director of Hou Hsiao-hsien, who has been director of the film for eight years, has taken off the best director like a assassin at the Cannes Film Festival in France, and will be shown at the 8/28 full stage.In an interview with actress Xie Xin Ying, art director Huang Wen-ying, screenwriter Zhu Tianwen and Hsieh Hai-hsin, we said, The story of the author Nieh Nieang and his own story is also mentioned by us."(Sibling: Look at the Writers of the Amatetical Writers of Zhu Aisei Hai)

"He doesn't please the world, he doesn't please."Chu says that he doesn't want to speak for Hou, but he says that Hou has always stood on the sidelines with the "warm eyes," and retains the purity of the aesthetic pursuit of the image, and the lonely and full path of the world.

Taipei, where it is easy to have a few moments, the coffee shops in Taipei are suitable for Chu astronomy. She also has a young girl, but she has come down from the stars of literature and is alive and well.In the first sight, Nie Diiniang felt that the film was simply finished; he talked about the cooperation between the writer and the writer. He also talked about the mission of writing characters, and shatter the pieces of the time of her tidying up.(Recommended reading: These female writers stand out to break the written gender ceiling )

I looked at Zhu astronomy, and felt like I was looking at a huge and distant star, and suddenly I extended my hand to the world and said, "Let's talk about it.""

Chu Tien-wen: "I am not pessimistic about Nie's movie."

"I am extremely pessimistic about Nie's movie, and even if you win the award after the premiere of Cannes, I will not change my pessimism.""Zhu Tianwen" is written on the on the editing machine.

Why is it pessimistic?I can't help but ask, "Chu's," says, "I still think that Hou's film is a small group of people. Can you really read it?"" We haven't been in the ' 80s, and the water level has already been back."

In the eighties, the eyes slowly stood in the eye, reminiscidating of the golden age.At the beginning of the 1980s, martial law had just been lifted. People wanted to be interpreted and interpreted, and were thirsty for the meaning of culture, and were more longing to comb through their own past. At this time, the film was made out, and the film was used to satisfy the thirst of the times.

"The new movie is a rising tide, and it happens to be a time fit for it."I always felt that the tide was rising at that time. People were completely willing to absorb and willing to take a look. Then in the 1990s, the water level gradually retredled. You said that the film had to be funded, and there were various difficulties. Some people were walking along with the water level.But the Hou leader is still there."Chu Tien-ton," he says, " You say now the 21st century, the Hou leader still wants to speak in such a pure film language, and is getting more and more demanding."

In the 21st century, an era of lurking.What's the most recent, the image is digital, the screen is smaller, and the finger slides just as if you understand the world. " Is it really possible for the reception of the images?Chu Tien-wen, who is adorable, is perplexy and perplexy.Everyone wants to hear the story of the cause and effect, and everyone wants to be stimulated and satisfied by the screen. " You want these, these are not in the mariners of the Hou.The film of Hou led against the expectations of the film. You say, can I not be pessimistic?"

Chu Tien-wen says that Nie's kindness needs the kindness and patience of the times.There are no stories or clues to the aesthetics of the film, and everything is a big piece. Nie Sain-niang does not fly with eaves, or even the foot of the foot, or even the eighth.

"But do you say the leader doesn't please the world?"I don't think so. He doesn't please.He loved the world. He was not so proud of him. He was so hot.He defined everything through himself as one of his own aesthetic benchmarks, making it impossible for him to gain a large audience, and to keep the distance away from the times."

Hou's eyes watched the film, and Chu Tien-ya watched Nie's mother, saying that he was pessimistic. He was actually too sentient for this piece of film.I am a child living in a new age, but I am so glad that I met Nie Fainiang in the midst of a wave of abdication.It has shocked me through the main lines of the stories of the past, and the heroes and starkups that I have taken for granted. Everything is reorganized. It's like the lake on the Hou's side of the field. The story doesn't tell the story. Everything is waiting to happen and it is happening.(sibling: Director: Money: "Crossing the Line of Youth," "Let the Life of Life" )

The Hou's film is a reference system corresponding to the real world

In Nie's words, the words of Shu Qiqi have been deleted from 16 sentences to nine sentences, and the whole piece is quiet, and every picture is full, all of which can be talked about, without the need for a superfluous effect of causation.It may be that, as a result, Hou's films have an unsolitary atmosphere for the onlookers, forming a thin world of lulking the world, with a reference to the system's reminders.

