single diary , with 500 words to write tempting single diary. In the single Diary of the " Rolling Stone Love Story" series "Last Gentle", a predecessor of the wedding, softly humming to the past helplessness, even if you do not give up, you are a clear conscience. (You will like: when the bride meets the "ex-girlfriend table"! We shared his life and soul.

In the beginning, she just wanted to hold your clothes. Later, you tore the day down along the corner of the bed.

In everyone's life, there is a love song. Love songs are always moving, because you are in the song, meet the Once yourself. "The Last Gentle" sings: "Let me hug you again, listen to my life unchanged request, in order not to let you easily erase from my memory, let me have the last love you gentleness." 」

It was a former wedding, the boy in second brother's identity, the girl said: "Boyfriend can break up, married can divorce." But two elder brother, Forever is two elder brother. 」

The whole world thought they were going to get married, they were a couple in college. In the family room, even the little aunt, praised the boy's sauce, forgetful Grandpa regret, you are not today's groom?

This is where the breakup begins:

"Not to meet me, on behalf of your heart without me." 」
"Do you love the standard of a person, is you willing to let him know your pain." 」

At first, she just took the boy by the hem, and she thought, the boy would take her to a safe place. The boy is not born brave, always walk in front of him, also have lost time.

People will forget, I love you, is the safest place.

Now a perfect show. For the bride, the meeting was a flower of love, a blessed kinsman on the face, a sickeningly whereas and reliable groom, and his predecessor's remorse.

You look at them in the story and remember that time. You broke the phone, you broke the car, you broke your heart. You shout at life, there is no answer to life. You decide to make this call, let's break up.

"I just can't continue to love, I just, even myself, do not know how to love themselves." 」

You always love him, leaving is your last gentleness.

"Let me have the last love you gentleness." 」