Well-known designer Wu Ti just married, dumped in this rare love and career myths, but also reflect on whether life should have a standard appearance? May all people live well and be in love quietly.

After the Jason Wedding.

Jason Wu, a well-known designer, was married Jason.

The media are scrambling to report on his personal achievements in costume design, listing how many celebrities have worn the clothes he designed and what new jobs he has recently received. In addition to his career, the news also reported his history: he and his partner had been dating for 11 years, both lovers and career partners. Further, as a reader, we are expected to know how his mother supported him in the "not-so-optimistic fashion industry" and why his family did not attend the wedding. And what other celebrities have openly proclaimed their gay identity.

However, this way of telling the story, we are already too familiar with. We can hear the aria "Once upon the Time" and "They live happily Ever after" in every wedding and every successful person's story. (Something different:"female leadership column" Don't be afraid to be the light because the world is dark. )

Is it possible that we try to accept more frankly that there are all kinds of people in this world, interwoven into all kinds of relationships, and then have different choices in life? For example, in the Jason marriage message to tell us, perhaps just:

There's a couple in the world who love to choose to start a new relationship, that's all.

There is no standard in life: not necessarily a believer in the myth of Love Business

In such an era of information explosion, there are too many messages that are easily uncovered and learned. So, after so many similar messages have been added together, it is easy to misunderstand that all the comrades in the world are surprised and handsome or strong. It is easy to misunderstand that only with a single partner for a long, long time, is called happiness. It is easy to misunderstand, to a love expression of high praise, is to go into marriage. (Gayon: The marital crisis in the movie control: The closest, most dangerous?) )

In such a pluralistic era, we always think that we are far from the vocabulary of models, standards and rules. But when a successful person (just a comrade) gets married, we are swept by a barrage of admiration, and then we realize that we still can't help being a believer in certain myths: walking on the road we like, succeeding, falling in love with someone and getting married. Well, oh you see, comrades are good/so handsome/so beautiful/good style.

No, at least, that's not exactly the case. There is no standard in life, we can still conscientiously do their own not interested in the work, and then put the fun after work to watch TV empty play waste of time; we can talk a lot of love, believe that as long as serious love, those days are not wasted. Of course, a plain, mediocre, well-dressed person still has the right to enjoy everyday life with his equally ordinary same-sex lover. (Recommended reading: does love have an investment rate of return?) )

Because of this, I prefer Jason's brother when he talked about his brother's marriage:

Our family went to Bali last Christmas, and we celebrated them, and our family supported them.

There is no need for "gay marriage" to be celebrated with exultation, no need to use luxurious wedding banquet, guests gathered to prove happiness. Of course, there is no need to make more fuss over the labels of famous designers/comrades/Chinese.

In this world, a pair of lovers choose to start a new relationship, he happens to be a well-known designer Jason, his partner happens to be male, that's all.

Please let us fall in love silently.

I think of a little thing.

There is a small shop near the school that sells drinks and light snacks, boasting natural organic ingredients and sometimes selling smaller farmers ' fresh milk, dairy products and selected organic crops. I went to lunch that day and was about to leave when two men came in with a dog. One squatted down and circled the dog in case it frightened other guests, and another opened the fridge to pick the milk.

At first I thought they were two unrelated people because they didn't come together. I didn't realize they were grocery shopping until they started talking about buying milk and not buying two more puddings.

Such a day without any difference in the afternoon, ordinary two people, wearing simple, together out to buy daily necessities. After the checkout, and back into the shop outside the people, disappeared in the crowd.

They are not handsome, nor special type, more do not know is not talented, but so plain and simple to get along, people can not help but imagine that this is their daily every day, so feel a sense of well-being. Such happiness is too ordinary, ordinary to let people moved.

If one day, we can allow everyone to love each other so quietly, that's good. (You will like:"read poetry for You" Life is the sun and the rain and the Stars )