Quarterback music, accompany us through the youth years! Let's take a look at the story of the Taiwanese veteran blood band, and bring you the courage to dream!

This morning, the sky is still hung with the sun, in such weather, think of the visit tonight to four minutes , the mood to get better. Unexpectedly one evening, suddenly blew up the gale, the earthquake spate, originally thought the weather is a bit of a pity, but then thought again, this kind of dramatic day, pour also full like four Cent Wei.

Army 22 years, four in the "Rain and Tears", "up", with a lot of people grew up in the independent music circle, is already a very senior existence. However, many people know that the four is not a smooth sailing, more than 20 years, four members of the health has undergone many changes, and even face the dissolution of fate. Because of these past, sitting in front of my four people, together to say "We are the four" scene, it is very moving.

(left) lead singer Sam, guitarist Tiger God, drummer weft, bass hand Audi

In the 2009, the lead singer Sam off the regiment, causing many fans to be heartbroken until 2013, when the four quarterback was fit again, and the sixth album "Love Can Make us together". The signature of the new album, the queue of crowds from the six floor to the first floor, only to find these years, four of the fans have never turned away. (Extended reading: Taiwan Orchestra come on!) Bake! Interview: Hey, stop talking about dreams.

And since the last album to now, four Wei Shen Dive for a year, finally to launch new works and share.

An adult is a child who is concealed: four of the children in the heart

"Adults are at some point just like children, but in the face of life, must use a more strong attitude, or others can not see through your feelings, to deal with things." "Sam shares the concept of a new song," he said, "although four of the members are already adults, but often like children, love to play, very noisy."

If you've ever heard a new song from the four quarterback, you'll find that there's a big shift in the genre. In this respect, the Tiger God said, in fact, the three songs after the completion of the original way into the recording studio once, but then think about it, feel hope can give you different feelings, then again brainstorming different possible.

"I want to get away from doing this and don't want everyone to think about the quarterback, it's the feeling of a band, don't be so intuitive." "They find" the space on the chessboard , "GoChic" Cooperation, in the new song to add electronic elements, although a little bit four of the warmth of the Wei, but very much jump off, refreshing.

I would like to further understand the four points of the "adult is a hidden child," the concept of the imagination, four people but a moment you say I can not explain a word, and finally laugh into a piece. I looked at the scene and suddenly felt it was an explanation. Sam, Tiger God has more than 40, the younger weft, Audi, in fact, has come to 30, but from the four of them, see is very simple and simple childlike innocence.

Singing from 20 to 40, from addition to subtraction

Playing in the orchestra for so long, I was curious, four points to see his music has changed? Sam said, in fact, there is no change in the nature of music, just before writing lyrics, their own heart screen a lot, will be filled with the lyrics more full, and then someone reminded him that if they have too many pictures in mind, the audience will be more difficult to resonate. (Recommend you: make honest movies, easy to say: As creators, I want to speak for society )

"It turns out that the simpler the more difficult it is. Don't beat around the bush about things, just a little bit, and you don't have to spend too much time thinking after seeing the lyrics. "Sam in recent years, has been hoping that they can use the" subtraction "creation, remove some too much things, but more to the audience imagine space. "Previously thought is the picture, now thinks is the text." "That's the biggest difference he's ever had," Sam says.

As a member of the orchestra, he said, as long as the orchestra has a replacement, there will be changes, although the same song, but there will be different ways of presentation. "Like rain and tears, although the old song, but I will have my own imagination of this song, with instruments to speak, make me want to look." 」

Audi and weft-Wei smile Noisy said, in fact, four of the most want to do the music is hip hop, drew members a burst of laughter. After the joke, Audi seriously said that the four points will want to make a different presentation of music, such as the addition of electric or orchestral elements, the musical rhythm is also relatively strong, but the four quarterback or four, the core thing is unchanged.

Music creation, the process of understanding oneself

Talking about the creation, arranged the Sam of the orchestra, that the process of making music, can make themselves more aware of themselves. "Before the phone was so developed, I used to carry the tape with me, and if the melody suddenly came out, I would just hum it in right away." He said that he had collected many volumes of such tapes.

The inspiration of this kind of thing, actually also very mysterious. I asked Sam where the inspiration came from, he just said it would suddenly come to mind, and at the beginning there will be only a preliminary idea, recorded to go back to slowly finishing. "After recording, can go back slowly dissect, analyze, classify, then the topic will gradually emerge, I also just know" Ah originally is such son. "Reorganization of the fuzzy melody in his mind, and constantly groping until you see the real look behind it, such a process, let Sam meet themselves."

Tiger God said, in fact, Sam's demo is often very blank. "Sometimes get his demo, a listening to feel" what ah? That's it? "But, the information so little, so blank demo, to another point of view, that is, to the other three people more arrangement space, he said, this is the creation of the four, Sam has a lot of free space, but the arrangement of space for others."

Is "to be"! Like that so hold on

I want to talk to the four points with the army for more than 20 years of little bit, I think, want to play group, the music to hold enthusiastic people must be a lot, but can prop up 20 years long road person, how many? Four people into a little silence, the drummer weft but suddenly said: "I think why those people lasted less than 20 years, is because they suddenly want to open ah!" The words just finished, and drew a burst of laughter.

