Legislators Xu Tianjin a monthly Congress salon for you to organize three night moving stories, the so-called gender issues, is the life of the appearance, return to the living people.

April 11, the Xu Tianjin sponsored by the Parliament salon in the Reading music study curtain, such a night, we talk about the process of Taiwan's marriage equality, the gay movement of perennial cultivator, KMT and DPP legislators, the life of comrades and heterosexual friends are in the scene, hot eyes.

From the left: Taiwan Gay family Rights Promotion Council Cai Xiangwen, Taiwan Comrades Advisory Hotline Secretary-General Peng, legislative members, such as beauty, gay family following the adoption of the representative of the big turtle, with the transport representative Lu Xinjie, promoter Xu Tianjin.

Such a night, all of the deep in the Congress of the distant nouns, marriage equality, multiple families, adoption system, the following regulations, all of a sudden into life inside.

Gender is always closely dependent on life, what is gay rights, gay rights and interests are we can together tax, is we can not be careful to cross the customs, is that I can sign your family consent book, we can confidently hand, that we are a family, there is no fault.

Gender issues are never far away, and gender can start to haunt you from the very least of the last few, to make a difference in your life, not because of greatness, but from the right to life to a group of people who have lost their lives.

I was in the Congress salon scene, heard three and live close to the story, the rainy night I walked home, the heart is full of emotion is not cold, share to you. (Recommended to you: the street Declaration of Love!) Four gay processes belonging to Taiwan )

Lu Xinjie: The influence of the companion system is trivial, but he is very close to life.

In the gay vocal scene, often see Lu Xinjie, wearing her signature rainbow pendant earrings. She and her partner Chen Ling is a long-time cultivator of the gay movement, and last year she decided to take politics as a practice of the gay movement, representing the SPD as a legislator in the Lutheran Songshan District. The election results were less than expected and she was not discouraged and returned to Congress to understand the specific difficulties of the bill's implementation.

"I am 33 years old, I know I love girls, I feel like other people are not the same, in order to make friends, I also began to try to talk to others about what I like boys, but I really do not know." I think as a comrade, from small to large of the kind of incompatible, uncertain society is willing to accept and see the real fear of you, there is a corner of life, has become our interaction with the community. 」

"What's very different with heterosexual candidates is that when I'm running, whenever I have to talk about gay issues in the media, I have a deep fear in my heart," he said. I do not know the next person I met, will use what attitude to face me, I do not know when he smiled at me, he is not sincere. I thought that even if I were a comrade who kept coming out of the closet, even if I had a lot of resources to fight against society, gay identity would still affect my interaction with the rest of the community, and it had to change through the system. 」

"I can't help thinking that people like me who have a lot of friends in my life who have so much effort to deal with this anxiety, what if he is a lonely comrade?" If he is a teenage comrade, if he lives in the township, if he has no other comrades around, the family does not accept him, then what to do? 」

"I want to tell a little story, many times, the influence of the partner system is very trivial, but he and life are closely glued together." I have tried every means of my partner, attended a joint wedding, and also went to the same-sex couples note that last year, when we had an open wedding without a legal effect, we had three weddings, and my wife said, how many marriages do they really count? We are very ordinary young people, to back the loan, to face life, we have to spend a lot of energy with this world dialogue and struggle, actually very tired. 」

"My wife is driving my car today and is going to apply for a parking space," she said. You say this is a small thing, yes, but this is also our life, our life is so many not convenient place. 」

I've been thinking about the Lu Xinjie question, how many marriages does a gay partner really count? Marriage equality is never really just a slogan, it is a solid life imagination, from the most branches of the tip of the tip began to loosen the only willing to serve the heterosexual world. (Recommended reading: the true picture of gay love: love, Blood and sweat )

Big turtle: Admitting my family, what is the obstacle to happiness?

Big Turtle and JoJo, many people to their story is not unfamiliar, they are a pair of female companion twins, but only JoJo in the household register is listed as the mother. The tortoise and the week applied for civil law "adoptive", but was dismissed by the court as "not one man and one woman, not in the interest of the child", and their families were never legally recognized. Big turtle share, not angry, there are more to the government's disappointment.

