Self, relationship, life, future, world ... there are so many times when you are so lost that you can "mend" the six books of your life, so that even if your world is raining, you will still be your own sun.

I hope that every moment is as beautiful as a colored crayon. I hope that I can paint on my beloved white paper, draw a clumsy freedom, draw the next one will never, tears eyes. I want to paint the morning, the dew, the smile I can see. Painting all the youngest, no pain of love. --Excerpt from Gucheng "I am a wayward child"

But you are no longer a wayward child, gradually, gradually, in the growth of this road, the world seems to become uninteresting, every moment is no longer as beautiful as in the past. "When did it start?" "You ask yourself, those tiny and dark thoughts will drill into your heart, you first feel tired, can not move in front of the reality, can only wait for disappointment past, think it's okay, maybe tomorrow, but to" tomorrow ", you look forward to the future is not coming.

Day after day, you are more and more unsure of yourself, thinking that it is so easy to be changed by the world. Later, you begin to feel pain, only to find yourself by those malicious drill out of the hole, you really hurt, you want to shout pain but also afraid of trouble others, because growth is to learn the process of their own responsibility.

What kind of person am I? How to face the loneliness? Should lovers love themselves before? Is this my favorite life? What does the so-called better future look like? And do I have the power to change the world? Doubt fills the mind, there are so many times, you feel powerless to the wound of life, but also keep unwilling to heart strength, reluctant to own before the rebellion, they go directly into the scene of too sophisticated.

In such a vacant day, dedicate to You "mend" life six books, may the book Walk with you in the displaced, even if the reality is tossing and falling, you can still have clumsy freedom when you are old; May the world be raining, and you will still be your own sun, and may your future be as you wish.

Mending "Myself"--the second Nature

Women are not created, they are made. --" Second Nature "

Simompova is such a special woman, in the 40 's not to rely on men, she refused to reproduce, as long as their own masters, her lifelong pursuit of freedom, in love with the flow, before and after the eternal Saudi, American lover Agrin, young man Lanzman, to death to the end of the daughter and friend Seaver ; She used her own eyes to capture the world, wrote the feminist theory of "second nature", but also for women's reproductive freedom, and signed to admit that she had abortions, and took to the streets for women's rights struggle.

"Simompova himself, her life, her work has become a symbol: a symbol of even a woman, may break through all obstacles, break the restrictions of customs and prejudices, in accordance with their own wishes to live this life." "What Schwartz said in 1982 seems profound to this day, because in the second sex there is too much pain in being a woman growing up." BEAUVOLR along the trajectory of life from childhood to old age , to homosexuality , prostitutes, women in love, Independent women and other different women , and explores the changes in the physiology, psychology and situation of various types of women, so that I often read not only the classics known as the "Feminine Bible", but also the "self" dialogue with women.

The world too many seemingly well-meaning demands and reminders have become shackles, the boy is taught as the active "person", cannot easily reveal sadness, dares to challenge to own future, as long as you dare, nothing can not; on the contrary, the girl is regarded as the passive "thing", the gentleness is approximately obedient, must be reserved, cannot have excessive desire and ambition, leaning against the pleasing others to achieve their goals, otherwise it is to discard their beautiful bad woman. Adolescence and after the loss of youth, a woman has already encountered all kinds of tests: menstrual cramps, cover the lust, body control, ambiguous hatred. However, the greatest hypocrisy of women is to pretend that they are "things", with others in the eyes of appreciation to judge their appearance. (Extended reading: Simompova's heroic Love: "I love you, but I do not want to die for You")

Mending "relationship" -Love class: Lovers ' 50 exercises

This book is written for all who yearn for love, fear love, are in love, or are lovelorn: in the gaze of love, we will gradually understand their vulnerability and become a more understanding of their own people. This book is not a guide to love, but the author Chenxue his own life experience as a problem, to "get Along", "Running-in", "impermanence", "fear", "quarrel", "Break Up", "Leave", "hurt" and other stories slowly, no rigid dogma, no strict guidance, no lofty principles, Gently lift the weight of those lives and let you listen to them at ease.

In the control of anger, understanding of emotions, release of sadness, learn tolerance, loyalty and independence, Chenxue tenderly for lovers to brush the eyes of confusion-love is not a natural fairy tale, there are more of each other's temper. Love is a long practice, in deep shallow wounds, you will grow from the courage, can finally understand love is not lonely antidote, must first know how to take care of their own unease, to learn two people live together.

Because "love a person, is to give, not occupy."

When your heart is full, you have the ability to love, this time the love is wholeheartedly focused, hope each other happy, and not just find a harbor to escape. When blessed, no one, then we, closest to the nature of love, because we do not guarantee, do not seek return, Buther, but more able to look at the immediate lover, let the relationship light without heavy pressure. (Extended reading: Chenxue "We are all riddled with lovers": former? The unfinished type of love )

Mending "Life"-"Heaven and earth have great beauty: Chiang Hsun and you talk about life aesthetics"

Chiang Hsun Talk about beauty, not only emphasize the exquisite beauty, but the truth of beauty. I used to Chiang Hsun the impression of a more biased appreciation of art, but he eventually found that the conditions of the United States is not in the form, but the mind, otherwise often will be reduced to deliberate arty, how to regain the real feeling, the "human model" of the way of life, is really the United States have throbbing

Chiang Hsun, who was interviewed in Cheers magazine, said that he wanted to express "the Origin of man" when we lost the origin of people, and all the beauty was false. Chiang Hsun This topic of beauty--you can put a lot of Ming-style furniture at home, very beautiful; you like home is very empty, also very beautiful, but the real problem is that you know what you want, what can make you feel pleasure from the heart, if you just blindly chasing, then the famous design is false, come back to be the owner of their own lives, Is the important lesson.

