Women are fascinated by the April sex book, recommended to You, "dark days you are the fire," may you, regardless of gender, identity, class, can find their own comfortable position in life.

I read Robing, first from his blog, called Political powder. DAO garrulous has been reading for five years. On the version he gave his own Quote has not changed, the very outset said "introspection of a tyrant:nothing is really beautiful but."

He was arrogant, and introverted, I have always felt Robing use the word is a large amount of sway, read his poem is in the beautiful dream drilled a way to life, he must know that he has more talent, I closed the "I can only die once, like that day" after this thought. Remote Imagination Robing, he is like a naked standing in the wilderness of the blue sky, dragging the old soul, in such a pathogenic love and hate, transparent flashing good light.

I am very happy to read the days of darkness when you are on fire, and I think I am ready to go into his whirlpool. Italy field is, I finally deeply moved not literature, but fell on the level of the word, as the title, in this darkroom, as long as a fire, people can continue to move forward.

Love is the time and the day

The distance from Hong Kong to Taiwan is 700 km. How far is the man from the man? The author's lover Body in Hong Kong, gather little more than, you see them through the Hong Kong Taipei Big City Alley Bend into the stove end burning, spicy pot, love no matter how vast, but also one side table.

October occupy the scene of the sentence I love you, let the city fall, they together in front of the television watching Taiwan election. There are many people in love under the surging democracy movement.

Love is a lot of daily street, Impermanence is indeed fortunate. Love is also the embrace of ideals, such as Valentine's Body in Hong Kong to talk about democracy, such as the author in Taiwan to talk about gay rights and interests, he traveled annually in the gay parade, from the bosom of the Devil Dance Boy grew up with sunglasses invisible adults. (same field Gayon: teach children to respect gay love from childhood )

Love is an age and a day. One day, we are afraid of their own fear, fortunately there is a person, in the gray cuddlypoops clocking the last bus home that day, tied to the people, let adults, have the courage to go forward.

As a comrade, I'm sorry.

Robing said this road, from the young to go to the bald. Some people marry, he is happy also dearly, this society has how many hides in the white collar to conceal own desire person, when rushes in the movement front line's person, the pace has hesitated. Someone who had previously said good-bye to the world, someone who was in the drug's psychedelic, could be a tribute to the system.

The worship of a group of people continue to kill comrades, those who obstruct the "normal" path of the demons, should be thrown out of society. The truth is so cruel, how did comrade come over? From in the new park by the police wand swing, in T bar was photographed by reporters, was thrown out of the house, the campus ignorant children forced to scars, interview was rejected, quarantined in the lover's ward outside ...

Robing and companion (photo source: Bao-bottle culture)

"As a comrade, I am sorry." "Is it possible for our world not to let anyone say that again?" Stealth in the so-called "normal people" disguised as a heterosexual, live just more and more intolerance, they want to Shen Qi, pressure anger, tell themselves to trust good and integrity. Then the life of most comrades is still under the unjust injustice of extreme inclination.

If politics talks about transformation justice, no one can ignore this group of people, in history, the most righteous and kicking, is not gay? Don't bundle up normal, attack any differences, if love is the truth that most people believe, why do they hold it in terms of conditions, remove different people?

Because there is no morning, comrades can only dance in the night. Because no blatant, to be in the shielding of the building under the hand gently, because there is no allowed social occasions, must climb the private network to find fellow travellers. (Extended reading:2013 comrades march in Lyon, equal while now!) )

Did you find it? Comrades have been in the retreat and seek the next survival, so angry things, Robing always gentle said.

Can we, more justly, live ourselves

With the author looking back "evil son", I wish to see "Youth Bird Park 228" in the birds are flying, may the Dragon son Fung no words of love is understood, yingying Yanyan can be free.

As a result of the sexual to do not know how much unreasonable persecution of ethnic groups, Robing exhausted the goodness. In the book four--I hold, writing from Intangible daily back to "I" I, constantly questioning themselves, Koushou heaven and earth. Questioned as a person, to the wrong living conscience: you so next to the salary, become yourself? Is the day worthy of the 15-year-old? In the burning history of the years, there is no good to see when the road?

Can we, more justly, live ourselves.

No shame, no hiding, no need to lie, no need to worry about him.

After reading, I once again open the political powder cake, do not know why, with the hand to read Robing Word, and reading on the web, is almost taste, the word of the network again how to read, moved is halved. That good-natured 颟 mandatory a pen to climb down the thought, flipping through the paper, the word like electric current through the fingers to the quiver of the soul, I always cherish. See Robing wrote the next sentence after publication:

"The misery of life, the Innocence of love, the shadow of Death." These records, in the mean, are useless. Life will fade away, Love will ache, death will come, but useless in the end, perhaps writing left things, just enough to burn a lamp, let justice scalding bright, let love Mao profound, let life and death, in existence and no longer exist between, to be brilliant. 」

There are lights on someone, there used to be a new park for gay lights, now has mobile phone screen APP for gay lights. In the future, I hope the whole island will be gay and light for everyone.