Photos: Photographs of the spotlight, dramas: Tsai Cheng-tai

In the world, there is more than one aesthetic standard and a storytelling formula.You see, it's there, and the marshall movies are the references.Chu Tien-wen says.

Hou guides the beauty of the "cutting down the law", and the person in the head of the film has a very simple and well-intentioned meaning.When she saw her child, she saw her parents, and she saw her childhood. She saw her own age. She thought that her mother would never be able to do so, but she thought she would never have to die.In the field of the martial arts scene that seems to be killing and killing, Nie Cain has made another new path. We don't talk about killing. We are still talking about killing people. We are talking about people's helplessness. We talk about people's lives. We are talking about the same kind of people.

Chu Tien-wen, the leader of Chu Tien-wen, is an "no-no-no-no-one." It seems that everything is not a matter of concern, but withZhu Tianwen says that his persistence is so soft, and you don't even think he has anything to do with it.But where he is not, he is absolutely not allowed, and each screen has to be counted through its own audit." The Hou guides the shears, ah, that is really ruthless."

Chu Tzan was quoted as saying, " I don't want to look at the public first, I am just passing on my own.If I could pass on my own, I would probably not be in a bad place."

Chu Tien-wen recalls that he felt like Mencius' "moral support," which is right. Doing the right thing is not only cumulative, but also fed back to the work of the work.The greatest feedback is not the applause of Ray, but the final work.(Recommended reading: You don't have to divide the directors!Zhang Erjia: "We are all trying to tell the story of good people" )

"Photographic images like Starsky layout" Nie Hidden, watching for the third time to be persuaded.

You don't like Nie Hidden in the first place as Zhu astronomy.

Photos: Photographs of the spotlight, dramas: Tsai Cheng-tai

first time he spent a year and a half a year to cut off Nie's mother, Chu Tien-wen saw Nie Hidden to kill him, and he was finished with Xie Haixue." My God, the scene of the fight was not fought, and the whole play went on and walked around.What do you do?The script has the most in the script, and the clues to what to kill, why not kill, and no turning point, no key, I can't even convince myself.At that time, after watching the film, I was thinking of mobilizing so many people, looking around, and waiting for a long time, Chu Tien-wen's mood went down all the way.

The second time, nine months later.After Zhu had finished, he sent a fax to Hou. He wrote "I strongly recommend you change," and Hou said, "Oh, I'll look at it again."Chu Tien-hsien says that the second time he felt abandoned, Hou Hsiao-hsien was like a rocket to lift off into outer space, and he abandoned the propeller in one section, ignoring the human world and becoming a certain kind of film, and he was soaring in the sky and was very simple to take no emotion.She and Hou said, "You want to do this, you have to get yourself, you don't care about the world, but this is a free and expensive ride.""

Chu Tien-wen stopped and said, "Later I found myself walking along the lines of the writer, thinking," Because, "then," so ", to push the story, without considering the image of his image.I later realized I was not qualified to make a "strong suggestion," I knew it myself, the image was a piece, and the writer was completely unplugged." In the clipping, the director and the writer were separated.Hou led the disintegrating of the scriptwriting arrangements, and he left his own image and made it into a unique style, Nie Hidden.

"The film is not the selection of the film, it's the film's thinking on his own.""The image of the French director, Branson, is that the camera is a creation, not a copy," he said.Only films from films and video films are created. The rest are only film production and film production.

Hou Hsiao-hsien is not an actor, but a human model, and there are many qualities that the director has not thought of.Hou Hsiao-hsien has created an atmosphere of environmental protection for people in the activity. Half of the unknown is actually on the film.To return the scene to the person, the person has an ambiguous gray area, and the present nature of the film corrects the director as well as the vulgar ideas of the writer. The original design and arrangement have been drafted.

