After Britain legalized gay marriage, a question-and- answer film was taken by a number of British media to listen to gay-raised children about what is home and what love is.

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There has been more and more discussion in Taiwan recently about whether gay marriage should be legalized and whether same-sex couples have the right to adopt children. Before making the final judgment, let's take a look at today in the world against terrorism, I dedicate this article to all of you who are fighting for their own rights, you are very beautiful! (Recommended reading: Another attempt at love )

Today, 5/17 days, is the world's counter-terrorism on the same date (International Day Against Homophobia and transphobia)! The date is scheduled for May 17 to commemorate the 1990 May 17, when the World Health Organization (WHO) formally removed homosexuality from the psychiatric register, declaring that homosexuality is not a "must cure" mental illness.

Nevertheless, 15 years later, in today's society, there are still a lot of people who are gay, or LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, transgender) with fear or disgust, and even want to exert violence on comrades. (For more blood and tears, see France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act .)

In order to fight for gay rights, the world has a lot of fascinating gay parade (Photo: Amsterdam Gay Pride, French Lyon parade ), and we are glad that Taiwan, is Asia's first gay parade, It is also the largest country in the entire Asian gay parade.

On the same day of world counterterrorism, we'd like to take you to a video of a gay-adopted child, listen to their love, talk about themselves, talk about their family, and talk about the future. You will find that love, simple, is love.

First easy to visit the children, where to live, have you ever imagined your future? We see children from all over, have child language and serious eyes, very cute!

The little girl was very careful to explain where she lived!

When it comes to dreams, every child has a dream to practice.

I want to be an actor, a story writer, a long-distance runner, an astronaut, a singer.

I want to be a singer, a teacher and a reader (the reader's answer is so lovely)

I want to be a bus driver, and a philanthropist.

I want to be an inventor, oh I want to be a crazy scientist!

Then ask the children, if they can change the world, what do they want to change?

I want to improve the pollution problem

I'm going to bring dinosaurs back to the world.

Finally asked about the family, the reaction of the children was

There are two moms in my family.

Many people say my family is strange, but I don't feel that way at all.

The red boy then stood up, showing his T-shirt words, Some people are gay.

I think the best part about having two moms is that if a mother goes out, there's another mother who can hug her. The little girl went on: "I think people, whatever they are, are normal." "Then jokingly said:" Unless you have a long nose, is a flying witch.

My family is normal, but it's not surprising.

The question and answer in the film, from the point of view of the child's life, did not choose to ask the child from beginning to end: "Your family has two mothers or two fathers, what do you feel?" "Because we know that no matter what sex you are raising, home is home, family is family, love is Love." (also come to see: I want to marry "she")

Love is love, we believe it all the time. We would like to quote a statement from the House of Commons Speaker Maria Miller in Britain in 2014 on the legalization of gay matrimony: "Marriage is one of the most important systems of human history." From the March 29 of 2014, marriage will be open to all, whether they are in love with the same sex or different sex people. 」

Over the past two years, we have witnessed a succession of clear laws legalizing same-sex marriage in Brazil, France, Uruguay, New Zealand and Britain, and we eagerly look forward to the next round of names in the list. Because we believe that everyone is entitled to take up the hand of the lovers around, into the farther and farther future. (Let's join: teach children to respect gay love from childhood )

Hold the hand of the son, and the son, this is love, the most pure beautiful appearance.

Love, only one, no difference
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