From "The power of the villain" to "Contemporary loneliness Test", the author ma Xin and her that a tenacious pen, wrote the generation can not speak with others lonely and desire. Interview Ma Xin, she said that is actually a pro to villains and freaks of Love letter, Ramble tired to write, in fact so live also can, I also here, out of the rut can live. I listen to Ma Xin undercover puberty, read her lonely escape manual, also share to you. (same field Gayon: reading female writer Chongwen: "Don't live like Paris, but live like Yourself")

"The base is calling Major Tom, the base is calling Major Tom, taking the nutrients and putting on the hood," he said. Base call to Major Tom, Countdown to start, full engine, check the start switch ...

David Bai's 〈space oddity〉 like Ma Xin, carrying a lonely goodwill, with the earth to keep aloof distance. From "The Power of the villain" buried in the " Contemporary Loneliness Test ", she loved the world rejected the aliens, Lu snakes, villains, she wrote by the community to almost empty desire, happiness, happiness, ma xin Word from a universe, always hot a pair of eyes to see the earth. (same field Gayon: toward the aesthetics of female snakes: from BJ's Bachelor diary to the planet of Danny's sister )

As if to say, you see, life off the rut can live, even more vast.

"The base call to Major Tom, the circuit is out of the question, seems to be burnt out, you hear?" Colonel Tom? 」

Ma Xin was captain Tom of the time, and she occasionally ignored the call signal at Boston Center. She still loved the Earth, but did not want to follow the rules to love it, so had to fly farther away from the group, feeding more tender eyes. "Perhaps because of this, many people describe me like aliens." 」

Interview Ma Xin This day, she took my hand, take me to fly to distant universe, I float to see the earth sentient beings, unexpectedly feel so unfamiliar.

Undercover adolescent notes: I can't find a reason to herd.

I see the earth people live in the post-industrial era.

Factories and black smoke are hidden from life, but we are accustomed to production line thinking requires a person to develop. Baby born, was sent to the factory management line, a password an action, asked him to grow into a square, standard person.

If something goes wrong, it is stuck in orbit, and if the product is deemed to be "unqualified", where will it be thrown? Will they be punished or imprisoned? It is our indifferent and cool daily life.

At this time, a child stood up and looked around, a clear and tender voice said, "What are we doing here?" "That's the question that Ma Xin started from puberty, and that's why she wrote the contemporary loneliness test ," she said.

"My heart is always thinking about the people who are stuck in the production track, they are out of place, isolated, like me, and I want to watch and write them." I never felt that people in the growth stage, the factory-style output, the growth of the antisocial, it is possible. 」

Ma Xin's adolescence, as she described it, was like an undercover. "I was born out of the group, in kindergarten, because I didn't talk to anyone, by the teacher as autistic, anxious to rectify; I was probably very strange at that time, so was isolated, Bento also hid up, living under the small bullying, I realized," Oh, I am so, is not possible. " 』」

"I think you need to read a book. Modern people are not even willing to read, hasty use of the first impression as to know you, decide your likes and dislikes. "The Ma Xin is a bit resentful, such anger is common in the Times." Collision order, only to understand that they are not product design, try to give away something to avoid being kicked out of the production column. "But I've never been able to find a reason to conform, and I can't cater to the world's price list, they completely stagger my values." 」

She likes to think of no answers to why, she doubts but not anger, adolescence, she spends a lot of time distracted, people more interesting than textbooks. She looked carefully at her teachers, peers, passers-by, or parents, and found that everyone was a Russian doll, and there was a mask behind the mask, a layer still hidden. She stood in the observation position, and knew that there was no good and bad man. (same field Gayon: false Wenqing is sentimental?) Taiwan's labeling Bad Habit )

Ma Xin's words were sharp and delicate, are taken from her observation notes, do not comment, do not disturb, not to label the growth experience of the label, observation with a point of view with a foreign feeling of empathy, "I want to let the people who are deeply incompatible with, we are accompanied by, we are so long over." 」

Ma Xin gently dense, she in the dark for a long time to peep, full of eyes, tears fall carved into a word.

The modern fable of fit: What is your ability to recognize the road?

"I was raised by a stranger with the Catcher in the wheat field, without the two books, I will be more lost in the growth stage." Then think about it, fortunately there are Murakami, he is from the group for the joy of people, provides a kind of off the pipeline, from his escape, can enter another world. "(Recommended to you: Psychology reading Murakami:" As a professional novelist, return to zero is also a choice )

Outside the world, there is another world, drilled out of the pores and saw Shia. When it comes to outliers, MA Xin is too experienced. She is not in the system to find the answer, she read a book to see people, caught more off the team's people. "People should have the ability to recognize the road, rather than see where people go to drill." 」

Modern people drill into the group, is to Bingyi to escape themselves. Life is so convenient that you can avoid yourself anytime and anywhere. Open the Web page, you can pretend to care about the world, there are "do their own" fictional prosthesis, we find the warmth of the network reflect their own, did not find themselves slowly empty. Renounce loneliness and emptiness, only dare to embrace the happiness of their own, sooner or later one day, do not recognize their own appearance. (Same thinking: fleeing syndrome: Taiwanese, poor only food and travel?) )

"If you do not face their own freaks and villains, lonely How to deal with it?" You dance with the flies, follow the advertising slogan of the light, but your lonely lonely, no one to help you clean up. Lonely lonely Like the room sundry, do not stir him, do not observe him, one day your door will be blocked can not open. 」

Have you ever seen the dark side of the moon? The Dark Side of the moon everyone has something. The reason why we are angry is because society never wants your weak and vulnerable dark, he shakes your shoulder and asks you to get better quickly, but you are not a steel man, you feel the darkness will flood.