" How do you arrange the screens? I think it's like a go play.You are no better than victory or defeat, you are better than the game."Fall and full images like the black seed, you decide how to lay and lay out the images, and about the sound, the sounds that are parallel, the contact, the dislocation, the dislocation or the parallel of the sound, create something, a movie."" (Recommended reading: [Sniangniang] Huang Zhjia: The most simple and most important field of learning

" The film is not about the causal order of the dead board, the movie is like a sky, like Go.You look at a movie like a star, and every star looks like a black and white, and it's put on the most appropriate place.Chu Tien-wen says, " It's like a quiet and quiet layout, and there are tens of thousands of years of empty space between galaxies, and there's silence there.

For the third time, it was two weeks later, the eyes of Zhu Tianwen were out of sight.Between the time and the sky, between the stars and the stars, there was a very vague "sky". She felt that Shu Qi was set up for Ne Nieh, and she looked at her background in the small village, and walked away, thinking of someone like this in his life.Good things don't take her, she has her, she should have endrosed much of it." I think the hidden mother is very poor."

Finally, Chu Tien-hsien and Hou Hsiao-hsien say, " This is not our original Cain. You follow the comfort of your wife and you have a straight cut.The final version of the unbridded mother was like Shu Qi, with a simple and simple atmosphere and a natural atmosphere, facing the world.

Nie Hidden, talking about the plight of the people alone in their survival.

This is a story of a female assassin, a female assassin, who is unable to kill, " he said.No, no, no, no.It's basically like a "chivalry", and has a logical judgment of suicide and non-murder.Looking forward to the appearance of the swordsman and the wall of the eaves, it was discovered that this piece completely ran counter to the martial arts elements, but saw the "road" of the martial arts.

Photos: Photographs of the spotlight, dramas: Tsai Cheng-tai

"For me, Nie Hidden penetrated the type of" The Warrior " to talk about modernism.You see, in this movie, everyone is lonely in the way of survival."

"The back of the man was supported by God, but then you left yourself."This is the starting point of the modern world. You yourself."If you can't find a similar one on your own, nobody can support you. You have to take responsibility for all your choices."" This kind of person is so lonely and so hard.That's why she died when she was a dancer and a dancer.

I look at Zhu astronomy, and I think every single person has his own heaven and hell, and there is no way to say that. No one is really bad. All the stories are the result of choice. Everyone in the Nie is fighting for survival, and that's all.

" In fact, you said that Tian Tian's wish to harm Hu Ji was very similar to the dog's blood court drama.But you go and think, Tian Yuan is also defending her survival.This Tian Yuan, too, wanted to wear a mask, and to fight the unbridded mother, that was to defend his own survival.Chu Tien-yi says that after watching the movie, Xu Fangyi also said that everyone was too lonely.So, when the film appeared, "one person didn't have the same kind of" customs code, we were touched and touched by the bottom of our hearts.

Master " is also very lonely, and taught Nie to have a few years of relationships with apprenticeers, and finally, the secret.Shu Qi said that the trick on his mountain was a lot of tears.He was taken away by the master at the age of 13, and finally, because he did not kill, he still had to break up."

" I think that in this film, everyone is very much in the face of their loneliness."I didn't know why, my eyes were wet."We all have our own way of survival. Everyone is fighting for their own survival. There are no other people behind you, just you.(Recommended to you: Be honest movies, Yee Chie: As creators, I want to speak out for the community )

This is the same thing as the writer and the writer, as Hou Hsiao-hsien.

time of Chu's writing, Hou Hsiao-hsien passed by Chu Tien-hsien to film the film, and the two people met at the coffee shop, and the two had a 30-year cooperation.From the "City of Sadness" to the "Dreams of Dreams" to the audience, it is always felt that these two people cannot be separated.

< Assassin Nie Hidden > Poster, Design Chen Shichuan

"I was like a tennis opponent, and I went to the other side of the game, but I was just playing with him.""Chu Tien-hsien says," When the script was discussed, Hou Hsiao-hsien wanted to find someone to play with, but it wasn't everyone who could play with it.He couldn't find such an opponent, so I had to play it every time."