"I was with JoJo in 17, trying to get a pro adoption until now, the children are five years old." I just want to say that we think of family like many people, have each other, have children, nothing is different. 」

"As a gay partner, we have to write a lot of wills, to find a lot of people as witnesses, everything we have to hand over the report, but I would like to ask, to admit that my family, in the end, who is the happiness of the obstacles?" 」

"I have been waiting for a eight-year period, and the next eight years, Taiwan's law has always been unwilling to face up to it." I heard the political figures in the mouth of the national consensus, the time is not ripe, the state machine only care about the distribution of votes, the injustice of things, only choose to mention, lightly put down. 」

"Friends of the Family union have asked us to go to Europe and America to have children, but I don't think anyone has the human right to expel others." Every day I was out of the closet, and the passing of the ladies out. I do not love out of the closet, but through the ark, I want to let the children know that our family looks right. 」

"I have been communicating with the world and I believe there are not so many opponents." 」

The turtle will frown when he speaks, and when he mentions the government's long disregard for the sound of trembling, I see a pair of years of frustration, there is still no disappointed vision. Comrades are constantly out of the closet, there are more times, is to regain the identity of comrade politics, is to let more still in the dark corner comrades See, we are here, do not have to feel guilty for their own living. (same field recommendation:"Home, is made with love" gay raised children to tell you what is called Love )

Shiraz mother: Gay identity makes me like second-class citizens, stop throwing stones at us, okay?

A participant at the scene raised his hand, she hurried from her work to Taipei to attend the event, saying that she also had conflicting identities in the eyes of others, a mother, a comrade and a Christian, and she wanted to say to those who threw stones at comrades in the name of God's lover that God was more tolerant than your narrow eyes.

"It was the first time I publicly came out of the closet, I am a little nervous, I am a mother, I am a comrade, I am a Christian, I these three identities, they fight in my body, but do not know how, God also let these three identities in my body and good. 」

"I have dual nationality, when I was in Canada, my wife and I had two children, and I could go with the family. In Taiwan to go to the customs, my wife will bring a child, I take a child, two people separate clearance, in Taiwan's eyes, we are not a family. 」

"I want to say that we are losing our demographic dividend in Taiwan." According to statistics, there are 10% people in the gay community, many of my gay friends in foreign countries are unwilling to come back, they do not want to come back, but in Taiwan, they can never be hot and spicy walking in the street, saying that this is my children and family. 」

"In Canada, I'm not white, always racist," he said. In Taiwan, there is no racial barrier, but gay identity makes me live like second-class citizens. But I still like Taiwan this place, Taiwan is a very human place, I go to the supermarket to buy vegetables, next door will be more worried than me, said I picked the cauliflower is not big enough. 」

"I remember when I was in the largest church in Taichung, when I was hoping that the league's candidates would share it, claiming that marriage equality was terrible, that gay people were monsters and I was very hurt." But I would like to say that the Bible quoted by the letter of Hope, said that a husband and wife for a lifetime, there is only the first two chapters of Genesis. If God hates me, he will not give me two children. 」

"I want to ask you not to throw stones at the smaller groups, can you, don't throw stones at us, don't throw stones at my children?" 」

I someone ever to cry at the scene, I think who is not so, with all the strength to reconcile with their own identity? With a near-begging gesture, she asked the opposing groups to put down their anger and put down the stones she had raised, saying that if you would take a closer look, we would also go shopping, and we would also like to define what we think of as a family, and we are equally hardworking people. (same field Gayon:Mary Lambert in the name of love Hum the gay perspective: love, for all to exist )

When I think about it, comrades no longer need to come out once in a while, and once in a while, can feel at ease to become themselves and have a life? In the legislature, in this session, we look forward to a more complete plan of law, and in life, we hope no longer to apologize for their sexual orientation, I hope the world more soft, Zhang eyes see broad love appearance.

"The same game" to fight for gender rights and interests: Change the world for only five minutes!

Have you ever felt the pain caused by sex? Have you ever wondered why there are so many labels on the hoof? Do you want to change the sex status? Think about it for five minutes and look forward to a more friendly society with us.