This year there are many festivals and festivals around the world, and you don't know where to play this year. You pick up your notebooks and take notes of the ten excerpations and the destinations that you need to attend this year!

Commemoration of the Antarctic Expedition for a hundred

Immediately after the polar expeditions of Rod Amundsen in December 1911, British explorers Robert Scott Falcon Scott was also on the expedition to the Antarctic on January 17, 1912.A century later, the Antarctic summer between 2011 and 2012 will allow tourists to see the continent of Snow and Snow.Scott's fans should focus on the Cambridge University in England (the location of the Polar Museum, some of which are also Scott's Polar Research Agency), or a statue at the Waterloo Place Hotel in London, and more extreme people visit the wooden huts on Cape EEvans in the Antarctic.

and Napoleon Bonaparte

This year is the 200-week anniversary of Napoleon's defeat Russia (1812).The Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum, in Moscow's Battle of Borodino Panorama Museum, can make you seem to have gone through that campaign; or you can go far north, the Hermitage Museum, the Museum of Artillery, and Signal Corps, as well as paintings and other memorials in World War II, and Russia's Venghuelstoy's name.

Beach Sanctuary in

Namibia is a special country with rich wildlife, a beautiful desert landscape, and many open spacious spaces.This year you can visit Namibia and the Atlantic Ocean, the world's largest ecological sanctuary, and include four national parks, including four national parks, especially in protected areas, where visitors can explore the wild.

Football heat Poland and

Poland and Ukraine, two of the most European football championships in Europe this year, have to offer four venues for each of the two countries, which are the number of tourists and fans.Warsaw, Gdańsk (Gdansk), Poznan (Poznan) and Wroclaw form the main tourist route in Poland, and you can go to a mysterious place in Ukraine through the ancient city of Krakow: Kiev (Kiev), which is suitable for summer sightseeing, and is the host city for Lviv, Kharkiv and Donetsk.

Follow Australia's

Six hundred weeks of Queen's birthday

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Joan of Arc, France's greatest heroin, a great opportunity to revisit her homeland.Although Jade was only a young girl, she had a far more mature vision than adults, and she was also a war hero who had lived in his own country in the centuries of war against the United Kingdom.In the footsteps of her, the tourists could see the French beauty: Orleans, who won the first victory in Jeanne, saw Charles VII as King of the King's Reims Cathedral, and finally the Rouen Castle, who was held in custody.

Mining New Middle East

The Arab Spring, which swept across the Middle East in 2011, has affected almost all Middle Eastern and North African countries, but the most significant shift is the Western impression of the Middle East's religious beliefs.Despite the problems of the political system in the Middle East, the people of these countries are very hospfriendly and have a lot of youth-ambitious youth populations.Why don't you see Tunis in Tunis, in Cairo, in Cairo?You will definitely be treated in hospitality, but before you visit, please remember to gather the latest information on the ground and check on the local government's website to check on any visitors who have added any visitors.

Explore the ancient city Maribor

In 2012, Europe's cultural heart was not in the city of Guimar ã in the city of Maribor, in the city of Gimar.This year will be a memorable year for the arts, music, film, photography, art, architecture, literature, thought, theatre, dance, street art, and works of art. It will be the prelude to the diversity of European culture, and welcome artists from other countries.

Play classic video game at the Smithsonian

Parents, children, gamers should be able to travel to the US capital in a happy way.In Washington, the Smithsonian Museum has a collection of 7,000 games associated with computer games (The Art of Video Games) from 3/16 to 9/30 in 2012. The theme of the exhibition is the process of video game innovation in the last 40 years, with many of the older players' childhood memories.There are about 80 gaming screens, such as super-Mary and so on.

World exposition

As for the new generation, the Expo is one of the annual events that must be attended to, and the modern world, in addition to the major themes of the exposition, has made every effort to show its own culture.The 2012 World Exposition will be held in Lishui, South Korea, from 5/12 to 8/12, as the water from the sea has a beautiful coastline, so this theme is "Living Ocean and Coast".In the world, you can't miss an exhibition hall that has never been more than ever before.

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