The process of discussing the script with Hou Chi-chih, Chu-wen's eyes were lit, and it was only a real creative process. The screenplay that was often discussed was even better than shooting. It was just that the narrator couldn't see it.When Hou led the script, he said, "He used to be singing, and with gestures, he was excited about the very beautiful pictures.""

" Gambling with a formula for winning money, you know, losing every day, losing to the bone, you start to win.In fact, writing is actually, every day, they force themselves to go to the desk, bury their heads, write them, write them all up, and dig, dig, and dig, and suddenly, the Doo-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-de-Whoop-de-deOur Zhu's three sisters would ask each other, are you going to lose money and lose money today?The screenplay is like this, and it's the process of creation."

"The two people are looking for it, and it's addictive to be happy and full."Writers' writing processes are for me, and that's a record.When the script was discussed, Hou was eager to go to the scene to see the scene and left the paper on the hands of Zhu Tianwen.Chu Tien-wen drinks coffee. " So writing and writing is two different things. The film is not written by the scriptwriters. There are many scenes that just happen right now."

In my eyes, Chu Tien-hsien and Hou Hsiao-hsien have gone beyond the knowledge of the knowledge.It's that kind of total trust, you know, when you're talking, there's another person in the world who understands, and there's another person who can see the starry sky that you've seen in your eyes, and there's another person who's been dropping and getting picked up in this world.

The figure of writer labor was picked up at the scene of the time.

We ended up talking about the character of Zhu Tianwen, and her brushes were rapid-rich and unnerving in the book, and the "flashy"

witchcraft > < Word of the Century > calling for a modern witch's negative trilogy, to visually and color memory to survive and construct the world.It is not just romantic and extravagant, but Chu Tien-wen's point is that writing characters are responsible for the times.

Chu Tien-wen suddenly speaks of Buddha's story.The Crown Prince Sirido left his way out of his way and asked not to follow. He fell into a skull and fell on the riverside.The shepherd's daughter found out that he was feeding her milk, and when he woke up, he said, "Everything has emotions, and it's a lot of people living on food."As a result of the search for thousands of Baidu Baidu, Hidato reached the path of the river.It turns out that you live in the present and the society, and that is your gravity and gravity.It turns out that the characters are the same.

" In fact, writing characters is a very important part of the world. There is not a moment when you give up watching and watch the world by watching this.The core of my writing is that I want to live, and now, how do I talk to him?"

Tien-wen speaks of the weight and loneliness of writing characters, and has a feeling of China's accession to the World Trade Organization.The author of the writer's labor was seen at the scene of the accident, and he was able to leave a pile of ruins, leaving a pile of ruins that would not have been managed by anyone else.The author of the author's labor is bent over at the scene of the time, picking up the pieces, picking up pieces of tile, and then sorting them into thin and thin, and then sticking them together.It's a piece of your work, and it's a collection."

Chu Tien-wen describes the words with her. It is a gift given to the heavens and a curse.When you see it, you can't be too worried and can't live like any other people.When it comes to a time when there are no new products, Chu himself has a sense of guilt. It seems that he has got a gift from heaven, but he has no hard work and responsibility for his own gift.

"I leave this life without any meaning, and it becomes the only reason I live, and I can write something.""

The subject of the next book, Chu Tien-wen, writes a Taiwanese street cat, and he continues to write a long story.Chu Tien-wen speaks of words, and there is also a kind of free and untold WTO entry.The characters in writing are not only to remember the times, but also to continue to be at the scene of the ruins, with humility and patience. The power of picking, sorting, sticking, and discovering their own writing power has never changed in time and space.

and Chu Tien-chang talked for an hour and a half, the tea was cold, and I felt that I hadn't said enough about it.One person doesn't have the same kind, but when you look at the same star, and you stop for a moment in the same movie, you feel alone becoming a complex number.When Chu Tien-wen says that Nie's big layout is like the black sons of the Go, the images, the pictures, the sound and the gaps, there is a logic that only exists. I feel the mood is so stable.

In this troubled times, Nie Dianyang has said that the lonely woes of survival, like the system of reference systems, can be used to make a lot of trouble, and that it is a precious thing to take a moment to look at.