If you're obsessed with black-and-white photography, if you're obsessed with street photography, you can't help but know Vivian Ann Maire Vivan Maier. Vivian Ann Maire is the most outstanding street photographer of the day, her famous story is also legendary, Incognito for a lifetime, a box full of unfinished film, let her work again see light. Looking at the photos online is not enough, for you selected Wei Wei Ann Maire documentary finding Vivian Maier film ticket, don't forget to leave a message for the prize. (same field Gayon:20th century female Pop art pioneer: Cindy Sherman)

Vivian Ann Maire Vivan Maier, if you pay attention to photography, you'll notice the name.

A nanny, a French-American born in New York, France, she quietly left 100,000 street photographs and 700 rolls of unread color negatives, and she became the most high-profile street photographer of the age after her death.

The most fascinating story about her is this.

In 2007, historian John Marouf accidentally labeled a box full of negatives with 380 dollars, that is the work of Wei Wei Ann Maire , he surprised for heaven, try to find the female photographer, search for the answer but give him a blank; two years later, when he searched again, he only found an obituary. Wei Wei Ann Mairmail is such a front loop turn to the world to know.

An obituary of her, unexpectedly restarted her dusty photographic works of survival.

Wei Wei Ann Maire alive and leaving the world is very quiet, she chose anonymity, the most sharp emotional feelings are hidden in the lens, she and her Rolleiflex, peep into the United States 50-70 years of rich society, the poverty of the dark corner, those who did not say the export of the turmoil, not be faced with the unbearable, not seen by the vanity. (Recommended to you: behind the prosperity of Hong Kong, have you ever heard of a cage house in Hong Kong?) )

Her pictures were very sharp, and the mood was always hot.

If you look at her photos, you will find that when the photo, she used to walk very close, she will be directly involved in each other's space, press the shutter that moment of time and space condensation, the photographer and the subject to hold their breath to wait for what, and then the picture is over, she will leave. Yes, she will always have the next place to go, and the next person to shoot. (Recommended to you: the intimate moment when a Danish photographer captures young love: It's a child in your arms )

The moment I took the picture, I thought she was free. Vivian Ann Maire almost convinced that, as long as there is a camera, we can be anyone, can go to the world, can not speak but speak loudly.

or Xu Weiwei Ann Maire's story is too legendary, so people always love hindsight, "what is the reason why she must hide herself?" "But perhaps to Vivian Ann Maire, the present is the process of self construction, can enjoy the secret of spy general happiness, can be oneself, also can not own." The crown of the greatest photographer of the 20th century may not be the most important thing for her.

2014, John Marouf filmed the documentary, the title is very interesting, finding Vivian Maier, where is Wei Wei Ann Maire? Who's Vivian Ann Maire? Through interviews and unexposed photos and films staggered, the contemporary collage slowly spell the person of Wei Wei Ann Maire. After cobwebs, she is still a riddle to be solved, she is still the most mysterious photographer of the present age. (same field Gayon: capture the lonely shape, the Norwegian female photographer's cold system photography )

I think Vivian Ann Maire would say, "I'm not looking, I've been there, and I'm living in my photographic work." 」