Minister of Justice Luo Ying, who was consulted on the Kenyan case, said "then he died" and caused the public to punish the people.Many of the netizens angrily denounced the attack, which was discussed in gender .Do you think that Luo Ying's error is related to " splashing women "?Should we judge his gender characteristic again?We look forward to the day when the feminine character is no longer the curse of the curse.(Sibling: "Then he dies," the dilemma behind the "death": the silent majority, so that life is such that it is such that life is such that it is a feather )

Last week, Minister of Justice Luo Ying, in the case of the Kenya case, in an interview with the Legislative Yuan, "Then he died," causing anger and fury.Netizens used the Snow and Snow words of the United States and the United States to make Rap, and the most extensive of the history of the Snow and Snow and Snow.She wrote a press release from the Ministry of Justice, accusing the legislator of populing the populists. The public was not buying a bill, and the cannon fire was incessarying, and the war of gun shots was transferred from the interrogatories to the online battlefield

Not only was the news of Luo's voice startling, Legislator Hsu Yung-ming was shrewling, but several netizens off another wave of gender discussions after the attack on the " hairdreshies . They said:

In high school, there will be a couple of girls like Luo Ying in the class. Do you dare to play the shoulder belt of this kind of person?"

Sex is always the best tool for attacking public figures.

In Congress, gender rhetoric is bullet

Whether it's "shrew" or "north" or "pulling the sash" means that in the eyes of the public, the snow is not a "regular" woman.We can't help but ask, what is the relationship between Luo's mistake and his gender?

We look forward to a woman who is not a bitch. Once he has been in the political arena, he has to prepare a "negative trait" for the National People's Congress (NPC)'s constitution. In the Legislative Yuan, it's beautiful. People say you are a North Hong Kong censer; a bit of a sharp, they say that you are an old virgin.

This kind of sexual association, sexual harassment, and sexual assault are not discussed at all.The way politicians use a glimpting of women's private sphere as a means of attack has become a means of being the most humiliating and degrading treatment.

In the Congress, gender rhetoric is a bullet that makes the gun and rain of speech.Thus, we laughed and said that Ma, Lin Chang-zo's hair was "mentally abnormal" than women. Or you can remember that the Chuoshui River Commune's Ma Xianzhong is a "woman state" if each soldier is like a Hong Chung-chu.Some people say that Tsai Ing-wen is single and hard (or she is single, a national crisis), and she has sent him to be the wife of the Fuhrer City, or even Hung Hsiu-chu, to be firm in her discussion with the KMT.(In the same place: What is the problem with the gender attack of the bartender, the nude film, the beauties, and the beauties?)

We attack male politicians with "like women", and "don't look like women" to attack female .There are two levels of discrimination. One is the discrimination against the male behavior, and one is the discrimination against the femininity of the femininity. As a political leader, it is "like a man" if you are a political leader. Otherwise, you are "like a woman", but you are incapable, weak, and submisscubed. How come the woman politician?

Whenever such a gender attack or expression occurs, I feel like a woman, who are we going to provoke?

Parent of the shoulder strap authority

The action of the "shoulder strap" is more offensive to me.I was reminded that a few male classmates in primary school had made a good impression of their authority by taking the action of pulling the shoulder belt.Looking back at that sentence: Do you dare to take the snow to the north and north of the snow? As if we had to say thank you to the "shoulder to shoulder" spokesperson, it was really a thank you. I was willing to pull my shoulder strap.

reason why money-losing logic on the of a woman in a position to be stable is able to survive is precisely because the that women still have this less-compensated mentality." — — Ho Chun-jui < Hare Women >

The shoulder strap indicates that we can randomly move a woman's body, where women are the only choice: one, you are enough to be taken by me, because of the urge to make me impulsive.Two, I don't even want to pull your shoulder.

Luo's snow is listed as the second column in these two options — one that does not make people sexually impulsive.It is hard to imagine how male netizens are talking about how to balance women's scales, valuations and sales.Even though Luo Ying's "and then he died" provoked fury, did we not comment more on the matter, or not on the basis of gender?

What are the pride of the girls' shoulders?

Even the former "Coloy Stick" incident, which is a public image of female politicians, can make a male netizen to be complacent and preoccupied with the upper hand.This is based on our "money-losing logic" for heterosexual relations, and we think that the negative side is a passive object that can be sent to the cave, and can be made to make KUSO diagrams to ridicule the President of the horse.(Recommended reading: "King Pu-tsung's special relationship?"" Gay people in front of the spotlight )

The above associations of feminine temperaments are the same, and women are dwarfs by the christened objects and succumb to the relationship of "seen, sexually assaulted, and shoulder straps".The feminine temperament is subject to the suit, and the service of paternal authority is to please the battle of Yanggang.

One guy without a girl's shoulder strap, that's his gender consciousness to be strengthened.What I am afraid of is that one day, the entire society will have to sell women politicians to the price.What I fear is that we can easily categorize women like Xu Cowu, a joke that is characterized by other sexual characteristics, or that he is the Northern North, like Luo Ying, in a heterosexual relationship.I am afraid that the generations' daughters will continue to grow up on the campus life of the straps, and fear that our sons take this as a matter of course.

The slick, the empty shoulder belt, the free flow of speech on the Internet, also reflects the fact that we don't have a well-behaved woman who predresses women. We don't have to be sorry if we pull girls'shoulders, and lift up girls' skirts.I was afraid that more girls would bring up their patriarchal dividends and whip them. What I'm afraid of is that we have more and more people, and let them play the girls' bodies from the screen to the reality for what they want to do.(In the same place: " The corpse was picked up by a girl?The ubiquitous Rape Culture

(Photo Source: Internet Netizens and Coincidentally Screen Capture)

We yearn for a negative, not an attack, as we look forward to being able to be untied.We call for the use of gender rhetoric to challenge women's politicians, as we do not agree with the word "mother" on the interrogatories that is a hairdressier.

One day, in addition to using feminine as an attack tool, there can be other precise ways of making mistakes.It's not about his gender, his sexual orientation.