single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. When it comes to lovelorn , it seems that there are often only feminine tones and less male voices. But aren't boys going to be lovelorn? Don't boys feel frustrated or hurt when they have feelings? I think of those lovelorn boys, how I want to tell them, can you make a good cry? (Recommended reading: men to liberate your tears!) Tears, is the most gentle brave )

Do not know why, in memory, I always feel that men rarely mention lovelorn.

Usually the figure of a man in my memory is such, mention break up, he bowed his head a word also don't say, the next day was found drunk not home, or seemingly diffuse don't care about the continued life, have a model. Or maybe a group of men together, say good-bye but little thing, sister everywhere is, and then chasing all have.

Do not know who taught them, handling feelings can not be muddy, to calm to self-control, I still do not know how men deal with emotional injury moment. How does he face the feeling that he is convinced that he can walk all his life and suddenly let go? How does he talk to himself in a fragile way? Will you cry? Will it be sad? Can you find someone to complain to? Do they know they're hurt?

Also perhaps, is not the man rarely mentions lovelorn, is the man really does not know how can discuss the lovelorn.

One time I went home, I casually asked my brother, "How are you doing with your girlfriend recently?" One day invite her to come, sister please have a meal. "The younger brother shrugged, said the first two weeks broke up, because of the sameness of personality, is now single, free.

I feel the nose do not know how to ask down, suddenly feel to ask the boy "lovelorn you okay?" "Very difficult, as if this society has been the default, boys will not be injured, boys do not cry, boys even if injured, will soon be better."

The boys were asked to grow into a invincible iron king.

I think of the former, and brother about drinking, three cup of soup under the belly, usually do anything careless he just carefully said: "Single These years have been very tired." "To pretend not to miss the ex-girlfriend is very tired, to pretend that they are not hurt very tired, pretending to prefer the freedom of single is also very tired."

He smiled a wry smile, "I still miss my ex-girlfriend, but how could I say, it's useless." In the fraternity party, I still have to say: "Next to the sister is very positive." Can you understand this feeling? 」

I don't know, but I put my arm around him, found that he looks very big behind the body, is a good small person, sad can not be presumptuous to be seen, pain should not say export, miss too ashamed, weakness too difficult, he diligently diligently diligently learn to speak strong language, even how to cry forgotten.

How I want to say, hey dear boy, can you just follow me and cry?