world to mention. --Chairman Orchestra

People in the rivers and lakes, Aki sings is free and easy is helpless. Live together singing "Love Me You Will die", some people shout loudly, someone left two lines of tears sang finished. That year we sang such a song on the deserted beach and waved the youth, we remember who on the side of the harbor this day. We live in this land, need more wilderness music, to commemorate the purest emotions.


"Longing for a happy ending, but not to be himself." He understood, he understood, I could not afford, and turned to the mountains. There's no party in grass east.

Live to a certain age, miss the so-called original intention is always disappointed. This song for the years to steal the heart of every adult, to each powerless to become their own people. See the young generation in the scene singing this song, it is the roar of life, but also to the past, the deepest apology. The boundless road to stifle difficult line, if can no 罣, willing to turn to the sea to go.

You're not even mine.

"You have never had tears, no good for you is in vain, what kind of human you, you make me ashamed to love you." --Lukai

Lukai stood on the stage and said the song was dedicated to Huang an, Chen Yanxin, a group of people who reported the national independence consciousness. She said to her middle finger, you are not my who. Singing in the 30 birthday the day before, Lukai haircut after the voice expression, more reborn. Goose bumps at the scene, thanks to the music, with a lot of forgotten loneliness. (same field Gayon: written in the Zhou Ziyu apology film: Taiwan must be free and independent, every Zhou Ziyu no need to grovel )

Wonderful, wonderful.

"Girls all over the world are so willing to sit on the Titanic and not even live." --Yuki

The quarterback's combination with Yuki, triggers a rock man's maiden heart. Flash Doris, fire extinguishers Yang Dazheng, the chairman was CUE on stage together Miao Miao Miao, summon the girl heart of the boy's soul. A sentence of "My maiden age" words, thank Yuki, appeared in my youth. 1998 Girl can only sit Titanic, now, we also have the Dagang number.

People at sea

"The Sea Breeze blows your song to blow your hair, even if the front road must face long lonely, the heart has a little tired, the sea breeze blows your figure to blow your desire, I said I believe always has that day, will realize your oath." --Fire extinguishers

Do you remember the 318 student movement's million-lantern sea, a group of students with ideals eager to illuminate Taiwan. The fire extinguisher invites the fine American Warrior sings "the Island Skylight", also sings "The Sea Person", this one night, dedicated to the brave Taiwanese, is dedicated to the wind and waves life. (Extended reading: written after the Sun-Flower movement: The next step for the younger generation, the end is the beginning )

(Photo source: Megaport port to sing )


"The wind surges in Dagang, a man wants to be on the expedition, The momentum shook Kaohsiung, Zichai to you and my future. --Spirit

Freddy a dead waiter equipment, came forward to fulfill last year's port commitment-with the status of legislators back. Supervision and public opinion, in the Freddy of the scene, a sentence: "Music to music, politics to politics." "Cause the audience to hiss. Perhaps this kind of interaction is the spirit of rock and roll, regardless of class, ethnic groups, to seek consensus: "We all listen to the voice of the people, you want to flash the spirit of your spirit, to Lin Linzo will give you Lin Linzo, death Waiter to your dead waiter." "

The rain and the tears

"Who can summon the rain until I blur the focal length." Who can dry the taste, wipe away the salty thoughts. The sky can not restrain the impulse, falling rain and tears. --Four quarterback

Don't know how many people's night, holding this song cry. My side of the boy shouted at the hoarse, feeling those gentle memories of people love dearly; my side of the girl looking at the sea, the eyes swirling a lot of emotions, hardy tenderness, rain and tears, desperately falling, the lights warm and thorns fell down, we must have met. (same field Gayon: wake up the child in the heart!) Quarterback: Music, play until the day is not moving

Let all the sadness in the end of the port, 2016 port music offerings, to music, beer, life.