Honey, have you thought about it? Why do we always have a little bit of trepidation when we talk about "the other half asks for sex videos/sexy photos"? Today, women fans and blushing red are collaborating with the Women's Social Security Council to convene a press conference on "recurrent xenophobic pornography"; we want to let more people know that the current legal and sociocultural situation in Taiwan is lacking in the focus on revenge pornography, which causes most of the victims to become hopelessly helpless.

Maybe you need help. She/he's right by your side

Is it a bit strange to hear the word "revenge pornography"? It refers to the term "without the consent of the parties, the act of deliberately distributing its intimate images so that others can see it; there are a number of complex reasons behind revenge pornography: According to the case found by the Women's Social Security Council, the" topless outflow is not your fault "and the Help Line received, Nearly 50% of the original voluntary sex film or nude photo, of course, there are another 50% of the perpetrators are involuntary in the other side of the film to take pictures.

Let us look at one more piece of data: In the case of the cases, more than half of the perpetrators were former or current partners of the victims, including extortion, forced sexual intercourse or emotional recombination, or simply for revenge.

Thus, retaliation, which begins with intimacy, can often result in two of injuries to each other's relationship, leaving no indelible signs of heartbreak, in the absence of the victim's preparedness.

American female artist Chrissy Emily Chambers was also the victim of revenge pornography. When she was 18 years old, she was drunk and was photographed by her ex-boyfriend, who, after breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, uploaded the film to the website for revenge.

And according to the woman fan x Blush red last year online " write down Your Pain " page, want to let have been hurt you can have a peace of mind to express the pipeline. In the absence of special advocacy, the accumulation of 600 messages in a year.

Hey, examples like this are actually popping up around our lives, but why do victims seem to have a hard time protecting them or emotional relief?

The problem of gender violence marginalized by society

"You volunteered to take it," he said. 」

"As a girl, why don't you know how to protect yourself?" 」

Shame, shame, dare not see people, after similar events, why did the parties in the first time have such mentality? In fact, this is derived from the entire patriarchal social system of "sex" and "Girls" bundle: As if a girl will be "clean", as if the desire is to be ashamed. So, the victim can only hide in the lonely cold dark social corner, helpless trembling. (same field Gayon: who is holding a woman's body?) The Goddess and the slut under the patriarchal eye

Hey, you know what? According to the Women's Assistance (DAC) case survey, 100% of the victims who sought help were women, especially 21-35-year-old young women over 70%, and nearly 10% were minor victims, the youngest of whom was only 12 years of age. And according to the case on the " write down Your Pain " page, transgender and male may also be the victims.

Another 33% of the victims who called for help reported to the judiciary, but 44% of the victims said they had poor experience of seeking help from the judiciary, highlighting the current domestic sensitivity to the prevention of cyber-revenge sex crime. Compared with foreign countries, since 2013, there have been 27 states in the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, Israel, the Philippines and the United States to set criminal penalties for the "Revenge of pornography".

So when does Taiwan start to focus on this issue from the social culture to the judicial system?

You have physical autonomy, you can stand up for yourself.

The artist, Chambers, wakes up every day from nightmares, and even begins to drink alcohol, after discovering that his intimate images have been scattered by his predecessor. Until she began to undergo psychotherapy to slowly get out of the shadows, and bravely went to court to sue the ex-boyfriend. Afterwards, she stepped forward to actively engage in "repeated xenophobic pornography" advocacy work, encourage the victims to brave external help: "if You are a victim, please go forward, reach out for assistance, because you are not Alon e."(if you are the victim, please stand up and ask for help, because you are not alone).

And in order to arouse the public's attention to the "revenge pornography" issue, women fans, blushing red and the Women's Social Security Council jointly launched the "Brave help, we have you" network sharing action. Before Taiwan's judicial system is set up for such a criminal pattern, let us, through action, arouse more people's concern about the crime of "sexual privacy".

Victims do not need to be ashamed of themselves when they are exposed to a nude-photo outflow. Because only you can determine your own sex and body, and when you are violated, you are not the one who is wrong, but the person who is not allowed to spread the image without permission. You can stand up for yourself and be brave and loudly proclaim your physical autonomy.

join together to change the "sexual privacy violation" crime >> "Sexual Assault privacy"

And if you're the one who's caught up in it, we'll be here to accompany >> write down your pain as long as you need anything .

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