Life Survey Questionnaire Let us from the experience of life, found that the gender of the subtle, together with us to find the importance of gender, and then close to a better world!

I am convinced that regardless of your gender, you should be concerned about gender. The problem of gender is that you and I are the process of how our daily life imperceptibly influences each other.

If you are a person who is dismissive of gender issues, or who has a lot of freedom and power, I long for you to try to really talk to your mother or girlfriend or daughter or to a woman close to you, to understand how many of their life experiences have been sacrificed and painful, Together we learn to see the power structures that society takes for granted.

I sincerely hope that more people will feel the pain together with me and confront the situation together. I believe that true freedom is to be fearless. There are so many girls and boys in this world, and I'm longing for you to feel the pain as much as I do. Feeling together, acting together. (Recommended reading: When we have anger and pain in the world, change it )

Today, we would like to invite you to look back on your childhood sex history, how our gender role is molded, let's find out more about the current deficiencies and try to solve them together.