Work is love made visible. Women fans have always believed that work is a love of the elephant, to see our work site, this week to listen to the editor said.

A lot of people ask me recently why do you love working so much? Why would you stay up late and write an interview? Why do you bounce out of bed before bedtime, just to line up a fan post on current affairs?

Many people ask at the same time, still with cramped smile, small whispered to ask: "Is not your boss particularly pressing?" "Most of the time, I will also smile." I was probably too lazy in the past, rarely for myself to seriously fight for anything. But, really no one forced me, the most fundamental why, is that I care, is that I am willing. I care too much, so I can't let go, so I can not perfunctory.

I have always believed that if you do not want from the bottom of your heart, no one can force you, in the world there will be no one, more than you can push themselves, people say no more devil boss have no way.

I also think that if we think of the work, can only be the boss of a password to answer a move, then I feel too miserable. In a woman fan no boss, you do every thing, the most fundamental is to ask yourself, I have no way to convince myself?

Do I deserve to write my own words? Did I write an interview that did not disappoint the interviewee's time? Does my article have a deep heart for readers? How can we work on gender issues?

Women are obsessed with this way, and we carry more pain than anyone else. Women and gender issues, many times, watching the current affairs of the tears fell down; because we don't have much resources, we have to redouble our efforts, write a little more words, boil some nights, I always think, if we are not with a golden spoon in the background, That must be more deserving of their own way of living.

I believe that one thing you do with your life, and casually do with you, everyone knows.
I believe that one thing you care about, and you just follow the tide to force, everyone to see in the heart.

Life is so short, don't take the time to do things you don't want to do.

Woman mystery editor Audrey Ko

If you can, please do what you really care about, please do what will make you feel pain, please do what you are willing to pay the time.

If you can, please give yourself the opportunity to listen to the voice of the heart, stop blindly drift, learn to see their own ability.

Because time, is you can give your life, the most precious things. 2018 "Sister said school", with such a heartbeat, look forward to meeting you: