Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

"Taiwanese, why do they like to work independently?" 」

A lot of working holiday come back friend said, the Taiwanese is diligent, eight hours a day non-stop, which like foreigners, net know that the shade lazy. But the same salary is clearly the same as the Taiwanese people do.

Why do Taiwanese want to crush workers ' rights once they get to the top? 」

A runaway friend said he was disappointed with Taiwan's work style, no quality of life, no labor rights, no trust, no empathy.

Taiwan People's work attitude is hard and hands-on, what is the problem?

Whether I like working independently or working too long, I think the problem is based on the "wrong sense of responsibility" cycle.

Our sense of responsibility is that we would rather screw up the budget for half a year, and not drag on colleagues to work overtime, and be proud to do more work-oriented employees and not ask for a major. As a decade goes by, you turn your employees into bosses, and you want your employees to have those days. Less to eat a meal, more than a few nights, silently eat stuffy deficit, a person hard to do ...

You don't have lunch with co-workers, you insist on doing your own business, you're working overtime alone, you're not proving your ability, you're just telling your partner: "I'm just not the right person to work in a team." 」

We are concerned about labour rights and interests, and the Taiwanese do not want to work overtime, and Taiwanese are unwilling to earn their hard-earned money. The structure moves very slowly, is it possible to advance from the enterprise? A good enterprise, should tell everyone: "Hey, you haven't eaten breakfast, first leave the computer." "Hey, don't work overtime today, let's get a drink." "," You come to help me think of a project, we brainstorm. "," This matter is not your problem, we should work together to find a way. 」

Taiwanese, do you still like to work independently?

Between gears and gears, it is not competition, but a combination of rotation. Start today to try to "trouble others", do not know how many times to ask, eat lunch to throw out the planning inspiration and colleagues to discuss, and then clock in time, to get a drink.