single diary, with 500 words to write tempting single worry. Such an era, even the breakup has an ideal scene, as if I must cry and make a big noise, to commemorate we have loved. And I do not fulfill the ideals in your eyes, I would like to leave the sadness to themselves, do not let you see. You know, the breakup is zero, we have no relationship, this is my most close to the heart of the expression. (same field Gayon: single Diary: Why Wish to break up?) He's only worthy of my worst time.

In fact, you do not know, that is my closest to the heart of the expression.

11 o'clock in the evening you asked me to meet in the café near the home, the tone embarrassed, embarrassed, I hung up on the phone to know this is not a date, I still simple to manage their own after the door, do not draw eyeliner, to leave free to tears.

We've been looking at each other for 10 minutes before you say you came from her house.

I've added some water to your cup and said I already know, and I know we've failed each other in the end. People are like this, no one is forever really is a lifetime, but we have every moment, I wish to be true.

To tell you the truth, I do not care about you love other people, this year love is too easy, we are too generous, reluctant to love. I am more concerned that you do not love me, but do not want to open up, with a lover as an excuse, how clumsy.

I looked up at you, you are so flustered, even can't face my eyes, I almost forget why I want to love you. I feel that the recognition does not love, does not drag on the muddy, does not lead the personality to be inconsistent, at least is to the relationship minimum respect.

I don't know, you are such a timid person.

However, I will not say anything, hurtful words do not say, entangled also do not have to say, after all, is superfluous. I just want to faint smile, by the way calmly tell you, I do not hate you, but I temporarily can not hear your message.

As you can remember, I am rarely angry, I rarely take the initiative to fight for anything, because I have known since childhood, it is my, not even the need for competition. Not mine, how to fight all too embarrassed.

My sadness has a choice, I can choose not to let you see, I can choose to only leave myself.

You are relieved and begin to mindless, "not your bad, it's my problem." Maybe after a while, we'll have dinner again? "It seems to be the ideal version of your breakup, to shake hands and hook up and say you'll be friends again."

I do not owe you the ideal version of the breakup, we do not have to be friends, if there is no love. I've decided to go out of the café and delete your phone, seal your Facebook book, and forget that I loved you. To break up is to zero, we have no relationship anymore.

In fact, you do not know, that is my closest to the heart of the expression.

"The next one also remember good love not to heal the soul is not difficult to kiss who are generous hug tight night that is really warm in the bosom."