In Taiwan, the market is small, many people think, these often appear on the stage people, must make a lot of money, but in fact, the play group income instability, if the usual no other work, it is really difficult to survive. Audi said that if each country, like to listen to the band live performance, the proportion of similar, that in the larger countries, even if only a small number of people can earn enough income, Taiwanese less, really hard. (Share with you: straight hit!) Frandé, the lead singer's untouchable private zone.

"There are some things that are really fucking tiring now," he said. Sam said, young when that part after work, practice Regiment and go back to overtime day, now think up, really do not know how to live. And Sam for the Senate members of the Tiger God memories, before the silly do a lot of stupid things, riding a motorcycle to video, musical instruments, effect of the body, under the heavy rain all wet, also never feel bitter, because it is doing very like things.

Freddy, the lead singer of the Spirit band, said: "It's not persistence, it's because you really like it." "This sentence speaks his heart. We used to have a stage, and someone was happy to give us a chance to play, and never think about money. In this way, the side of the Sam as if suddenly recalled, could not help but smiled and said: "This is too long, too long." "Looking at such a picture, I was full of touching.

They continue to laugh at this "holding" the persistent, teasing each other, but I think at this moment, in this way to pursue the mainstream value, the pursuit of benefits of the social system, how many people are willing to dream, slow down with the footsteps of the crowd, from the straight forward in the boundless sea of the opposite pace? In front of my four, is to be able to swim upstream of the dream-chasing people.

The meaning of separation: the original "have" and "no", really bad

It was a great blow to the orchestra in 2009, when Sam left four, but now it has become a precious separation for them. Wei Wei said, many times, separation is not a bad thing, because there is separation, we have the opportunity to think about "there" and "no" difference.

Sam recalled the process of learning sketching in high school, he said, before drawing to a stage, the teacher will call everyone to stop the pen, can not draw anymore. "Because there is no way to become another kind of appearance, must leave for half an hour first, and then come back to draw, can inspire new possibilities." "Sam that the four separation of the three years, in fact, very much like this concept, rather than a bad thing, or as a deliberate arrangement of God."

Tiger God went on to say, a long time, will be visual residue, and emotional accumulation to a degree, too full, and sometimes easy to tell the real idea of our own mind. For rock music, a lot of energy is to be destroyed first, in order to produce new, Tiger God said, if really to a certain stage, we are very unhappy, the first part is not a good thing, back after the things will be more powerful. (Extended reading: The conditions of happiness: feelings, to the separation of the beginning )

He said, "not necessarily to finish" the concept, in fact, is to first very hard, very hard after the painting can be realized. "In the beginning, must be very hard to fill the picture, Four corners are full, may be later, will find things not so full, even painting black and white things can be very powerful, such things, we are still practicing." 」

"Get up/I want you to see/The big storm/To fly/get up/Maybe you feel tired/Remember me/"--〈 up before the end

"Get up, maybe you feel tired, remember me, before the end comes." "〈 up the lyrics, flashed in my mind. Perhaps the spirit of the four, like this song, may be a little tired, a little tired, but they never forget each other four points. In the days of separation, these three words have been deeply buried in their hearts, quietly waiting for the day to rise.

"Love" and "Four Points": play until the day of play not to move!

Every time I listen to the music of four points, I always feel that I have heard a full "love", so I asked them to say in a word their own "love" and "four" idea.

"Love" in the heart of the quarterback:

Audi: "Love is communication." You don't want to communicate with people you don't feel. 」
Tiger God: "Love, is very difficult to hate people things." 」
Latitude: "When young feel love is limited between men and women, now feel love, including family friendship Love, beyond the imagination of love." 」
Sam: "Love is endless." 」

The quarterback's "four-cent":

Audi: "non-stop! Won't stop the orchestra! 」
Tiger God: "A train that keeps sprinting, stops at a stop, but always goes on." 」
Wei Wei: "The more and more brave, indomitable blood band." 」
Sam: "always warm up, warm up and ready to play at any time. 」

I was on the four quarterback, see a lot of love moving in between each other, a look, a small action, as if can read what each other said, and then together into contemplative, or together laughing.

I asked them, have you ever thought about how long you want to play group? Tiger God first said, young when want to say to play to 50 years old, did not expect flash eyes is nearly 50, so have been playing down it. And the drummer Latitude said, is my whole visit down, feel the most touching, he jokingly said: "Play to Sam and Tiger God are not playing." "Although the 10-Year-old, Sam and the Tiger God, latitude and Audi between, but do not see any barrier, the four children like adults, are closely linked with love and friendship."

The interview came to an end, I asked four minutes to send a song to the readers of women fans, latitude selected the "Love Can Let us together", he said, this song is very direct, but also hope that through this song, women can be directly, vernacular, brave to do their own.

Under the heavy rain, again the mysterious night of earthquakes, I spent the time of love and laughter with four of the guards, received from them is full of positive strength, they live in the heart of the children never grow up, as if no matter what setbacks and difficulties encountered, can be resolved with happiness. In their words, I have come to realize the meaning of love and separation, but also see a rare insistence on the dream, in have to become adults in the world, I would like to bring four points to me all, to share to also want to take good care of their children in their hearts you.