Your greedy ghost friend, go out to play without two steps to say hungry; the party always chooses the one that he likes most; he claims that gourmands have no food to eat; a greedy ghost is a bit picky eat, wants to put the best into the mouth, so they maintain a certain taste and exquisite life attitude, together to see the heart of the greedy ghost monologue! (Recommended reading: breakfast is not new?) 15 countries for breakfast fresh eating method )

The first thing to get up in the morning, go straight to the breakfast shop to pick up the freshest toast, 11 o ' clock to your seat on pins and needles, four o'clock in the afternoon, you already think about what to eat at night, before you go to bed at night, you plan a mix of tomorrow's breakfast.

Are you a heavy eater without food?

Love to eat innocence, will eat reasonable! To share with you cargo seven of the greedy Ghost monologue:

I'm not hungry, but I'm bored and have to eat.

The food is for the spare time.

There are only two things in my mind: weight-reduction (tomorrow), and eating

Can weight-reduction be eaten?

There's a way to make me fall in love with you:

1. Buy Food for me
2. Make food for me to eat
3. You are the food.

Nice, sweet, greedy.

If someone forgets to eat, he must be an idiot.

Shh, you don't have to ask me about my trip, I've been planning to eat it all day.

I'm not eating, I'm on my way to eat.

I can't marvel at the progress of technology unless it allows me to download food

Please all the technology ancestors refueling Ah!

There is a saying, you eat what you are what kind of person (the greedy ghost oneself say)

So I eat Pizza, because I want to be the best.

Greedy ghosts can find thousands of reasons for themselves

I'm not actually meditating, I'm trying to eat something.

Devote all thought to food

Hey, you saw your own miniature in there! I know you are hungry when you see the third illustration. Turn off the window and go hunting now.