You see the big Brother shook up around me, and we walk into the Foucault of the fable, the control freak of achievement correction. With a set of standards, box limit tens of millions of people, people do not hesitate to cut off the heel toe into the glass shoes, the result of the glass shoes are getting smaller and more difficult to wear, to cut off more and more places ....

"A man can really break a signal before he loses his breath," he said. "Listen to Ma Xin said, tears almost fell down," someone fell in the water online will scream, will struggle, because the body and human's original gene shouting, freedom? What's the value? Why we keep denying sadness, darkness and light should be neutral, are part of us. Can not allow the secular eyes, kidnapping your valuable value? (Recommended reading: Some of the distance is necessary!) Negative energy Psychology of accepting frustration )

Accustomed to the assembly line production system, will also be accustomed to pay a quick prescription, so people gradually read as a specific medicine to serve, to 10 minutes immediately effective.

Ma Xin was the child who made a faint scream in the production line, when no one heard, now she can write books, can return the weight of life to the book, let people see the world really exist "hacker mission" choice, blue and red pill you want to take?

"How I wish we could have hesitated before we were willing to go to Hell in 1984," he said. 」

I don't need to ask Ma Xin Why I write a book, her reasons are in every sentence, so tenacious.

"The power of the villain" is a reminder, and I want to get people to find their way. People have the ability to recognize the road, rather than see where people go to drill more. 」

Clown dynastic: A love letter written for Freaks and villains

Often, the person who is away from the group, the first time is identified as villains and freaks.

A gust of wind blew over, people looked up, saw the clown crumbling stand on the page of the Times, his sad and absurd smile, with extremely high entertainment to attract everyone's eyes, he said Ah, seriously look at this era of all kinds of ugly.

"The Clown is the product of the 2008 financial turmoil, he reflects Gotham, refers to a group of people who have been dumped by the economy, was dumped, the next decimal point, how they should be from the place?" He shows the situation of the times, no matter how crazy people choose to close their eyes and go forward. 」

The Clown is Ma Xin's favorite villain, she must write, the thought of the clown behind the reference to the image of the distressed, his powder makeup, his untimely purple suit, his staggered figure, he has no reason for madness, his weak and powerful inside, what do you see?

"That sentence why so serious in fact is a mockery, anyway, you will not seriously look at the problem now, anyway you do not care, you choose cruel to very naïve." 」

The clown is the mark of dynastic, before the clown with the clown, our borders have been broken, into the city thinking, the great powers along the way to incorporation, it is a greater and more dilapidated Gotham, the middle class gradually fell, capitalism out of control, the rules of the game will not play, we have are the remaining, Together embrace the anxiety of menopause.

Ma Xin's tenderness was sharp, and the clown reminded her of the plight of the times, as a key reason for her continued writing, this is a more severe period than her growing stage, "I always believe that there are many like my outsider, the stranger will not disappear, I hope to be a challenge and companionship of the role, walking around them." If the world is so chaotic, I hope my book is a love letter for them to write. 」

Those who have been discarded by the production line, the group of violence to give up, was rejected by the Times villain Power and freak character, is our body and human debris, MA Xin also not noisy, bending down to quietly pick up, carefully caress, buried in her words.

So after reading her words, we understand that they are proud of the "integrity" in fact very incomplete, from the book to pick up a piece, and then put up their own. (same field recommendation: find the same in a desolate generation!) Zhu Tianwen talk about transtextuality Niang: "Everyone has their own lonely situation")

Writing is the long march of the ascetic, and its construction is complete.

"Writers are not so clever, their stupidity and their wonder is the place to be most noticed," he said. Lonely Highway

"In fact, you have something to say, you want to create." What you see, what you suppress, under the group you are not allowed to say, so you write it down, you draw it down, you record it with music. "Ma Xin tilted his head, holding the cheek, short hair stuffed in the ear, we fly well far away, around a few laps before returning to the Earth, back to the interview table, back to the eyes of a stack of paper, a pen, is a common happiness, the words commotion, have to say.

At first it was crazy to read, the students do not understand the sociology are in the novel, so gradually the world of the game rules, but also clear the rebellion and the possibility of leaving the group. Ma Xin in the third grade of primary school to write a living, writing like Alice in Wonderland, Mr. Rabbit, to take her to a far more free universe.

"Pen takes me to think a lot of things, that thinking is smarter or clearer than myself, writing is the escape pipeline and export, is I rely on the way of survival, writing construction also complete my own." 」

Buried in the desk, we and ourselves close, distance rules very far, writing is a collection of wonder and doubt, writing is more than the body to do the revolution, writing is the most circuitous pen warm hot the most cold world. "Writing is the way I believe in living, and you can't let go of it when you feel this fun." Writing is like an ascetic, and the Long march on the desk makes your muscles ache all over the body. Ma Xin and I smiled at each other, and we were all too clear. (Recommended reading: write to defend the ideal world!) Inviting you to be a woman-watcher

"I want a child as lonely as I am to be saved by words as much as I do," he said. 」

Words redeem us, like a row of slowly forward train, in imperceptible time, the friend calls the companion, since this you know, lonely time, can twist the car, no one crowds in there, but let you peace of conscience, you do not have to become who, is your own is enough justly.

About villains and freaks, Ma Xin willing to write very long long, never stop, with the text stack escape carrier, I rub eyes to focus on a look, that is a strange form of the spacecraft, full of loneliness and desire, will be quiet off, will fly to the dark side of the moon.

And how I would like to, Ma Xin's interview, I will never finish.