The editor of a woman's obsession has talked about: " discomfort is the beginning of growth ." "The so-called discomfort is not to put yourself in a dangerous environment of growth, but to allow yourself to try to get out of the comfort zone , have the opportunity to contact the different people things." Take a look at six exercises in the workplace, let us escape from Comfort , give ourselves the opportunity to grow into a better person. (You'll like: There's no new answer in the comfort zone: instead of waiting for opportunities, take the risk )

"Don't let your thoughts shrink because of the old life experience." Keep your mind open and cheer like a cold shower. Enjoy finding answers to mistakes and trying to read difficult and difficult books. You have to be the master of your own thoughts and do things that make you feel uncomfortable and you can harness your soul. Dear, the most important thing is that you must remember that Daddy always loves you, you will become a wonderful woman. 」

This is the most touching love letter written by the American sociologist W.e.b Du Bois to his daughter Yolande.

As a father, w.e.b Du Bois wants his daughter to experience more discomfort, to see the dark of society and to feel the pain of the world. w.e.b Du Bois not longing for her daughter Tingting Yuli grow up, he expects her daughter strong, the courage to become their own. So uncomfortable three words, is Yolande growth ritual.

The journey of life, work, discomfort, will bring us a more magnificent experience. Share with you HubSpot marketing vice President Meghan Keaney Anderson shared the workplace heart tactic. In your career, start a new page from six uncomfortable exercises.

First, learn to accept compliments

It is hard for you to learn to accept the excessive praise of others. According to acknowledgment works research data, 70% of people in the "recognized" process will feel embarrassed. The expression of "discomfort" shows in evade others praise, modesty smooth things over, transfer the topic and so on. Such a direct reaction would make the person who released the compliment feel uneasy and wrong.

Business Psychology Mark Goulston said: "The more rebound, the other side will feel that they do not good, trying to make up, more exaggerated to deepen the compliment." As a result, you may feel more uncomfortable. "So, to stop this feeling of embarrassment is to accept praise generously, why not admit:" Yes, thank you for your appreciation. "You don't have to explain too much and weaken your value, you just have to accept it and move on to the next topic smoothly."

Ii. Practice of Public speaking

Public speaking can inspire and highlight the charisma of the individual, but the fear that it brings is known to all, and even the words in the English word are born for it: "Glossophobia". A stand on stage, sharp eyes deep silence look at you, as if your flaws, pores flaws are magnified view. In the face of the fear of public speaking, you can try this:

1. Remember the key words, do not recite the article

Use the keyword to say belongs to your story, the story is true, even if you do not have to recite, also can say very beautifully.

2. You know, no one wants you to fail.

You know everyone under the stage, everybody is looking forward to your speech, no one will watch the show, see how you failed. Only expect you to succeed in the captivity of hearts. (same field Gayon: follow jobs, easily enhance your presentation skills from 5 keys )

Third, let the work and data

Working with data, what could be more troublesome than this? Data can be used to intimidate you, this month's performance straight straight down, today's efficiency is only 60%, so, data is your most effective partner growth. Data creates opportunities and changes the rules of the game. You have to learn trend analysis, learn to find the information you need in the vast numbers, and how to visualize the data. Smart people spend a bit of time digging up data in the data heap, saving the chance to fail in the future. (Recommended reading: want to start a business with big data?) No lack of creativity, the lack of a Cross-border team )

Iv. giving/receiving critical views

Accept a compliment, and accept a stern opinion. Very few people are willing to share their opinions with you, so it's helpful to think about those hurtful remarks that you have in mind. Even if you learn to give constructive feedback, you can help others get better and see the details that he ignores.

The most important thing is to give the opinion of the attitude, of course, can not dictate, you are in the embrace of "grow together" heart to join the team, the most important to you is to do a good job, not a confrontation. Real-time Feedback is uncomfortable, Taiwanese are not good at giving advice, saying we are polite or do not want to hurt people or to maintain a safe distance, we will lose each other progress space.

V. Learn to face conflict

Avoid conflict, muddle along, will only let us accumulate bad habits. In the workplace, many people feel that it is better to do less than one thing. To stay out of the way, how far to go. But most of the time, people who grow up tend to be those in the central battlefield.

Conflict, not indignant criticism, confrontation, quarrel. But the spark of work, think of one's one-way thinking, with many people's brainstorming, which kind of thinking more comprehensive? Conflict, is the chemical effect in the workplace, understand the face of "different views", the conversion of thinking angle, can only have 180 degrees full of dead ends of the vision, with 360 degrees of multiple considerations.

In the face of different views, is a kind of self-cultivation, how in a large number of voices logically summed up, how to respond to some paranoid ideas? Learn to face conflict and develop the ability to find "better solution" and replace a with plan B. Let yourself even in the Binghuangmaluan, can be flexible and panic.

Practice admitting mistakes and raising hands

It is commonplace for many people to cover up mistakes. Mistakes are uncomfortable, especially if you want to see your inner knot, to show your weakness, even more embarrassing.

If you learn to raise your hand for your mistakes and ignorance, congratulate yourself on the remarkable step in the workplace. This step, you are facing the heart of the struggle, still decided to undertake the amplifier. admit that errors, It's a responsibility to show your hands in real time, and what really matters is not the mistake itself, but the next response. (same field Gayon: write down your list of fears!) Admit that fear makes you grow more

to my dear you, your choice of career path is not easy, It has also gained more insight and workplace literacy. The workplace can never keep happiness, if a job makes you ordinary, no sense of accomplishment, you should leave. six of uncomfortable but necessary workplace exercises that allow you to understand yourself through collisions.

You want pain, a sense of work, you need to keep your distance from the comfort of yourself to look at a broader vision, and you like to feel clearly that you are closer to the ideal through failure. All discomfort, looking back from the future, is of great significance. You walk a pit scar road, you have more life than others cocoon. In the workplace, in life, you will have more stories to say.