If all you see is a brand, just a price, just applause, it's just a fake beauty, because you're not necessarily happy about it.

Life aesthetics is not only to eat famous restaurants, where to watch exhibitions, to listen to concerts, Chiang Hsun in this book from the life of the small face, will be closer to the United States to food, clothing, housing, line of the level, and can live a texture, taste of life. and open oneself to practice the experience of life aesthetics, let the public understand the aesthetic training is not difficult, the "good days" does not require an expensive price. Your eyes, your ears, you can hear beautiful things, can see beautiful things, and even you do a dish can taste the taste of beauty, this is the life aesthetics. (Extended reading: form the gentle face of life: From now on, you deserve more beautiful days )

Mending "The Future"--My little revolution

in his inaugural address, Obama said : "Expect others or wait for the future, change will never be realized." We are ourselves, the people we wait for. Our own, is the change we seek. 」

This is not a book that teaches you what you are thinking. We all look forward to life full of "want to do" blessing, but few people are willing to sincerely believe its meaning, or misunderstand its intention, think as long as the dream can be done. This book is about real life, 24 dream practitioners do not have huge wealth, no good reputation, even small, continuous movements often bring many unimaginable small revolution, because, believe in dreams, believe in their inner strength, you can see the changes you expect.

These 24 stories, whether it's the creation of the street magazine The Big Issue, independent bookstores, mobile cinemas, or the pursuit of pedestrian rights, open free software; whether it is to do public service travel, international volunteer work, or create community art, at the edge of voice, collect folk songs, even the maintenance of sexual autonomy, immigration human rights ... These little people's actions subvert the established concept, do not ask do not get, the definition of success is that you want to do, choose the way to go.

Do not shout slogans, do not preach value, "My little Revolution" is not just a record of the word, but bear the imagination of the future generations, this revolution belongs to you, belong to me, belong to this island everyone, the firm belief is the most precious gift. (Extended reading:11 years old start doing public good!) Shen Ling: "Life is a gentle little revolution")

Mending "The World "-see: Ten years of Chinese See and think

We know the name "Chai Jing", perhaps from the environmental documentary "Dome". But she is not only a worried child's future mother, as a former CCTV reporter she went to dig the world's ugly for many years.

Chai Jing to the journalist's penetrating observation and introspective, natural quiet style, leading readers to think about the social problems China has faced in recent years, whether it is industrial pollution, illegal land expropriation, domestic violence, or homosexual issues, in the test of social contradictions and conflicts.

Chai Jing is not born to devote to the world, during the SARS period close contact with SARS infected, she found that the warm beat is alive. Use the wood static own words to answer: "When a person cares about others, only then forgets oneself." "The tenderness of this world comes from the heart of everyone," the foundation of understanding is feeling. People can feel other people's time, the heart becomes soft, soft is not fragile, is toughness. 」

simple, but with weight. Inappropriate to conform to the Marvel, when regrets, Chai Jing clearly know their starting point, also know the destination, life can not Holi Hu Tu, echo, but to open his eyes from ignorance, independent thinking, the courage to challenge and not give up, firmly explore the hidden truth behind. (Extended reading: Chai Jing to the Chinese government: we are all under the same "Dome", no one can hide )

One more thing--"men Without Women"

This book is the village of Spring tree against nine years, write to have experienced men and women love novel set. The world is more profound and more sharp. Turn a corner, you become a man without a woman, and never return.

In this there is a Bachelor of the whole type of doctors, met the "determined not to like too much, but hope not to lose" the woman, began to think about their own problems. This has been locked in the land island "house" Plume, every night female "liaison" in bed afterwards said a story, the charm of the world fascinated him. This has been betrayed by his wife Mu Ye quit the company work, began to run a bar, at a certain point of time, the store began to be surrounded by strange atmosphere.

"Drinkers in the world can be broadly divided into two categories: one who has to drink to add something to himself, and one who has to drink to get rid of himself." 」

Seven stories, seven kinds of loneliness. For a variety of reasons-their wives died of cancer, couples parted, unable to share intimacy, wives derailed, and so on-they lost the important other half of their daily lives and became "men without women". The loneliness in this book is somewhat close to "solitary" situation, unlike the village of the spring tree "1Q84" although the protagonist has experienced a difficult lonely moment, but eventually found the solution and the way out. The protagonist of this short story, either subject to objective conditions or subject to subjective conditions, can be isolated into the bone marrow, unable to resolve them. (Extended reading: Psychology Reading Murakami: "As a professional novelist", zeroing is also a choice )

The age of the big woman, can be strong, can also fragile. We have not finished this journey, and the real courage is to bear the loss of ownership, and find the strength to settle their own hesitation. In this world of scarcity, do not worry about revealing all the weakness and sadness, but everyone has their own hell, we may be free anyway.